So I opened my inbox this week and found that somebody had requested that I upload this hair.  I hadn't actually planned on sharing it anymore, as it was my first actual retexture and I have never been all that happy with the texture placements.  However, I also don't plan on doing it over, so have at it, lovely requester!

As you can see, my placements aren't perfect.  This was probably a little too complicated a mesh/placement for my first time.

Besides, some of you might already have downloaded one of the colors if you've downloaded my "Harry"....

I only did naturals.  It comes in all of Pooklet's new naturals, except for the blacks.  The only black I did was Dynamite.

It works for all ages.  It's family linked in four seperate families.  I only did one elder grey (Time Bomb), which is linked to Dynamite.

Mesh is included.  Title reference.


Credits: Flora at XM Sims for the mesh and Pooklet for the textures and color actions.

Policy: Do what you like, but please credit me if you put them on your sims for upload.  Yes, a clean installer cap is perfectly fine.

Thanks also go to:
Gallagher Fennell for modelling Fission.
Andy for modelling Grenade.
Nathan Cave for modelling Incendiary.
Spazzy McGee for modelling Primer.
Dan Cave for modelling Safety Fuse.
Russet Fennell for modelling Molotov.
William for modelling Volatile.
Rupert Fennell for modelling Comburent.

All models are either made by me or born in my own game.
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