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Today I actually got some gameplay in after about a week of being far too engrossed in reading Sense and Sensibility to play at all.  I installed Gunmod's Camera Mod and Gunmod's Radiance Light System this week and though I think both are beyond amazing, it may take a little while before I'm good at getting pictures with them both, so please bear with me.  Anyhow, tonight I headed to Veronaville's Academie Le Tour to play Marla Biggs for a few simdays.  And I actually got pictures of her this time.

Marla started off Friday morning by trudging through the weeds to the backyard to catch some butterflies, which adorned her kitchen table in a jar for the remainder of the day.  She managed to clog the toilet immediately afterwards and called the repairman to come out during business hours.  She then had an overwhelming urge to invite people over - a lot of people!  In succession, she called and invited to her home Miranda Capp, her friend Prof. Jill Carlson, dormie Taylor Cameron and her best friend Prof. Alvin Shahan.  All four enjoyed some time on Marla's bubble blower in the sunshine.  Unfortunately for Marla, she didn't get to enjoy as much time with them as she'd anticipated.  The loss of sleep due to the previous night's exam left her heading to bed at 1:30pm for some much needed rest.  She only managed a few hours' sleep before getting up again for her evening class.  After class, she headed off on a hike and saw an exotic bird.  She wasn't at all tired when she got back and decided to pull an all-nighter.
Marla spent the early hours of Saturday morning birdwatching (or owlwatching, I guess...)  She then settled down with her self help books and learned the secret to lifelong happiness.  She was in bed exhausted by 8:30am - her sleeping pattern is truly destroyed thanks to her last exam taking place at an ungodly hour.  (Man, if exams were really held at like, three in the morning, nobody would ever go to college!)  She was up again at 1:30pm in time to receive a phone call from Prof. Jill.  They became best friends after a long heart to heart chat.  Marla prepared a late lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and earned herself a cooking point before class.  After class, she was once again not at all tired.  It was to be another all-nighter.
She spent the earliest hours of Sunday morning hunting bugs in the backyard and caught an empress butterfly for her collection.  She then took the time to clean her bird, Goldeneye's cage, which wasn't even overdue - the maid cleans it when it's dirty, but Marla is a good pet owner.  She then headed inside and hit the self help books once again until she felt she'd mastered the art of anger management.  She wasn't done, however.  It was time for her to peruse an old medical textbook until she felt she understood physiology.  She was in bed exhausted by 8:30am again and woke up at exactly 1:30pm yet again.  No chance of that sleeping pattern improving any time soon.  She called Prof. Jill for a chat until it was time for class.  After class, she went on another lovely night hike and was chased home by bees.

She was of course, not tired and was once again to stay up all night.  She spent some time catching fireflies, which were a little elusive to her jar at first, but she got some in the end.

Her semester had flown past without her realizing the passage of time and her next final exam was upon her.  She hadn't lifted a finger to study anything of relevance to her major and failed her exam miserably, being put on academic probation.  Hopefully next time around she'll return to being the conscientious student she once was.

Today I headed in to Veronaville to play the Powers family.

Early Thursday morning, Virginia gained membership to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio.  This wasn't really in the forefront of her mind, however.  Having recently caught Jonah out on a date with Wendy Parker, one of his many mistresses, Virginia was feeling horribly betrayed - and rightly so!  She was in no mood for forgiveness and demanded an immediate divorce, kicking Jonah out in to the cold harsh winter morning, unemployed and homeless with no place to go.

She and Jonah instantly became bitter enemies.  Virginia didn't even stick around to see him out the door.  She tried to calm down in front of the tv with some cooking shows.  It took her mind of things somewhat and she gained a cooking point as well.  She later called her only friend, townie teen Jennifer Corsillo and arranged to meet her at Sims Gone Wired.  Once there, Virginia treated them both to a lovely afternoon tea of nectarine tartlettes, over which they discussed Jonah's many faults.  Gilbert Jacquet was showing a keen interest in Virginia, but she was far too busy listing Jonah's indiscretions to notice.

