Today I headed to Strangetown's La Fiesta Tech to play Aldric Davis for a few simdays.  No pictures for Aldric this time around, sorry.

Aldric started Monday morning by calling all his friends to invite them to a house party.  His best friend and twin brother, Almeric Davis was among the guests and Aldric spent most of the party hanging out with him.  Everybody had a good time at the party, which pleased Aldric.  Once all the guests had departed, Aldric called Almeric for a long chat until it was time for his final exam.  Despite all his efforts at working out, he never did gain the body point he needed and therefore didn't manage to pass the semester.  He was put on academic probation and was totally crushed.  It wasn't all bad news though - he and Almeric had been best friends long enough to bump them up to BFF status, which he'd been wanting.
On Tuesday morning Aldric invited townie Jay Bruty over, who brought a "friend" - Bella Goth.  Aldric immediately turned on the charm and convinced Bella to make breakfast for all three of them.  She made cereal - seems she's not much of a cook.  After breakfast, Aldric decided to throw another house party.  His girlfriend Mehrissa Carr showed up uninvited and he spent much of the party hanging out with her in the front yard chatting about their lives.  The party was a success and Aldric headed to class.  After class, he invited Almeric over to hang out until bedtime.
On Wednesday, Almeric decided to call Prof. Marion Hourvitz (not his professor) and invited her over in the hopes of getting to know her better.  They got along like a house on fire (does anybody else find that expression ridiculous?) and quickly became friends.  Almeric then invited one of his other friends, Gerard Stratton (a dormie, I think) over.  He and Gerard spent most of the day together and eventually became best friends.  Aldric ran off to the day's class and when he got home, he spent some time chatting online.  He later cleaned up the aftermath of several parties in the upstairs bathroom and gained a cleaning point.  He didn't feel his day was complete without a party and called all his friends to invite them over for a sports party.  The party was a total snoozer though, and he was pretty bummed about it.  Despite his sadness over being put on academic probation, Aldric has had no desire to study this semester, and it looks like he may be expelled if he doesn't buckle down.
Today I headed to Strangetown to play Pascal and Aurora Curious' family.
Sunday was Pascal's day off work.  While Aurora spent some time on the computer playing Sims 3 (heh, I actually uninstalled Sims 3 from my own computer the other day and don't regret it.  I haven't played it since a week after it was released and never plan to play it again, which added up to wasted hard drive space), Pascal spent some time with Buddy teaching him to shake.
(By the way, Buddy is a maremma and I created the breed myself since the game sorely lacked it.  If you're interested in downloading the breed, just message me requesting it and I will happily upload.)  Buddy eventually got the hang of shaking hands.  Aurora happily headed off to her first day of work since Annie's birth.  She brought a work colleague, Craig Ray home with her.  That evening, one of the random townie walkbys managed to clog the family's toilet.  Irritating.
Pascal stayed up extremely late in to the early hours of Monday morning teaching Buddy yet another command - come here.  He then called the repairman to come fix the toilet during work hours before going to bed.  It was his day off again, so it wasn't as if he had to worry about getting up for work.  When he did get up, he spent some time practicing his chess skills.  Aurora invited Craig over in the hopes of getting to know him better.  They soon became firm friends, and being a romance sim, Aurora started with the flirting.  She and Craig quickly developed a mutual crush.  Since Pascal was still outside at the chess table, Aurora stole a few kisses from Craig.  So that brings Aurora's secret boyfriend count up to three.  She drove to work with Pascal none the wiser.  Thanks to Pascal's tireless efforts in training him, Buddy was promoted to Seeing Eye Pet (and I've definitely unlocked all the unlockables, curses!)  When Aurora got home from work, it was time for Annie to grow up in to a toddler.  Hers was not the only birthday.  Aurora also grew up well in to an elder.  Wearing a bridal gown, no less.  (I couldn't help but LOL at the irony of a romance sim growing up in to bridalwear!  And because I'm not without a sense of humor, I decided not to change it.  I even added a veil for the full effect!)  She and Pascal went to bed, leaving little Annie in the care of Buddy, whom she adores.
On Tuesday morning, Aurora harvested some very bland apples from the apple tree.  It was the first harvest - both she and Pascal are still getting the hang of gardening.  Pascal once again practiced his chess skills.  Pascal + games = true love.  A terrible storm blew in during his chess time, and lightning started a fire in the front yard, causing Pascal to panic unnecessarily.  The rain put it out.  Aurora called Craig and invited him over to spend some time with her.  Pascal took the limo to work but it was Aurora's day off.  She spent some quality time reading to Annie and later received a phone call offering a subscription to the film and literature magazine.  She accepted.  After work, Pascal made a beeline for the chess table to get in some more practice.  Since he was thus occupied, Aurora called one of her boyfriends, townie Neil Chalmers to ask him on a date.  They chose to meet at The Corner Shoppes for their secret tryst.  There they indulged in some very romantic slow dancing in the moonlight.
Afterwards, they spent some time discussing their mutual interests.  They had an okay time and Aurora had to drive straight home to bed.  She was exhausted and in danger of passing out.  Pascal gave Buddy a bath before he too went to bed.
Today I went to Strangetown to play Tara Kat for a few simdays. She has so far remained single in my game and works in the medical career as a Nurse. She only kept her two older cats, Mickey and Samantha. They are expecting their second litter of kittens. No pictures for Tara this time, sorry.

