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( Mar. 23rd, 2011 12:37 am)
Okay, so a while back I made a friends-only post related to this...

Now that I realise this has clearly gone on for a month and may go on longer, I guess I should say something publicly.

.  Yup.  I never thought I'd take one, but I am.  Personal reasons I don't really want to go in to publicly, mostly.  Though I will say that I'm also just feeling a little burned out, and not just on the simming front.... 

I haven't even opened my game.  For real.  A good example of how long it's been - I downloaded Pooklet's second lot of Rehash tones the day they were uploaded, but have yet to actually open the game and see what they look like...

I will:
Be back.  Most definitely.  Just not sure when or how actively.
Post my unposted creations at some point.  They're still in a folder on my desktop.
Not play any of my stories without posting about them.  I promise.
Continue to miss you guys like crazy!

I will not:
Uninstall my games.
Be all that active on LJ for the time being.
Stop loving you guys or simming <3



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