Happy New Year to all of you!  Since I'm making new posts to add to my sticky (as crafty fake cuts) I thought I may as well add a project list.  This will list anything I've yet to upload, whether because it's not quite finished, haven't taken previews of it, or am just plain lazy.... To make things a little sneaky, I won't give totally specific information on what I've done with recolors (eg. actions I've used, etc....) because I want you guys to still be surprised.... This will also list what I'm doing sim-wise at present, if anything.  And my goals for this year of simming....

Resolutions For This Simming Year

1. Learn to mesh (like, at all), at the very least to the level where I can add fat and pregnant morphs to all the clothing meshes I already have in game.
2. Practice more with non-straight hair textures (because the warp tool in my crappy version of Photoshop won't even open, at all, so must learn to use the Paint Shop Pro version properly and not so randomly), especially proper curls until I have curly retextures of some of those meshes I've been wanting to do that actually look good.
3. Get better with patterned textures (I've been practicing with patterns lately and am far more confident now) and at shading/adding seams/etc.  In general just get better at all aspects of clothing creation.
4. Learn to do skinblends and all about skintones in general.  I'm still learning, but I've made two sets of skinblends now and am gaining confidence.  One thing I want to learn very soon is how to make skintones sexyfeet enabled.
5. Finish at least one of my current legacies.

Content Yet To Be Uploaded (but finished, or nearly so)

Recolor of Liegonschonheit's "Rockabilly Formal" dress
Peggy 4842
Age conversion of a Salix Tree AM outfit
Peggy June '09 Gift
Cosette's "Our City" skirts for EF recolored
Gelydh's AL Split Dress for TF recolored
Retextures of Amaryll's trenchcoats with jeans
Recolors of FT toddler dress
Peggy 4095
SixSixSim's "Teal Harajuku" as seperated top for AF and TF
Swimwear age converted x2
Redux of the Aelia'd colors of my "I Wanna Come Over" dress
Nosemasks inspired by Pooklet's red nose
Recolors of Pooklet's Louis/Ephemera alien facemasks
Alpha Improvement and recolors of the basegame "Granny Panties"
Peggy 02836
Alpha edit, new colors + new patterns of TF Nancy Dress
Recolors of Bruno's "Eyelights" Eyeshadow
Gelydh's AL Split Dress for TF (yes, again!) in new colors + patterns
A set of 8 skinblends + defaults
A new cat breed
A new dog breed
39 various sims

What Am I Doing Right Now?

Nothing right now....


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