Virginia headed back home to take a quick shower before work.  As she was getting in the carpool, a random townie walkby managed to clog her toilet.  Virginia made a call to the repairman as soon as she got home from work so that the toilet would be fixed in the morning.  She then spent her time playing guitar before bed.
In the early hours of Friday morning, Jonah began a rampage of furious walkbys, stealing newspapers and kicking over the trashcan repeatedly.

When Virginia woke up, she played some more guitar and gained a creativity point.  She later convinced a random walkby, townie Clarence Philippine to clean her entire house for her.  Smug over her ability to influence the poor guy, she settled down to practice at her chess table until it was time for work.  After work, she called grocery delivery driver Ricky Garth in the hopes of getting to know him a little better.  After a long conversation they became friends.
Saturday started early, with Virginia waking up completely rested at 1:30am.  Jonah was still keeping up his trashcan kicking rampage, but Virginia just pretended not to hear him.  She spent the entire day playing guitar (completely drowning out the sounds of the trashcan being kicked over), stopping only to eat and use the bathroom, until it was time for another evening at work.  She went straight to bed exhausted when she got home.

Today I headed in to Veronaville to play the Flexor family.

Sunday was Max's day off work.  It was to be a day punctuated by the furious walkbys of Prof. Bill Cwik, due to a recent fight between Max and himself while visiting Miranda Capp, in which Max kicked Prof. Bill's ass.  Roxie drove off to work, leaving Roxx in the capable hands of his father, though his nanny, Heidi Ajjanagadde was there to harass him whenever he didn't need her for anything (though thankfully, I think her pointless fury at him is over.)  Max spent some quality time with Roxx before calling all his friends to invite them to a party.  He spent most of the party with Roxx, however.  He taught Roxx a nursery rhyme and helped him to gain a charisma point in the process.  The party was a success despite Max ignoring his guests - they were perfectly capable of entertaining each other.  Both Max and Roxx were in bed exhausted by 4pm.  After work, Roxie called one of her many boyfriends, Neil Smith (who if memory serves is a college dormie) to ask him out on their very first date.  Yup, they're BFFs and in love, but they hadn't gone out on a date until now.  Roxie met him at Sim Center South.  After a quick chat about their mutual interest in music and dance, they decided to indulge that hobby with some romantic slow dancing.  This was followed by a heavy makeout session.  Roxie lured Neil to her car for their very first woohoo together.  The date was a dream date and after a quick chat with the park's barista, Roxie drove home.  Immediately upon arriving home, she called another of her BFFs, not to mention her latest crush, Jihoon Jitmakusol (who is incidentally one of Max's friends) to ask him out on a date as well.  It was another first date and Roxie was keen to win Jihoon's heart completely, so she met him at Londoste.  There, she wined and dined Jihoon and they greatly enjoyed their sumptuous dinner of filet mignon.