Wednesday began with Tara heading off very early for work. She brought home a work colleague, townie Shea Johnson (does anybody else love it when sim townies have the name of somebody you know in real life? I grew up with a guy named Shea Johnson living three doors down from me, and the sim looks a lot like the real life guy - it's kinda surreal!) Tara and Shea quickly became friends. Tara tackled the cleaning of her nasty bathroom and gained a much needed cleaning point for her efforts. She then spent a little time completing her training of Samantha to roll over. She headed to the backyard to enjoy her bubble blower with Shea. Later, she decided her look was so 1995 as to be ridiculous (she looks like Willow from early Buffy episodes, don't you think?), and took a cab downtown to buy a new outfit. She also met one of the local vampires, Count Ronan Enriquez while she was there. After a quick chat with him, she went home to bed.
At 12:19am on Thursday morning, Samantha gave birth to two female kittens; Veruca and Tiara. It was Tara's day off, and as soon as she woke she called the pet adoption service to organize new homes for the two kittens. She spent some time dancing to her stereo and had a long session of playing Sims 3. She later invited her new friend Shea over to spent the evening hanging out with her.
Tara was up at 5am on Friday, as it was a workday. She made a phone call to Count Ronan for a long chat before her carpool arrived. After work, she brought home another work colleague, Frances J. Worthington III. Apart from thinking he was the most delicious piece of manmeat she'd ever seen, she desperately wanted to befriend him. She spent the remainder of her day ensuring that they became firm friends.

Later, I headed to Pleasantview to play the Larson family. And no pictures again, I think my sims are really unphotogenic today or something...

On Thursday morning, Kitty was still playing chess with her BFF Joe Wong, which she'd been doing all night. The game was obviously a very engrossing one and Kitty emerged the victor. Jason spent some time in front of the mirror practicing a speech and gained two charisma points. It was his day off work. Kitty was in bed exhausted by 8:30am due to her all night chess session. Jason purchased some new curtains for the bedroom and then drove over to Cold Issue Clothing to buy himself a new outfit - I guess he agreed with me that his vest and jeans ensemble was getting a little tired. Scout grew in to a healthy adult dog and Kitty was up again at 2:30pm. She spent some time playing drums before work. Jason invited his niece, Meidie Tellerman out to FM so that he could buy her a spaghetti dinner. He's always been a kind uncle to Meidie, even though they're not really friends. When he got home, he called a few people to invite them to a party. He also harvested some rather bland lemons from Kitty's lemon tree. His party was a complete disaster, with none of the guests getting along.
Kitty went on a midnight hike on Friday morning and whilst hiking she found a dapper pinstripe beetle for her bug collection. She spent some time practicing chess and stargazing with the telescope before heading out front of the house to catch fireflies. She gained membership to Peerless Park - finally! She decided that now that Scout was no longer a puppy, he'd have to earn his keep and found him a job out of the newspaper in the security career. She then went back outside to enjoy her bubble blower. Jason drove to work and Kitty gave Scout his first bath. He was very well behaved in the tub. At work, Jason aka Captain Hero, had several emergency situations on his hands and had to choose between attending to a nuclear power facility or a giant robot. He chose the power plant and it was the wrong choice. His employers were so angry that they stripped Jason of his right to be Pleasantview's favorite superhero - he was fired! Ingrates! He was extremely depressed about the whole affair, and tears were never far away. He spent some time on the couch watching a dvd with townie Clarence Philippine in an effort to forget his troubles and unemployment. Kitty taught Scout to stay before she went to work in the hopes that she'd be able to get him promoted. While at work, she purchased a new illuminated bug box for her collection, but apparently the illumination made it too warm and her rare butterflies were singed. Too bad.
Kitty started Saturday with a hike and was followed home by a skunk. She played drums awhile and Jason decided to throw a party. Kitty spent the entire party bowling and Jason's party was a bit of a snoozer. Jason gained a cooking point while baking some delicious santa cookies for his afternoon snack. Kitty headed to work and Jason threw another party. When she got home, Kitty tended to her slightly overgrown lemon tree and earned her bronze gardening talent badge. She went on another hike and saw an exotic bird. Jason's party was another snoozer. None of his friends get along. Scout was promoted to Guard Pet on his very first day of work (and I unlocked a new fur color - hooray! I actually use fur colors and markings, not like those stupid collars.. I have never, ever used an unlockable collar and find them worse than useless.) Jason spent the evening working out on his exercise machine - just because he's no longer a superhero is no reason not to stay in shape, after all.
So I decided that in order to get used to my new default replacements, I'd have to ease myself in by playing some sims that I'm not so attached to as Dustin and Lucy Broke. And it worked. I'm much more familiar with the skintones now. Today I headed to Veronaville's Academie Le Tour and merged the "Students Household" (Emily Lee and Tom Freshe), whom I've never played, into the Sharpe Household with Wendy Parker. Tom is majoring in economics and will continue to. No pictures for this household's entry, sorry.

