OMG, you guys!  The amazing [personal profile] prosthetics  (also known as verocchio and formerly mikelisryker) made me a bunch of random and lovely gifts!!  The good news for you guys is that I'm allowed to share them with you!

Pics, Info & Download Link! )

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( Aug. 24th, 2011 06:57 pm)
I've received my Christmas in July gift from CuriousB, who was assigned to be my Super Secret Santa at the last minute.  You can go check out the amazing things she made for me and download them right here!!!

It recently came to my attention that's domain has expired and that therefore the Wardrobe Wrangler was unavailable.  I still had the .zip file with the installer of the latest version on my computer, so I thought I would upload it and post a link here so that people can still obtain this awesome program.  If I couldn't do one-click townifying of content I'd be lost!

Download The Wardrobe Wrangler

Credits: I didn't make this.  Don't credit me.  I just wanted this to remain available to simmers and took the initiative to upload it to help everybody out. 

And I uploaded these a long time ago due to a request at Garden of Shadows, but I never posted them here so while I'm doing links to other people's stuff, I have most of the files from long-dead site  None of them require meshes, as that site was so early in Sims 2 CC that there were no meshes yet and everything is base game compatible.  It never updated again after about a month following Sims 2 release.  They were originally a Sims 1 site and I guess Sims 2 didn't really do it for them.  I uploaded these when I was still on dialup, so they're in categories because I could never have uploaded them otherwise.  Most of them aren't really up to today's standards, though their pale skintone is quite nice if you play a maxis match game.

AF Bottoms  
AF Formal  
AF Tops  
AF Underwear
AM Outfits
CF Everyday
TF Bottoms  
TF Formal  
TF Outfits  
TF PJs  
TF Tops  
TF Underwear
TM Outfits  
TM Pants  
TM Tops  
TM Underwear

Credits: Do not credit me for these.  All credits go to the creators of  I just found these files and found them on an old backup disk.  Truthfully, most of them aren't even in my game anymore.  Except the toddler and childrens outfits and a few of the teen female things.  Some of those are win.


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