After dinner, they had a long chat, followed by Roxie getting down on one knee and serenading Jihoon in front of all the restaurant's patrons.  Jihoon was amazed by the depth of Roxie's feelings and they declared their newfound love for one another.  Then it was time for a barely decent makeout session in the middle of the restaurant before the date ended with the score of dream date.  Roxie drove straight home and spent some time chatting online.  She then called Max's BFF, Cornwall Capp to invite him over.  After her dream date, she wasn't tired at all and decided to pull an all-nighter.  She stayed up getting to know Cornwall and they became friends.  Roxie of course turned on the charm and they developed a mutual crush.
Max was up at the stroke of midnight on Monday morning to bake a batch of santa cookies for Roxie and Cornwall to enjoy.  He then took a bath, during which Roxie and Cornwall made out in the dining area with Max none the wiser.  Roxie spent some of her accumulated aspiration points on a long desired hot tub (which the ungrateful bitch has yet to use!)  She then chatted online some more while Max spent his time entertaining Roxx.  As soon as Roxie abandoned the computer, Max jumped on to play SSX3.  Roxie purchased a lovely mirror for the bedroom and stood in front of it practicing a speech, gaining a much needed charisma point.  Max drove to work and Roxie called townie Timothy Philippine for a chat before noticing that all of Prof. Bill's furious trashcan kickings had caused a roach problem in the front yard.  She quickly called an exterminator before taking the carpool to work.  Max brought home one of his work colleagues, Mercutio Monty.  Roxie was promoted to All Star and received two coupons for a free meal in the mail (I'm guessing that was a glitch, but I'm not gonna complain!)  She invited townie Waylon Menon over in the hopes of getting to know him better and after a chat, he was so impressed with Roxie that he gave her a free computer.  (Don't you just wish that after a quick chat with some random person they gave you an expensive computer as a "free sample", just once, ever?)  Roxie was in bed at 6pm exhausted from her all-nighter.  Roxx grew up well in to a child and Max became friends with Mercutio.  Roxx spent some of the family's simoleons on a lemonade stand and immediately manned it despite a raging snowstorm.  He actually sold a cup, too.  He wasn't though spending simoleons though.  He also gained permission from Max to purchase a bowling lane and an easel.  Due to having just woken from a nap before aging up, Roxx wasn't sleepy at all so he decided to stay up all night.  He immediately wanted to try out his new easel and gained his first creativity point.
Roxx continued painting and in the early hours of Tuesday morning gained two more creativity points.  Max made a purchase of his own - an exercise machine.  He started working out straight away and kept it up until it was time to drive to work.  It was Roxie's day off.  Roxx called his nanny, Heidi for a long chat in the hopes of improving their relationship before he got on the bus for his first day at school.  As soon as she was alone, Roxie called her new crush, Cornwall and asked him if he'd like to meet her at The Corner Shoppes for some window shopping.  Upon arriving, Roxie spent a little time gossiping about her neighbours to Cornwall, followed by tickling him mercilessly.  They became best friends and walked in to the middle of the road for some slow dancing, completely uncaring of oncoming traffic.  After some mid-dance smooches, they both realized they were in love.

They headed inside to the photobooth for a romantic picture together, which Roxie decided to keep in her wallet so that nobody would ever see.  After exiting the photobooth, Roxie started with the flirting, followed by a makeout session.  Having ascertained that Cornwall was indeed in the mood, Roxie lured him back inside the photobooth for their first woohoo together.  Unbeknownst to either of them, Roxie fell pregnant to Cornwall.  The date was a dream date and Roxie went straight home.  Once there, she invited Jihoon over to spend some time with him as well.  Just after his arrival, she had her first wave of morning sickness.  She started feeling very uneasy - after all, she and Max hadn't woohooed since before Roxx was born.  She invited Timothy over in the hopes of talking to somebody unaffected by the situation, but had no time to talk as her pregnancy was making her too hungry.  Roxx earned first chair for percussion in the school band on his first day of school, which paid him $200.  A lot of money for a little boy!  When Max got home from work, he invited Mercutio over to hang out.  Roxx went straight to bed after school - his all-nighter had taken a toll and he was in danger of passing out.  Whilst she ate, Roxie had formulated a plan, and unceremoniously asked all the guests to leave after she did the dishes.  She then quickly whisked Max away to the bedroom for a woohoo - that way, there'd be no question marks in his eyes when her pregnancy started showing.