First thing Monday morning, Emily changed her major from history to biology. Tom settled down on the old sofa with a cookbook to gain a much needed cooking point. Emily did the same. Afterwards, Emily plowed through her first assignment. Tom was less keen to study - he spent some time playing Sims 3 on the computer instead. Wendy cleaned the bathroom and earned a cleaning point in the process, which she needed. It was then time for them all to go to class. When Wendy got back, she purchased a makeover station and gave her very first makeover to a poor college dormie - the results were disastrous and he didn't stick around for her to fix her mistakes, so there's a college dormie lurking around campus with failed clownish makeup. Sexy.
On Tuesday morning Tom was once again in the mood to study, and gained a cleaning point that he needed. It was up to Emily to make breakfast for everybody, and she did very well in making her first ever successful toaster pastries. Wendy called her boyfriend, Jonah Powers to ask him out on a date. They met at P.U.R.E for some slow dancing. The date went okay and Wendy took a taxi home immediately afterwards. Emily settled down to study and gained a much needed mechanical point. Tom later gave his first ever makeover to Emily and it turned out beautifully. Wendy made a phone call to her college professor, Prof. Griff Kody for a long chat before class. Tom managed to break the computer while trying to write a term paper (which he was never to complete) and called the repairman to come out straight away. Emily churned out another assignment before both she and Tom had to go to class. When Wendy got back, she called Jonah again to ask him on another date. This time they met at Lost In Love Hedge Maze and once more indulged in some slow dancing in the moonlight. However, the date turned incredibly sour when Jonah's wife, Prof. Virginia Powers, caught them dancing far too closely. Jonah's cheating ways had been discovered by his wife, and she was to stalk Wendy's home from then on. Wendy was a little confused over seeing this strange woman whom she'd never met so angry at Jonah, and decided it would be best to end the date early. In spite of everything, the date scored okay. Wendy went straight home and invited Prof. Griff over to hang out in the hopes of making him her friend - it didn't take much, they were made to be friends. When Emily got back from class she spent some more time studying and gained two mechanical points. Wendy served up a huge platter of grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and Jonah dropped by to leave Wendy a gift to commemorate their date (yeah, 'cause the date where your wife catches you cheating is the one you want to remember) - a remote controlled car. Romantic!
All through the night, Prof. Virginia staged a rampage of furious walkbys, stealing newspapers, kicking over the trashcan and causing a lovely cockroach infestation on the front lawn. When Wendy woke, she called her new friend Prof. Griff and asked him if he'd like to come over and spend the day with her. He agreed. Tom actually settled down to do an assignment and Emily pored over some cookbooks to gain a cooking point. She also harvested some tasty oranges from the orange tree. Wendy went to class and Tom decided he'd now met enough random college students and professors to call them all and invite them to a party. He spent some time playing video games before he and Emily went to class. Wendy called Jonah upon arrival home and asked him if he'd like to join her on a field trip to Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum so she could get extra credit. Of course, any excuse for a date! The date began innocently enough with some sweet hand holding and a backrub from Wendy. Things went downhill quite quickly when a game of punch you, punch me got a little too violent on Jonah's part. Wendy tried to engage Jonah in some conversation, but they couldn't seem to agree on anything. So they went back to what they're best at - slow dancing. This was followed by increasingly intense caressing and a heavy makeout session in the street. Wendy and Jonah retired to a park bench for a very public and very nude woohoo. The date scored as a dream date and Wendy went home without having set foot inside the art museum. As soon as she got home, she called Jonah again and asked him to come over and join the party atmosphere at her house. As soon as he arrived, she spirited him away to the bedroom for a much more private woohoo, followed by a post coital nap. Tom gave a couple of dormie makeovers and his first party was a big success. And now for some back story - but it's on topic, I swear. Long ago, when Jonah still lived in the Sharpe Household, he had a terrible rivalry with a Prof. Zion Barrett over one of his girlfriends. Jonah was so filled with vengeance and hatred after seeing Prof. Zion hit on his then girlfriend (whom he also hated after seeing her flirt with Prof. Zion) that in a fit of rage, Jonah locked Prof. Zion in the spare bedroom until he slowly starved to death. And here's where it gets on topic - Wednesday night was the first time Prof. Zion's ghost has ever shown itself. Now where was I? Ahh, yes, Wendy's nap was interrupted when the time came for her final exam. She earned herself a grade of B. When she got back from the exam, Tom gave her a makeover. And later that night, Wendy was to bear the brunt of the ghost of Prof. Zion's wrath. He scared her repeatedly. Poor girl. She had nothing to do with it.

Later, I felt confident enough with my new default skintones to go to Strangetown and move Alec and Cheva Hiatt in to their first home together. I didn't mention before, I guess because I didn't check, but Alec works in the medical career as a Medical Researcher.

