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( Jan. 10th, 2011 06:32 am)

Happy New Year to all of you!  Since I'm making new posts to add to my sticky (as crafty fake cuts) I thought I may as well add a project list.  This will list anything I've yet to upload, whether because it's not quite finished, haven't taken previews of it, or am just plain lazy.... To make things a little sneaky, I won't give totally specific information on what I've done with recolors (eg. actions I've used, etc....) because I want you guys to still be surprised.... This will also list what I'm doing sim-wise at present, if anything.  And my goals for this year of simming....

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( Dec. 1st, 2010 01:50 am)
Completed SimPE work.  Tested all templates thoroughly.  Previews are taken, resized and edited with labels on them.  Still need to organize everything  in to .rar files, teaser image needs to be made pretty and teaser-y, uploading spree of epic insanity of both pictures and files themselves needs to happen.

The face templates will be up either tomorrow or the next day.  For real.
The breeding project is complete.  The list of sims is finalized and extracted in all required categories in all their CC free, uniform glory.  No further sims will be taken on.  Thankyou very much to all of you have given me permission to use your sims.

I begin SimPE work first thing in the morning!

Yes, I know I was going to start today.  But my birthday had to be moved forward so my family could all get together on the same night for dinner, etc.  So birthday happened yesterday.  My family spoiled me rotten with the new much needed bookcase (I had an overflowing book problem wherein I had too many books and nowhere to store them) and cosy chair I've been dreaming of (but never thought I'd get either anytime soon), so I took today off to set up the tiny back room of my house as Izza's Library Of Epic Win!  Anybody who says you can't have your own library just because you have a small home and modest income isn't imaginative enough.

Dreams can come true <3
The breeding project continues.... thought I'd share a couple of tonight's pics just for fun...

3 Pictures Under The Cut! )

I am amazed at the outpouring of support (and permission to use sims) that I've received since I started sending out messages.  There are a few people who never replied (and thus their sims are ineligible) but the truly amazing part is that only one simmer has declined so far, as is their absolute right, so let's have no messages on this post saying anything negative about whoever it was - I shall never reveal who the simmer was!  In just a short time this project went from a hopeful idea to something that is quickly becoming a reality.  In fact, I have received so many permissions that if I receive just five more permissions, I'll have 140 sims that I can technically go ahead with.  Unfortunately, this would be using every single one of my own born in game and created sims from my Saved Sims folder (aside from my fugs!), making the templates very Izza's-sims-heavy and in my opinion unbalanced.  I am still waiting on quite a few replies, so hopefully this will not a problem.

If I haven't received any positive replies in the next few days, I will be asking those of you who have expressed a willingness to do so to make some exclusive faces to help even out the balance and throwing open the doors for submissions from any interested parties who haven't yet been asked to participate in the project.  I have already added a couple of faces from those few simmers who said I can have free reign with their sims - I will be notifying them shortly and making sure there are no objections.  Regardless, I hope to have a finalized list by late next week and that is when the really boring SimPE work will begin!

Now for the fun part of this post.  Due to only having a couple of sims to prepare in Bodyshop for template readiness today, I did a nice little breeding project in Create-a-Sim.  What's the breeding project all about, you ask?  It's best I know which faces breed well together beforehand so that I can easily decide which templates belong together in a set.

Why not have a contest??!!

I'm serious - guess the parent to win an advance copy of Set 1! )
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( Nov. 8th, 2010 12:38 am)
Some of you in the community will already know something about this, but since I won't be posting as much for a little while I thought an explanation was in order...

I'm working on a very big project right now.  Bigger than my townie name replacement project and I'm hoping to get it out in time for Christmas (because it's quite a mammoth task and I know how long it will take me even though I'm giving up most of my free time to work on it.)  As this year's Christmas gift to the entire community, so to speak.  Since I set myself a precedent last year with the townie names being released for Christmas and all....

What is it going to be?

Default Replacement Face Templates.  Five complete sets including alien and elf templates.  Yup - five!  That's 140 different faces.

It will feature the faces of many "famous" and "favourite" sims from a variety of simmers across the community as well as the possibility of a few new "exclusive" faces by popular creators.  There will be some of my own sims featured too.  As there will be five options for each face template (eg. 5 different options for face 1), these will also be available for download individually for those who want to mix and match.  They will be available as complete sets also.

The first round of emails and messages to creators have gone out.  I am only using the sims of those simmers who have given me permission.  Rest assured that if you've received an email and haven't replied one way or the other, I will not use your sim.

If you haven't been asked whether I can use a sim of yours, do not be alarmed or feel hurt.  I am sending emails asking permission in batches and I haven't asked everybody I want to ask yet!  I definitely haven't reached 140 sims I'm allowed to use yet either, so if you hear from me, don't be surprised...

If I don't reach my target quota of other people's sims, the project will go ahead as planned.  I have plenty of sims of my own and can make some new faces if I have to!   There are also a few lovely creators who have said I can have the use of any and all of their sims I'd like, but hopefully I won't have to do that - for diversity's sake!

Work is already underway.  I've already got most of the faces I'm allowed to use (so far) past the first stage of the creation process.  New emails will be out in a couple of days.  Now I play the waiting game, except of course I have plenty of time to test!  About the most fun part of this project is the breeding project - breeding sims I know I'm allowed to use to see what results!  Later on, I can use those results as a nice pictorial guide to "How Face 3 breeds with Face 7" or some such...

So, yeah... now you know, in case my journal looks a little deserted for a little while....


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