After their post coital nap, Max called Mercutio for a chat.  Roxx also woke up and all three Flexors decided to pull an all-nighter together.  Max called Mercutio back and invited him over again so they could spend all their time together (until 2am, when guests decide they'll turn in to pumpkins if they don't go home.)  Roxie headed to the mirror to gain another much needed charisma point and Mercutio broke the tv, then promptly left with the old "look at the time!" excuse.  Max wasn't mad though.  He just called the repairman to come fix it in the morning.  And it's a good thing he wasn't mad, because as soon as he got off the phone with the repairman, he clogged the toilet.  Roxx got his homework all finished without any help.  Roxie and Maxx (thanks to ACR) went back to bed for another woohoo.  It seems Max will have no doubts at all about the baby being his.  Roxx drowned out the sounds from his parents' bedroom by playing with the family's arcade machine.  Roxie had two more waves of morning sickness, which much have been hell for Max, who was enjoying a bubble bath at the time.  I'd sure hate to have somebody puking in the toilet only a few steps away from me while I was trying to enjoy a bubble bath...
Today I headed to Veronaville to play the Sharpe family for a few simdays.

On Sunday morning, Rose spent some time playing with her gameboy before inviting her new best friend and love interest, Romeo Monty over to spend some time with her.  Edwin, her poor clueless husband, served up a basic breakfast of cereal for them all to enjoy.  After breakfast, Rose suffered an attack of senility and jumped on the couch like a little girl.  Edwin did what he's done every morning since leaving college - search for a start in his dream job on the computer.  Sunday was his lucky day (finally!)  There was an entry level opening in the medical career and he eagerly snatched it up.  He had no intention of getting off the computer anytime soon and spent a good deal of time writing the first entry in his brand new cuisine blog.  He then settled down with a cookbook and gained a cooking point.  In the living room, Rose and Romeo were alone and shared some passionate embraces whilst Edwin was busy elsewhere.  They realized the extent to which their feelings had grown and declared their love for one another in whispered tones before falling in to one another's arms for a heavy makeout session.  Rose was exhausted from a long day and went to bed at 6pm.  Edwin gained maximum enthusiasm in cuisine.
Rose was awake and refreshed at 1:30am on Monday morning (darn elders!)  Edwin had the day off work, meaning the poor guy had to put off starting his dream career for another day.  It did mean he got to sleep in though.  Since he was still asleep, Rose called Romeo to ask him out on a date.  They met at One-Twenty-Five Cafe, where they enjoyed a lovely morning tea of baked alaska.  Afterwards, they hung out on the floor chatting in a very casual manner for such a classy cafe.  They progressed to hand holding, followed by a heavy makeout session in the middle of the cafe.  Both were eager to go all the way regardless of the crowds, but this was not to be.  Miss Crumplebottom told them off as soon as they attempted such a public display, and stalked them closely for the remainder of their date.  They tried going outside to get away from the old bat, but she followed immediately.  So instead of taking their relationship to the next level, they had to be content with more passionate embraces and heavy petting.
Despite their stalker, their date was a dream date.  After one last makeout session, Rose headed home.  Once there, she invited Romeo over to spend another day with her.  Edwin was still the trusting fool and served a lovely omelette breakfast.  Rose declared she wasn't hungry, but Romeo made a big show of eating it with gusto.  Rose received a coupon for a free meal in the mail, which is sure to come in handy as she and Edwin are running out of money and his job won't pay much for a while yet.  Rose and Romeo moved from being just best friends to being BFFs from all the recent time spent together.  Edwin once again perused his cookbooks and gained another cooking point, bringing his cooking skill to maximum level.  He got the urge to cut down on bills and purchased a solar panel for the roof.  Rose also hit the cookbooks and gained a cooking point of her own.  Edwin knew that this was the last day before he entered the workforce and called all his friends to invite them to a party in celebration of his first job.  Rose wanted to be the centre of attention at the party and juggled water bottles from the fridge to entertain the guests before going to bed at 5pm exhausted.  Edwin spent some time with the guests watching a dvd and then browsed the web for games websites.  He later played pinball with dormie Merlin Sims.  The party was a big success and Rose was up at 11:30pm feeling well rested.  Her sleeping patterns are atrocious!
Edwin stayed up late in to the early hours of Tuesday morning stargazing with his telescope for the first time ever and gaining a logic point.  Afterwards it was most definitely time for him to go to bed!  Rose took a cab over to Sue's Secret Kitchen for her first cooking contest.  Her chef salad didn't impress the judge one bit and she drowned her sorrows at the bar before heading back home in defeat.  Once home, she spent some time cleaning up the party aftermath in the bathroom and gained a cleaning point for her efforts.  Edwin headed off to his first day of work and Rose frantically studied a cookbook in the hopes of doing better in the cooking contest next time around, gaining another cooking point.  She was exhausted afterwards and went to bed at 1:30pm.  Edwin was equally exhausted when he arrived home from work and joined her in dreamland.  Rose was up at 8:30pm and immediately called Romeo to ask him out on a date.  They met at Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum for what was to be a much less romantic date.  They spent hours tossing a football they found, which may or may not have been part of an art display.  They then sat down and chatted about life, love and the meaning of the universe.  They had an okay time, but this date certainly did not equal their last one.  Rose immediately hailed a cab to take her home before Edwin woke in the night to find her gone.  Edwin woke just as she walked through the front door, meaning she was safe from suspicion for another day.  Edwin was of course not tired and decided to stay up all night.  He made another entry in his cuisine blog and Rose took a cab over to Sue's Secret Kitchen to try the cooking contest again.  This time she baked a lovely cake and the judge decided it was worthy of first prize.  Rose enjoyed a slice of her delicious prizewinning cake before heading back home.  Edwin spent much of the evening stargazing with his telescope again and gained membership to Aspirational Laboratories.
Today I headed to Veronaville to play Kent Capp's family.