After furnishing their new home on Monday morning, Alec called the pet adoption service and adopted a puppy named Ben, who was thereafter ignored by both him and Cheva. Then both he and Cheva retired to the bedroom for the christening of their brand new bed. Cheva fell pregnant this time around and Alec left for work. Cheva was woken from her post coital nap by the doorbell - the neighbourhood welcome wagon had arrived. Cheva greeted them warmly and told them to make themselves at home. She keenly felt the lack of a telescope in her new digs and immediately remedied the situation before settling down on the couch with a book to gain a mechanical point. Afterwards, she purchased an outdoor chess table and played a game of chess with townie Nery Turner. She also gained two logic points. When Alec got home from work, he booted up the computer in the hopes of finding his dream job in the military. There was indeed an opening in the military career and he traded in his current job for it, regardless of the much lower pay. He then pored over a cookbook to gain a cooking point. Later, he called all his friends to invite them to a housewarming party. Cheva spent the evening outside stargazing with her new telescope and apart from gaining a logic point, she also discovered a new star. Alec jumped online to browse for music & dance websites. He was far from sleepy enough for bed, so he decided to pull an all-nighter.
Alec's party was a total flop and he spent the early hours of Tuesday morning acting very teary and emo. To cheer himself up, he spent some money on a remote controlled car and his first actual car. He went to his first day of his new job exhausted on account of his all-nighter. It was Cheva's day off work and she logged on to the computer to start a cuisine blog. She was feeling pretty queasy all morning (and blogging about food can't have helped), but her morning sickness never got the better of her and the bathroom remained puke free. Her pregnancy started showing and she spent some time playing chess with townie Sinjin Couderc. She gained a logic point as well. Alec was promoted to Drill Instructor on his first day in the military. Good going! He went straight to bed after work though. Cheva received a phone call offering a subscription to the Games magazine, which she accepted. Alec was up at 9pm to pull another all-nighter. He used his promotion bonus to trade in their television set for a much bigger one. He then cranked the stereo and smustled to his heart's content. 
He later practiced his chess skills and gained a logic point.
Cheva stayed up late in to the early hours of Wednesday morning stargazing with her telescope. All of a sudden, she became the victim of an alien abduction. 
(Cheva is my first ever sim to be abducted - seriously! I know that sounds absurd, since I've had the game since release, but I've also never used any cheats apart from moveobjects on when something gets stuck, so I guess it was just the luck of the draw not to have an abduction until now. I've tried hard enough without cheating, let me tell you! I knew what to expect, as I've seen a million pictures over the years, but I was still chuffed that I finally had an abduction. Too bad it was Cheva and not Alec - I've never had an alien birth apart from, of course, Pascal Curious since he's alien pregnant at the beginning of the game.)
Alec spent some simoleons on a hot tub and went to gaze through the telescope himself in the hopes of spotting where Cheva had gone. He discovered a star for his trouble, but nothing else. Cheva was returned in a very shaken up state. She went straight to bed to sleep off her ordeal and Alec went to work. Cheva was up again at midday to pop and was then very heavily pregnant and awkward. She served up the ultimate comfort food for her lunch - cheesecake! (Will she have twins? I've never noticed whether it made a difference or whether it was just a rumor, so maybe this will be the test, as I have it on record that she ate cheesecake while pregnant.) Alec was promoted again, to Junior Officer. Cheva went online to upload her cheesecake recipe to her cuisine blog. Then she and Alec played chess together and Cheva gained a logic point. Alec gained membership to Games Of Glory and went to bed exhausted at 7pm. Thankfully, that fixed his sleeping pattern and he slept through the night.
Cheva will give birth next time - hooray! And she's had a blissfully easy pregnancy. I've had so many difficult ones lately that I'd forgotten that some sims barely have any need drop during pregnancy.
Today I headed to Strangetown to play the Gieke family.

Friday morning began with Vamsi serving up a big bowl of cereal for breakfast. She then sat Cheva down and made clear her desire to see Cheva settled before she dies. Cheva was indignant at first, being a romance sim after all, and wanting to keep her options open. But the tears in her mother's eyes moved her to rethink her plans. Vamsi made mention of "that nice boy, Alec who used to come around" and Cheva did indeed remember all the excitement of her teenage love. She agreed to invite Alec over and see if the spark was still there. Upon arrival, Cheva tried out a little tentative hand holding and she and Alec immediately fell in love once again. To make her mother happy, Cheva proposed on the spot - Alec was so surprised he looked as if he'd have a heart attack, but he agreed readily to the engagement. Vamsi was over the moon. Cheva then invited one of the private school headmasters, Andrew Gonzaga over in the hopes of getting to know him a little better and left Alec to play chess by himself. Vamsi harvested some tasty cucumbers from her garden and after stocking the fridge with them, she called her boyfriend, Nicholas Davidson and invited him over to spend the day with her. Cheva planted a new crop of cucumbers before leaving in the carpool for her first day in the workforce as a Team Mascot. She was promoted on her first day, to Minor Leaguer. Upon her arrival home, Vamsi was once more nagging at her - a lot of talk about not letting the flames die down and that Vamsi wanted to live to see her wedding. Cheva and Alec headed out to the backyard to the very same wedding arch under which her parents were married many years before. Vamsi caused a scandal by wearing a white dress that looked suspiciously like a wedding gown at her own daughter's wedding. Though the house had many guests that evening, only Vamsi and Nicholas wanted to watch Cheva and Alec exchange their vows. 
Afterwards, Cheva and Alec borrowed Vamsi's bed for their very first woohoo. Wow, a romance sim who had yet to woohoo on her wedding day. It may be a first in my game!
In the early hours of Saturday morning, a burglar came to rob the Gieke household of their drum kit. Cheva grudgingly woke up to call the police but immediately crawled back in to bed. The policeman wasn't much use - he lost the fight with the burglar and hence the burglar got away with her crime. Upon arriving home from work, poor old Cymmi died of old age. Everybody but Bonkers was asleep and missed his last moments. Later that morning, after some tending to her garden plot, Vamsi gained membership to Peerless Park. Cheva and Alec had no desire to stick around in Cheva's mother's house now that they were married - as soon as she was up, Cheva scanned the newspaper to find them a place of their own and they moved out immediately. Vamsi, being a family sim, was devestated at her suddenly empty nest. She was left with one incredibly elderly cat and a bird that she'd never much cared for. She called the pet adoption service to adopt a sweet little female kitten named Adalita. Bonkers got in to a horrible fight in the backyard with a stray dog named Pepper. Bonkers was the victor. He headed inside to celebrate with some cat food - and then Grim appeared to take him to the other side. Vamsi didn't even have time to say goodbye - he was gone before she could get to him. 
Vamsi spent the afternoon with the self help books until she felt she'd mastered the art of anger management. She later got a phone call from her friend Sheila Patch and they became best friends from this small contact. Vamsi was miserable over having no way to resurrect Bonkers (she was actually quite fond of Bonkers) and decided to take solace in adopting another kitten. She also figured the other kitten would keep Adalita company. So she adopted another female kitten named Arliah. The ghost of Lainey was wandering about that night, but didn't scare a single person - she must be losing her edge!
On Sunday morning Vamsi served up a big breakfast of pancakes and invited her new best friend Sheila over to enjoy them with her. She spent much of the day studying her fire safety manual until she felt she had mastered it. Then she spent the entire evening just hanging out with Sheila. A very quiet day compared to the two preceding days.

Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University and moved Meidie Tellerman in to the Bright Household with Erik Swain.

On Monday morning Erik spent some time playing bass and gained a creativity point. Meidie declared a major in physics and went straight to her first class. When she got back, she called all her friends to invite them to a sports party and called townie Clarence Philippine for a chat. 
Erik called his friend Sam Thomas for chat before class and they became best friends. It was time for his final exam and thanks to all the time spent with his fiance, who just happens to be his professor, he passed with a grade of C+. Meidie invited Clarence over to join the party and spent a little time catching up on the music and culture section of the newspaper. She then spent all her time hanging out with Clarence and they became friends. The party was a complete success. As soon as it was over, Erik invited Sam over and Meidie called Clarence to ask him to come back over. She spent a little time flirting with him in the backyard and they developed a mutual crush on one another.
Erik started Tuesday with some smustling in his pajamas on the front lawn before class. Meidie was in a smustling mood as well, but she did it in the kitchen where the stereo was before also going to class. When he got home, Erik called his fiance, Prof. Abbey Walter to ask her out on a date. They met at Sugar Cube Bowling and after a very silly pillow fight in the street, they headed inside to the photo booth to get their picture taken together, with Erik actually getting to keep this one. They immediately settled down in to a heavy makeout session in front of the photobooth, then according to Prof. Abbey's preference they retired to Erik's car for a woohoo. This was followed by some in-car making out and another woohoo. The date was a dream date and Erik headed home to write his last ever term paper. Meidie spent a lot of time drinking at their bar. As soon as he'd finished his term paper Erik called his friends to invite them to a sports party. Meidie spent the party performing on the bass in the hopes of making some tips. She gained a creativity point as well as being tipped by the one person who could least afford it - Sam Thomas, who tipped her $50. Erik spent much of the party hanging out with Sam and then received his almost daily phone call from Katy Bui the Atrociously Evil Witch. They've never spoken in person apart from Erik once greeting her whilst on a date, but she calls most every day without fail and they have developed a stimulating telephone friendship. This friendship was finally upgraded to best friend status and Erik's party was a roaring success.
On Wednesday morning Erik headed to class and Meidie smustled in the bathroom before class. When she got home, she called her friends to throw another sports party and invited her new love interest, Clarence to come along and join the fun. She spent much of the party hanging out on the front porch with her BFF Beau Broke. Erik harvested some tasty lemons from the lemon tree and put them in the fridge for later meals. He called Prof. Abbey to ask her on another date and met her at Comandgo Emporium for a pillow fight and a very long slow dancing session across the street. This was evidently all Prof. Abbey needed to have a good time. He headed home to see Meidie's party end successfully. He later drove over to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio to enter a dance contest. He lost the first one, but gained a body point in the process and won his second one. He headed home feeling triumphant. Meidie invited Beau over just so that she could blame him on her gas - charming! He took the joke with good humor, though. Meidie then drove herself over to My Muse - Music & Dance studio not wanting to be outdone by Erik. She was to be sorely disappointed. She lost four dance contests in a row before the judging DJ took pity on her and let her win the fifth. She gained a body point though. 
After Meidie got home, Erik called Katy Bui the Atrociously Evil Witch and invited her over to hang out with him until bedtime.

Because it was one of those nights that are too hot too sleep, I headed to Strangetown to play the Davis family.

Al started Sunday morning by jumping rope in the kitchen and getting underfoot like a typical child. Almeric gave Leroy a bath and Rebecka updated her cuisine blog. Almeric settled down in front of the tv to watch a dvd until it was time for Rebecka and him to go to work, leaving Al in the care of his nanny. Al called Milony Loner for a long chat and later invited her over. After a game of catch in the front yard and a chat they became friends. Al's nanny was hopeless at her job and refused to make him anything to eat all day, so he had to call for a pizza delivery to avoid starving. After a few slices, he hid away in his room playing with his toy rocket ship. Milony clogged the toilet and Al called the repairman to come out the following day and fix it. He wasn't mad. When he got home, Almeric invited his BFF Holly Worthington over to hang out. Rebecka was promoted to Con Artist and Almeric decided to throw her a party to celebrate. Rebecka spent her evening teaching Leroy to speak in the hopes of getting him promoted and even though she didn't socialize with any of the guests, the party was a big success.
Rebecka had Sunday off work and started her day by updating her cuisine blog. Almeric served up a pancake breakfast and became best friends with Al during the morning meal. Rebecka headed to the easel to practice painting and gained a creativity point which she needed as well as three more that she didn't. Al settled down on the couch to watch a dvd and Almeric drove to work. Al spent some time jumping rope in the kitchen and gained a body point. Rebecka received a phone offer of a subscription to the arts and crafts magazine, which she accepted. Al found some old physiology books and spent much of the day learning all he could to master the subject. Precocious little scamp! Afterwards, he ran outside in to the spring sunshine and jumped rope to gain another body point. When Almeric got home from work, he called a bunch of his friends to invite them to a party. Rebecka gained membership to My Muse II - Art Studio for all her recent painting. Almeric invited his twin brother Aldric over to join the party and they became friends at last. Al decided to clean the bathroom and gained a cleaning point for his trouble. Everybody at the party had a good time.
Al started Monday morning by yet again jumping rope in the kitchen. Rebecka once more updated her cuisine blog, though she never cooks anymore, so I've no idea what she finds to write about. Almeric called Aldric for a chat and they became best friends. Everybody headed off to work and school, including Leroy. At lunch, Al ate some salmon regardless of the fact that he thought it smelled a bit dodgy - this was a huge mistake on his part and he was very ill in the bathroom at school. Leroy was promoted to Understudy (and I unlocked a new cat collar which I doubt I'll ever use - blue camo is so 1992!) After work, Rebecka settled down to study and gained a much needed mechanical point as well as two she didn't yet need. She's a lady who likes to keep one step ahead. Almeric threw another party after work and invited Aldric along so they could spend some more quality time together. Al grew up well in to a teenage family sim, and quite the looker, I might add. 
Almeric called townie Phil Jitmakusol to invite him over so they could get to know one another better and they became good friends. Al was too stressed to finish his homework, but the party was a success.

