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( Jan. 4th, 2011 06:12 pm)

I notice a lot of people have sticky posts with a list of their current defaults.  I thought I should have one too (though I have moved it today from being sticky, I'm just gonna fake cut to it from my other sticky post so that my journal will let me ever post anything again - computers are so stupid).  So I'm sorry for double posting it. 

This list consists of up-to-the-minute links to all the defaults I'm using in game right this minute and shall be updated accordingly.  It mostly consists of Bodyshop replacements, which are listed first in no particular order, but there are a few non-Bodyshop ones in there as well, lower down the list.  The non-Bodyshops are less likely to ever be changed, aside from road replacements.  Where applicable, I've listed which color or option I'm using as well (so that you guys can, like, copy me or something, I don't know.... I have OCD, okay?!)

Anyway, enjoy your sneak peak in to my current defaults, if you like.  Perhaps you'll find some new defaults for yourself in there sometime!

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