Saturday was both Kent and Regina's day off work. Andromache started her day off jumping rope in the kitchen and Regina chatted online and met townie teen Keith Cormier. He made a pretty big impression on her, so much so that she later called him for a chat. (Let this be a warning to all you teens out there - do not give out your phone number to strangers you meet on the internet!) She decided she was in the mood to throw a party, and invited - you guessed it! - Keith. He came. So creepy. Kent served up a simple breakfast of toaster pastries. After breakfast, Andromache called townie Robin Love for a chat. Regina chilled on the couch with a dvd and then browsed the web for cuisine sites. Everybody at the party had a good time, helped greatly by Regina mingling with the guests. Once the party was over, Andromache invited Robin over to get to know her better. Kent settled down with a self help book and mastered the art of anger management. Definitely handy when you're in the middle of a feud between two households. Andromache spent some of the family's simoleons on an easel and immediately practiced her painting skills. She earned her first two creativity points. Regina called Suzanne Jacquet for a chat and Kent spent the remainder of his day off studying and mastering couples counselling. Doubtless another useful skill in his family.
Kent and Regina had Sunday off as well. Regina started the morning by logging on to the internet and browsing cuisine websites. Andromache jumped rope in the morning, as is her habit. 
She also gained a body point. Regina played with her pinball machine and Andromache invited Robin over again. They finally became friends. Andromache doesn't have an easy time making friends - she only has one nice point! She's pretty, but mean. Regina turned couch potato for a while, watching a dvd followed by the news. Rollo was promoted to Rescue Pet (and I didn't unlock anything - I guess that means I've finally unlocked all there is, which sucks, I was hoping for more, more, more!) Andromache perused her parents' cookbooks and gained her first cooking point. Kent watched a dvd all by himself while Regina gave Rollo a bath. Kent decided he'd like to try his hand at gardening and self sufficiency by purchasing a garden plot. He immediately planted his first tomato crop. Regina spent much of the evening relaxing in the hot tub with townie Jill Fleig. Kent eventually managed to lure her away to the bedroom for a woohoo. 
Monday morning began with Regina taking the carpool to work. Andromache started her day as she has started every day since she became a child - by jumping rope in the kitchen. She kept at it until it was time for her to go to school and Kent to go to work. Andromache brought Marion Landgraab home from school. I couldn't imagine a better potential friend for either of them - both with one nice point! Regina convinced townie Amanda Carlson to pull weeds from the front lawn and then played a game of catch with Marion. She later invited her BFF Alec Fuchs over with infidelity on her mind. Regina is a romance sim and until now has had no desire for anyone but Kent. This all changed almost unexpectedly. I'd kind of forgotten she was a romance sim, as she never had any related wants until now. Andromache grew up well in to a teenage popularity sim, with a secondary aspiration of romance. 
Regina and Alec spent some time in the living room exchanging more than friendly embraces. They quickly developed a mutual crush. Regina was far from satisfied and flirted like mad with him and showered him with kisses until they both realized they were in love. This would have to satisfy Regina for now, as Kent was at home, even if he was outside and clueless. Regina invited townie Jihoon Jitmakusol over in the hopes of befriending him and this was easily accomplished. What was Kent doing outside all this time, you ask? Teaching Rollo to play dead. Kent politely said goodnight to the evening's guests and joined Regina in bed to try for another baby. Regina succeeded in falling pregnant. (Yay! If Andromache is anything to go by, these two have adorable children!)
Today I headed to Veronaville to play Romeo and Juliette Monty for a few simdays.