Today I headed to Veronaville to move Edwin Sharpe in to his first home as an adult. Oh, and since my graphics card hasn't freaked out once since I doubled my ram, I decided to turn everything up high halfway through today's gameplay for a trial run on whether it would crash. It didn't.

Edwin moved in on Monday and after furnishing his new home he invited his long time girlfriend and former college professor, Prof. Rose Kalson over on the premise of showing off his new home. When she arrived, however, he got down on one knee and asked her if she'd like to become Mrs Sharpe. She was overwhelmed and thrilled and agreed eagerly. They had a private backyard wedding witnessed only by the local paperboy. They immediately headed to the bedroom for their very first woohoo - that's right, Edwin waited until he was wedded. He's an old fashioned boy at heart. Afterwards, they sat down to lunch together to discuss their future lives together. Rose brought all her savings to the union which amounted to only $5000 with her being a poor underpaid professor. Edwin used some of the money to buy himself a much wanted telescope and then called all his friends to invite them to a housewarming party. He settled down with a cookbook to gain a cooking point and then invited college dormie Zeeshan Bradshaw over to join the party. Rose became friends with Ravi Perry, the college llama mascot during the party. She then decided to do some studying of her own and gained a cleaning point. The party was a bit of a snoozer, sadly. After it was over, Edwin called Demi Capp for a chat. The leader of the wolf pack destroyed Edwin and Rose's brand new bed, but they could afford to replace it, so it was no big deal.
On Tuesday morning Rose used Edwin's new telescope to spy on her new neighbours and gained a logic point. She then decided to purchase a chess set and sat down to practice and gain another logic point. Edwin invited Zeeshan Bradshaw over to hang out and they finally became friends. They decided to throw another party since the previous days' party was so lousy. Edwin settled down once more with his cookbooks and gained two cooking points. All through college he never cared about skilling and all of a sudden he's crazy about it. He then spent the remainder of the party slow dancing in the kitchen with Rose. Everybody at the party had a good time. Edwin chose to spend some more of their money in trading in his television set for a much bigger, more expensive model. He then called his friends to invite them to yet another party. Rose took a taxi downtown to buy herself a gameboy and Edwin studied some more to gain a cleaning point. He later slow danced with Rose out front of the house. Rose wanted to make some money and decided to freestyle for tips on the curb out front. One of the guests, Miranda Capp, really enjoyed her style and tipped her $50, no small sum for a poor college student like Miranda. Rose purchased a pinball machine and went to bed early all tired out. During the party, Demi Capp and Prof. Alvin Shahan had an awful fight on the front lawn, which Demi won. The party was a complete disaster. Edwin gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen for all his recent cooking study.
Edwin had some worrying dreams in the early hours of Wednesday morning about how he finds his sister, Roxie Flexor super hot - creepy! I swear, Veronaville is full of incestuous sister-brother relationships! Rose started the day by serving a simple breakfast of cereal for them both and then had a bout of senility, jumping on the couch before heading to the pinball machine to try it out. She later decided to juggle all the bottled water from the fridge. She spent much of the day freestyling in the kitchen in the hopes of earning some more tips. Neil Chalmers watched her for hours, and though he did plenty of awkward dancing and kept exclaiming over how sexy he found Rose, he didn't give her a single simoleon. 
Meanwhile, Edwin was at the cookbooks again and gained two more cooking points. Rose eventually gave up on ever earning anything but wolf whistles from Neil and took a taxi downtown to purchase an mp3 player before heading home to bed exhausted.

Later on, I headed to Strangetown to play the original Grunt family for a few simdays.

