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( Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:39 am)
I just received my Secret Santa gift from James Sunderland and you can go check out the amazing things I got and download them here!

Also, stay tuned... I will be posting my own gifts up here presently....

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( Aug. 24th, 2011 06:57 pm)
I've received my Christmas in July gift from CuriousB, who was assigned to be my Super Secret Santa at the last minute.  You can go check out the amazing things she made for me and download them right here!!!

Child and Young Adult Versions

More Pics, Info & Download Links! )

Teen And Young Adult Versions

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Now available as either Young Adult or Adult.  Adult Version Requires Nightlife.

More Pics, Info & Download Link! )

I'm not sure whether anybody but myself will find this useful, but I figured I'd throw it up for download and let other simmers decide for themselves.

I'm not a big fan of clothing unlockers for the most part, because they all unlock certain outfits I'd rather never see.  I thought about making my own, but decided that instead, I'd just extract and reimport the textures of all the outfits I did want, eliminating the issue of coming across outfits I didn't want to see.  This way, I could also recategorize some things and make them available for other age groups, and townify them.  This is the fruit of my labors.

What's included?  A lot of the university outfits that were never enabled for adults have been cloned and made available to adults.  The maid dresses (both BV and base game).  All the female witch outfits.  The personal trainer/coach outfit (as activewear only).  The cheerleader outfits for adults (and also categorized as activewear).  The nanny outfits (also categorized as outerwear).  The base game children's fairy outfits with wings have been cloned and categorized as activewear for use with the ballet barre.  Most of the sewing machine outfits.  The matchmaker outfit.  The grand vampire outfits.  The NL raver outfits have been cloned and recategorized as activewear (and the hidden teen versions have been included as everyday and activewear also).  The Crumplebottom outfit, of course.  The cute raincoats with rain boots for AF from Seasons have been cloned and recategorized as everyday, same with the children's ladybug raincoat.  Some of the nicest formalwear only outfits have been recategorized and cloned to be everydaywear.  There are more, but you get the idea, yes?

Everything is seperated in to folders in the .rar according to which EP they require.  They are shoddily labelled in that I didn't rename the files.  However, they do have descriptive-ish names after the numbers (eg. 5f1548a5_oldwitch3.package is one of the witch outfits for elder females and is in the Apartment Life folder).


Credits: Maxis for all the outfits.  I just copied them.  Wardrobe Wrangler for giving me one-click recategorization and townification.

Policy: Do whatever the hell you want with these.  There's absolutely no need to credit me for anything in this download.  Anybody could have done it - I just had the time on my hands.

Here it is - the mod I was talking about here that wasn't fail.  I have no idea if anybody else has ever noticed this.  You know all those new outfits that came with AL?  Probably the nicest clothing ever put in the game by EA/Maxis?  Did you know that most of those outfits are not townified?  I know it's hard to believe - if you don't have notownieregen.package from MATY you may think they are the most overused outfits in the game.  But the only sims that have the ability to spawn in these outfits are the AL Social Group Townies.  I swear.  If you did have notownieregen.package installed, you would never see these outfits on any townie.  Ever. 

What do I mean by not townified?  Well, when your sim ages up or when you are pressing randomize in Create-a-Family, those outfits will never, ever come up.  The only way your sims can wear them is if they actually purchase them.  I thought this was stupid.  So I created this little mod to enable those outfits to be spawned on your sims.  It's actually two seperate tiny mods, as I realized there were a few outfits I'd missed.  Just throw them in your downloads folder and voila! - a chance of your sims aging up in those outfits!

What outfits am I talking about?  Well, those pretty silk dresses, the cute V-shaped fringed dress, the wrap dresses, those cute mismatched suit outfits for men - pretty much the majority of the outfits that came with Apartment Life.  As a bonus, I have done the same with the Nightlife male vampire outfit.  Not the elaborate grand vampire one, but the regular one that your sims can purchase at any clothing store.  It wasn't townified either.  So I threw it in as a bonus.  I figure by now that everybody has Nightlife anyway.  Obviously, Apartment Life is required for this mod to work as well.

What outfits aren't included?  There are a few AL outfits I hate so much that I didn't put them in, partly because I have a hider for them in my own game.  They include the biker-ish outfit with the hideous flame boots as seen on townie Calista Fuchs and those weird sci-fi type outfits seen on La Shawn Cameron.


Credits: EA/Maxis for putting these outfits in the game (though they were fail at the not townified aspect - what the heck were they thinking?) and SimPE for giving me the tools to enable these lovely outfits.

Policy: Edit these mods if you wish, to remove any outfits you don't want townified in your own game.  But do not post this anywhere else or claim it as your own work - that would be stealing and very uncool!
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( Nov. 13th, 2009 11:18 pm)


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