Thursday began with Romeo washing the skunk stink off poor Scout before falling in to bed exhausted at 7am. Juliette settled down to study and gained a much needed mechanical point. When he got up, Romeo continued with his townie makeover frenzy. He earned his bronze cosmetology badge and kept at it in the hopes of earning the silver badge next. At 3:36pm, Juliette gave birth to a healthy baby boy who she named Prospero after her paternal grandfather. Prospero has Juliette's eyes, but has blonde hair (which I assume he got from Juliette as many of the other Capps are blonde) and geneticized freckly skin. Hooray! First geneticized skintone baby! Juliette immediately called a nanny to organize care for Prospero during her work hours. She was also offered a subscription to the cuisine magazine, which she accepted. Juliette was in bed by 6pm exhausted from her pregnancy and the birth. Romeo continued with the townie makeovers throughout the day and later invited his latest crush, Prof. Rose Sharpe over to hang out. It was his night off work.
The early hours of Friday morning saw Romeo become engrossed in an old medical book until he felt he knew all there was to learn about physiology. Juliette baked a batch of santa cookies when she got up and Romeo cleaned the bathroom and gained a cleaning point for his efforts. Afterwards, he called townie Leo Wilkie for a chat in the hopes of getting to know him better. Juliette headed off to her first day back at work, leaving Prospero in the hands of his new nanny. She's not a great nanny, but I've seen worse. Romeo was in bed by 9am. Juliette was promoted to Record Store Clerk and gave Scout a bath after work. Seems Scout is one of those dogs that get dirty awfully fast and need a bath every day. When Romeo got up, he gave townie makeovers again. He invited Leo over in the hopes of befriending him, but didn't really get any closer to that goal. Prospero grew in to a toddler and is surprisingly cute. 
(Yes, I'm aware that Romeo's hair is bleeding through his cheek. I don't care.) Romeo managed to break the shower before heading to work. Juliette spent her evening teaching Scout to come here and then called the repairman to fix the shower the following morning.

Saturday morning began with Romeo going to bed at 7am and Juliette taking the carpool to work. When he got up, Romeo called Prof. Rose to ask her out on their very first date together. She agreed to meet him at Sugar Cube Bowling. After a friendly game of red hands, they became best friends. They spent the remainder of their date slow dancing out front, which was all Prof. Rose needed to have a good time. Romeo received a call on his cell phone offering a subscription to the music and dance magazine (darn telemarketers even calling when you're out on a date!) which he accepted before hailing a cab to take him back home before Juliette got back from work. Once he got home, he continued with the townie makeover spree. When Juliette got home from work, she spent some quality time with Prospero and taught him a nursery rhyme, as well as helping him to gain a charisma point. Romeo gave Scout his daily bath. Juliette invited her BFF and sister, Hermia Kosmokos over so they could spend some time together for the first time in what seemed like forever. Romeo headed off for another night of work and went straight to bed afterwards, exhausted from a long day of infidelity.