On Saturday morning Buck drove downtown to buy himself both an mp3 player and a gameboy. Trista went to work but it was Gen. Buzz's day off. He spent the morning teaching Wanda to walk. Buck baked a batch of Santa cookies, for which his father was extremely grateful. Gen. Buzz called everybody he knew to invite them to a party. Buck spent much of the party reciting his terrible poetry but nobody paid much attention. Gen. Buzz gave Whiskey a bath and managed to break the bathtub's plumbing in the process. He called the repairman to come out straight away. Trista was promoted to Record Store Clerk and brought home a work colleague named Sheila Patch. They spent a little time getting to know each other and became friends. Almost as soon as the repairman left, Buck clogged the family's toilet and the repairman couldn't come back until the following morning. Gen. Buzz spent some more quality time with Wanda teaching her to sing a nursery rhyme and she gained a charisma point in the process. The party was successful. Trista settled down on the couch to watch some tv before inviting Sheila back over to hang out some more. After some innocent flirting, Buck developed a crush on his friend Solveig Thomason (townie). Gen. Buzz grew up well in to an elder and called his job to retire after a long and illustrious career in the military. He called his friends again to throw himself a retirement party. Buck gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen and Gen. Buzz's party was broken up by the cops and was a failure. Trista spent the evening teaching Wanda to talk.
Buck stayed up in to the early hours of Sunday morning poring over the family's cookbooks to gain himself a cooking point before bed. Gen. Buzz was up early and was pretty bummed about his failed retirement party. He spent the wee hours smustling in the bathroom in an attempt to cheer himself up with the ridiculous. He spent some quality time with Wanda and they became best friends. He served up a breakfast of grilled cheese sandwiches for the family and Trista invited Sheila over to spend a little time with her before work. Buck called all his own friends to invite them to a party and Gen. Buzz gave Whiskey another bath. Buck got the urge to learn to make grilled cheese sandwiches himself and served up a big plate of them for lunch. The party was a total snoozer, however. Trista was promoted again to Party D.J. She invited Sheila over and spent some time dancing in the living room. Buck was completely unsatisfied with his earlier party and made a few calls to throw another. He used some of Trista's promotion bonus to upgrade the family's stove. Gen. Buzz made a pig of himself by eating six grilled cheese sandwiches in a row. Buck started his party off by reciting his bad poetry again and nobody paid the slightest attention, but he gained a creativity point. Wanda gained a mechanical point from playing with her blocks and later finally got potty trained by Trista. Gen. Buzz served up - you guessed it! - grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and everybody at the party had a good time. Trista headed off for her first night of work as a Party D.J.
Trista went straight to bed after work on Monday morning. Gen. Buzz cleaned Whiskey's filthy food dish and gained himself a cleaning point for his trouble. He served grilled cheese for breakfast and Buck went off to school. Gen. Buzz called townie Calista Fuchs for a chat and later invited her over in the hopes of befriending her. This was easily achieved. He called his other friends to invite them to yet another party. When Trista got up, she spent some time with the how-to books and learned the basics of couples counselling. Buck did his homework as soon as he got home from school. Buzz relaxed awhile in the hot tub and Trista invited Sheila over to join the party. Ryan Wheeler clogged the toilet and Buck called the repairman to come fix it the following day. ACR kicked in and Trista lured Gen. Buzz in to the bedroom to try for another baby, but didn't fall pregnant. She washed Whiskey the constantly filthy dog and became best friends with Trista. She then called her friend Elise Almassizadeh to invite her to join the party too - they hadn't seen one another in quite some time. She spent some quality time with Wanda and they became best friends. 
Buck invited Solveig over to join in the fun and Wanda grew up well in to a child. Trista and Elise spent some time catching up and became best friends. Trista immediately called another of her friends, Cooper Olshfski to invite him over and they became best friends as well. Everybody at the party had a wonderful time. Afterwards, Gen. Buzz called Ryan Wheeler to invite him back over. When he arrived, they spent some time getting to know one another better and became friends. Wanda spent several hours chatting to Buck and they finally became friends as well. Trista headed off to another night of work after a very satisfying day for a popularity sim.
Today I headed to Strangetown to play the Davis family (Almeric, Rebecka and Al).

On Wednesday Rebecka was promoted to Bagman and headed straight to bed exhausted after work. Almeric invited his BFF Ophelia Nigmos over to hang out after work. He also decided that now that Al was a child the family needed to get a pet to teach him responsibility. Almeric called the pet adoption agency and adopted a puppy named Leroy. Rebecka was up from her nap at 10pm and Al finished all his homework before bed.
Rebecka spent the early hours of Thursday morning updating her cuisine blog. In the living room, Ophelia Nigmos was being pursued by townie Phil Jitmakusol thanks to ACR.

Rebecka served up a midnight snack of chef salad and then spent the wee hours bonding with Leroy. After once again updating her cuisine blog (I swear she's as bad as I am - updating every time she does anything related to her hobby) she spent a few hours playing SSX3 and darts. When Al got up, he spent some time jumping rope in the kitchen until it was time for him to go to school. It was Almeric's day off. He served up a delicious pancake breakfast for himself. Leroy grew in to a healthy adult dog. Al earned his first ever A+ report card and was incredibly excited about it. Rebecka headed off for her first night of work as a Bagman. Almeric spent the evening poring over his self help books and learned the secret to lifelong happiness. Afterwards he called Phil Jitmakusol for a chat in the hopes of getting to know him better and they became friends. Al once again tackled his homework before bed.
The early hours of Friday morning saw Rebecka get promoted to Bookie and fall straight in to bed exhausted. Almeric served a basic breakfast of cereal for the family and Al jumped rope in the kitchen again before school and earned a body point. Almeric settled down on the couch to watch a dvd before work. Rebecka spent some time updating her cuisine blog before purchasing an easel with her promotion money and practicing her painting skills to gain a much needed creativity point before she had to go to work. After work she updating her cuisine blog yet again. Almeric called all his friends to invite them to a house party that evening. Rebecka continued her painting and gained another creativity point, which she also needed. Al plowed through his homework early and Almeric jumped on the computer to find Leroy a job in the Showbiz career as an Extra. Afterwards, he called townie Jay Bruty for a quick chat before bed. Everybody at the party had a good time.

Later on, I didn't stray far. I decided to play the Loner family in Strangetown, as I've been neglecting them terribly lately. It consists of Ajay Loner, his wife Holly, and their twin daughters Jeevika and Milony (currently children, and non-identical). Ajay works in the medical career as a Paramedic and Holly works in the business career as a Business Executive. The family has two cats; Alvin and Angel. Alvin is a working kitty in the showbiz career as an Understudy, but Angel is a stay-at-home, regular cat.

