Today I headed to Strangetown's La Fiesta Tech to play Stella Terrano. She lives in what used to be the Worthington household. She's in her first semester of junior year, majoring in physics. She's engaged to her college professor, Prof. Avri Shankel. Note: I've lost track of what day it was in the Terrano household (darn college not showing days of the week).

After class, Stella managed to persuade her maid to cook her lunch. He made hamburgers, which Stella adored. Stella's friend Clarence Philippine called to catch up, and he and Stella became best friends. Once she managed to tear herself away from the phone, Stella called her fiance, Prof. Avri Shankel to invite him over for some sedate slow dancing. Having enjoyed her lunch so much, Stella wished to learn how to make burgers herself. She achieved this easily and had burgers for dinner as well as lunch.
The next morning, Stella played the piano until it was time for class. After class, she invited her best friend Clarence over so that they could spend the day together. The campus' female cow mascot (apparently a lesbian according to the ACR controller) came over uninvited and after making Clarence cry repeatedly she went upstairs to clog Stella's toilet. 
Stella was none too pleased, and called the repairman to come fix it the following morning.
The next morning, Stella spent some time listening to her mp3 player until it was time for class. After class, she had to hustle to her final exam, which she'd failed to study for at all. Stella's worst fears came true and she was put on academic probation. She was distraught over this, and quickly sat down to do two assignments in the hopes of doing better next time around. However, if she fails to do any skilling, she'll be expelled next time for sure. She called Ophelia Nigmos for a chat in the hopes of getting to know her better and then once more served up hamburgers for dinner.

Afterwards, I headed to Pleasantview to play the Graham family.

Wednesday morning saw Jane dancing by herself in the living room while Roger called Nina Caliente for a chat before they both headed off to work, leaving Nero in the capable hands of his nanny. Roger headed straight to bed exhausted after work. Nero grew up well in to a child and used some of his parents' money to purchase a lemonade stand - he was ready and willing to go into business right away. He manned his stand and sold three cups of lemonade, earning himself $39 - a tidy sum for a child.
Thursday morning started very early with Roger waking up at midnight. Since he had the quiet of a sleeping house, he headed to the computer to set to work on writing his very first novel and gained three creativity points. Whether he'll ever finish it is a mystery. When Nero got up, he headed outside to try his hand at the karaoke machine (the one that's a mystery to Jane - just suddenly appeared in the night with no note). He gained himself a creativity point. 
Then it was off to work with Jane and off to his first day of school for Nero. It was Roger's day off. He gained membership to Desirable Discourse and Bailey grew from a kitten to a full-grown cat. Roger managed to start a terrible kitchen fire while trying to make a burger for lunch. Nobody was hurt. After work, Jane invited her work colleague Stephen Tinker over so she could get to know him better and they became friends. Nero plowed through his first ever homework assignment without complaint. Roger spent some time with the family's womrat, Ursula before heading to bed at 7pm exhausted. Nero took over from him and played with Ursula too. Jane managed to clog the toilet and called a repairman to come out the following day.
Friday morning saw Roger gain a cleaning point whilst cleaning Bailey's nasty food dish. Jane called her new friend Stephen for a chat before it was time for everybody to head to work and school. When he got home, Roger called his mistress, Brandi LeTourneau to ask her out on a date. She agreed to meet him at Comandgo Emporium and they spent their stolen time slow dancing in the middle of the street. They had an okay time and Roger headed back home for dinner with his wife. Jane finally got around to cleaning Ursula's stinky cage, which was a relief for anybody walking through the living area. Nero tackled his homework before bed. Roger jumped on the computer to find Bailey a job in the Showbiz career as an Extra. Jane spent her evening teaching Bailey to come here.

Aldric Davis in Strangetown: Warning: Drunken Shenanigans + 5 Pictures )
I headed to Pleasantview today to play the Graham family for a few simdays.  It consists of Roger Graham (ex-college dormie), his wife Jane (formerly Jane Stacks) and their newborn son Nero.  The family also has a kitten named Bailey.  Jane works in the law enforcement career as a Security Guard and Roger works in the slacker career as a Convenience Store Clerk.  Their marriage is anything but faithful.  Jane is having two affairs with Castor Nova and Kevin Beare, while Roger is having an affair with townie Brandi LeTourneau.

On Sunday morning Roger invited Melody Tinker over to get to know her a little better before heading to work.  As soon as he left, Jane called Castor Nova to invite him over to spend some quality time without her husband's prying eyes.  She purchased a pet bed for Bailey, as the poor kitten didn't actually have one yet.  Roger was promoted to Record Store Clerk.  Jane spent his promotion money on an easel for herself and practiced on it until she gained a creativity point.  Roger spent the afternoon playing catch with Danielle Lillard, who liked his company so well that she organized for him to have a discount on his furniture from then on.  Jane headed off for her night of work and Nero grew in to a toddler.
Monday morning started at 3am when Nero woke Roger with his screams to be let out of his crib.  Roger didn't seem too put out.

Roger headed off for another day of work.  Jane managed to smooth talk her way to getting townie Nery Turner to clean her filthy house for her.  She got a call from her friend Gordon Wolosenko who as it turns out is her boss' cousin and decided to call in a favour with his relative to get her a promotion the next time she went to work.  Jane bought herself a womrat cage and a sweet little albino womrat named Ursula.  She and her son Nero became best friends.  Roger went to bed exhausted after work - being awoken at 3am finally caught up with him.  Jane talked Florence Dreamer in to cooking her a delicious spaghetti dinner.  Jane had the night off, so she spent her time productively by teaching little Nero to walk.

Roger was up at 9:30pm, which was sure to destroy his sleeping patterns for a while.  He called his mistress Brandi LeTourneau to ask her on a date.  She agreed to meet him at Cold Issue Clothing where he was free to pursue her without his wife's knowledge.  They fell in love and spent much of the date slow dancing out front. 

This led to a heavy makeout session in the street.  Roger headed inside to try on some new pajamas.  Brandi snuck in to the changing room with him for their first woohoo together.  The date was a dream date and after a few more stolen kisses, Roger caught a cab home.  The leader of the wolf pack destroyed Jane and Roger's bed, which sucked because they could just barely afford a new one, and it was nowhere near as nice.  Jane spent much of the night on the phone chatting to Kennedy Grove.
In the early hours of Tuesday morning Brandi left Roger a gift in the form of a brand new karaoke machine to commemorate their amazing date.  Roger spent most of the wee hours playing with the pets and later taught Nero to talk.  It was Roger's day of, so he called Nina Caliente to invite her over to hang out.  He went to bed exhausted at 11am after pulling an all-nighter.  When she got up, Jane invited Kennedy Grove over in the hopes of befriending him.  She was successful in this.  She headed to work around the same time that Roger woke up.  Of course, he wasn't tired at all that night, so decided to pull another all-nighter.  He became best friends with Nero after finally managing to potty train him.  Jane's friend Gordon kept good his promise to get her promoted to Cadet.  She headed to bed immediately to be well rested for her new work hours.

Ripp Grunt in Strangetown: Warning: NOT suitable for children! )


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