I'm Izza, known on GOS, BPS, S2S and MTS as CuteLilDeadGirl.  Welcome to my simming journal!  If you like my stuff, please do comment.  I don't bite and I genuinely love hearing from my readers. 

For those who are curious, I live in Australia, not too far from Melbourne.  I enjoy the company of four cats; Darcie, Alice, Alvin and Abby and a very hyperactive yellow labrador named Ziggy.  I also greatly enjoy the constant company of my best friend of 14 years and the official love of my life, Ben.  Though it may sometimes seem like simming is all I do, it's far from the truth.  I read constantly (and it's rarely pulp or anything seen on a bestseller list), I write almost as frequently (I've even been published in the past), I design and make accessories for myself and my friends and I love dancing, singing, movies, cooking and good conversation!  I hate television and almost never watch it.  I also hate talking on the phone.  Seriously.

Feel free to friend me if you like, but please don't be offended if I don't friend you back or failing that, later delete you if you never comment my journal.

Note on broken and missing pictures and images: Due to Imageshack now charging a fee for hosting more than 500 pictures, they are (or will be very soon) deleting all but 500 of my pictures.  I can't afford a paid picture hosting account and I'm not paying for something I've had for free until now.  There will be missing and broken images on this site until I can find alternative arrangements for the thousands of simming pictures I already have uploaded.  Please be patient.  All missing pictures will be re-uploaded in time.  Pictures attached to actual downloads will take priority.  If you notice an entry with missing pictures, please private message me with the URL of the entry and I will give replacement of those pictures a priority.

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