Saturday was one of Holly's days off. She and Jeevika caught up on the highlights of their past week and became best friends. Ajay spent much of the day playing the family's piano and gained a creativity point. Holly served up some delicious chili con carne for lunch and Milony spent much of the afternoon jumping on Jeevika's bed. Jeevika sat down with her mother's cookbooks and gained herself a cooking point. Ajay finally gained membership to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio before heading to work. Milony took over from him on the piano and gained a creativity point of her own. Jeevika spent the evening stargazing through the telescope and gained a logic point.
Milony started Sunday morning by playing some more piano and gaining another creativity point. Jeevika and Holly spent the early hours of the morning hanging out together in the front yard. Holly had the day off again and served a basic breakfast of cereal for the girls. Ajay once again spent much of the day at the piano. Milony decided to man her lemonade stand but only sold one cup of lemonade. She headed back inside to watch a dvd and some regular Sunday programming. Holly called townie Brittany Wendland for a chat and it turned out Brittany also works in the business career - she promised to pull some strings to make sure Holly gets higher wages from now on. Ajay headed off to work, vacating the piano for Milony, who gained another creativity point. Holly called Bruce Rauscher for a chat in the hopes of getting to know him better and was not at all tired so decided to pull an all-nighter.
In the early hours of Monday, Holly served a midnight snack of crepes suzette, which only she ate. She headed to her easel to begin a painting. Ajay played piano yet again and gained another creativity point. Holly and Jeevika became BFFs and Holly went off to work. Jeevika managed to fit in time for a dvd before school. Holly was promoted to Senior Manager and Ajay reached maximum enthusiasm in music and dance. Holly invited Bruce Rauscher over to hang out after work. It was the twins' birthday and they both grew up well in to teenagers. Jeevika grew in to a fortune sim and Milony grew in to a family sim. Ajay headed to work and Milony tackled her homework, though Jeevika was too sleepy to finish hers. Holly served up some hamburgers for dinner and then continued work on her painting, gaining a creativity point in the process. Ajay was promoted to Nurse and grew up well in to an elder.

Today I headed to Strangetown's La Fiesta Tech to play Stella Terrano. She lives in what used to be the Worthington household. She's in her first semester of junior year, majoring in physics. She's engaged to her college professor, Prof. Avri Shankel. Note: I've lost track of what day it was in the Terrano household (darn college not showing days of the week).

After class, Stella managed to persuade her maid to cook her lunch. He made hamburgers, which Stella adored. Stella's friend Clarence Philippine called to catch up, and he and Stella became best friends. Once she managed to tear herself away from the phone, Stella called her fiance, Prof. Avri Shankel to invite him over for some sedate slow dancing. Having enjoyed her lunch so much, Stella wished to learn how to make burgers herself. She achieved this easily and had burgers for dinner as well as lunch.
The next morning, Stella played the piano until it was time for class. After class, she invited her best friend Clarence over so that they could spend the day together. The campus' female cow mascot (apparently a lesbian according to the ACR controller) came over uninvited and after making Clarence cry repeatedly she went upstairs to clog Stella's toilet. 
Stella was none too pleased, and called the repairman to come fix it the following morning.
The next morning, Stella spent some time listening to her mp3 player until it was time for class. After class, she had to hustle to her final exam, which she'd failed to study for at all. Stella's worst fears came true and she was put on academic probation. She was distraught over this, and quickly sat down to do two assignments in the hopes of doing better next time around. However, if she fails to do any skilling, she'll be expelled next time for sure. She called Ophelia Nigmos for a chat in the hopes of getting to know her better and then once more served up hamburgers for dinner.

Afterwards, I headed to Pleasantview to play the Graham family.

Wednesday morning saw Jane dancing by herself in the living room while Roger called Nina Caliente for a chat before they both headed off to work, leaving Nero in the capable hands of his nanny. Roger headed straight to bed exhausted after work. Nero grew up well in to a child and used some of his parents' money to purchase a lemonade stand - he was ready and willing to go into business right away. He manned his stand and sold three cups of lemonade, earning himself $39 - a tidy sum for a child.
Thursday morning started very early with Roger waking up at midnight. Since he had the quiet of a sleeping house, he headed to the computer to set to work on writing his very first novel and gained three creativity points. Whether he'll ever finish it is a mystery. When Nero got up, he headed outside to try his hand at the karaoke machine (the one that's a mystery to Jane - just suddenly appeared in the night with no note). He gained himself a creativity point. 
Then it was off to work with Jane and off to his first day of school for Nero. It was Roger's day off. He gained membership to Desirable Discourse and Bailey grew from a kitten to a full-grown cat. Roger managed to start a terrible kitchen fire while trying to make a burger for lunch. Nobody was hurt. After work, Jane invited her work colleague Stephen Tinker over so she could get to know him better and they became friends. Nero plowed through his first ever homework assignment without complaint. Roger spent some time with the family's womrat, Ursula before heading to bed at 7pm exhausted. Nero took over from him and played with Ursula too. Jane managed to clog the toilet and called a repairman to come out the following day.
Friday morning saw Roger gain a cleaning point whilst cleaning Bailey's nasty food dish. Jane called her new friend Stephen for a chat before it was time for everybody to head to work and school. When he got home, Roger called his mistress, Brandi LeTourneau to ask her out on a date. She agreed to meet him at Comandgo Emporium and they spent their stolen time slow dancing in the middle of the street. They had an okay time and Roger headed back home for dinner with his wife. Jane finally got around to cleaning Ursula's stinky cage, which was a relief for anybody walking through the living area. Nero tackled his homework before bed. Roger jumped on the computer to find Bailey a job in the Showbiz career as an Extra. Jane spent her evening teaching Bailey to come here.

Aldric Davis in Strangetown: Warning: Drunken Shenanigans + 5 Pictures )


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