Today I headed to Veronaville's Academie Le Tour to play Marla Biggs for a few simdays. No pictures for Marla this time either - she didn't do anything pictureworthy today.

On Tuesday morning, Marla settled down to study and gained a badly needed mechanical point. She was pretty shaken up about being put on academic probation. She desperately wanted to do better this time around. She went off to class straight after her study session.
On Wednesday, Marla continued with her new studious streak. In the morning she fired up the computer and wrote her entire term paper in one sitting. After she'd finished, the computer immediately blew up, but at least she finished. She called the repairman to come and fix it immediately and then headed off to the day's class. When she got home, she made herself a tv dinner (aww, poor Marla - dinner for one, always!) As she was putting the tray in the trash compactor, she also managed to break the trash compactor. She's kind of a clutz, huh? She called the repairman to come out again the next morning. She then headed outside to hunt bugs and caught a gentleman beetle for her collection before going to bed.
First thing Thursday morning, Marla enjoyed a long hot bath and - you guessed it! - broke the bathtub. It was a good thing the repairman was already scheduled to come that morning. She once again wished to study and gained a much needed cleaning point before class. After class, she harvested some rather bland apples from the apple tree. She had time for a little nap before it was time for her final exam. Her sensible study habits and fear of being expelled paid off, and Marla earned herself a grade of A+ and a spot on the coveted Dean's list. Let's hope she can continue those study habits next semester!

Later, I headed to Pleasantview to play my long neglected Burb family (well, I actually stopped playing them because Lucy grew up and I didn't want her to get too old before Dustin was ready to marry her.) John works in the business career as an Executive and Jennifer works in the medical career as an Intern. The Burbs had a second daughter in my game, Kynda - a teenage fortune sim. Kynda has a part time job in the dance career as an Aerobics Instructor. The family also has a dog named Tiny, who works in the showbiz career as an Understudy. And they have a bird, unimaginatively named Cocky. Some days I just can't think of pet names. He's a cockatoo and I named him as such. Deal with it.

Saturday was John's day off work. Kynda started her day by playing with Cocky. John, who is a nature enthusiast, hunted for bugs in the yard and got chased by bees. Jennifer drove to work while the bee carnage was going on. John gained membership to Peerless Park for all his recent nature enthusiasm. Tiny got in to a fight with one of the local wolves and lost. Little dogs like Tiny should definitely not mess with wolves. To be fair, the wolf started it. Kynda settled down on the couch with some cookbooks and gained a cooking point. (She started a fire the last time I played the family, and I guess her lack of cooking prowess was still weighing on her mind.) She received a phone call offering a subscription to the cuisine magazine, which she accepted. She then headed outside to the family's chess table to practice her skills. After he was over his bee ordeal, John headed straight back outside for more bug hunting. He was more successful this time - he caught an empress butterfly for his collection. Kynda carpooled to work and Jennifer brought home a work colleague, townie Shea Johnson. Kynda was promoted to Backup Dancer and John grew up well in to an elder. He immediately called work to retire from his job. Kynda spent the evening working out on the exercise bike and gained a much needed body point, as well as gaining muscle tone. Jennifer spent some time getting to know Shea and they quickly became friends.
John stayed up late in to the early hours of Sunday morning poring over some self help books until he felt he'd mastered the art of anger management. Jennifer served up a delicious pancake breakfast and Kynda hogged the bathroom, completely unaware that John was desperately in need of the toilet. Poor little Tiny tried to cheer John up, but he just snapped at her. 
Unfortunately for John, Kynda didn't finish up in the bathroom quickly enough and John wet his pants. He was fairly humiliated, even if the only person to see it happen was the dog, who wasn't about to tell anyone. Jennifer called townie teen Alvin Futa for a chat before work. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, Kynda spent some time playing with Cocky. After a soak in the bathtub to remove any lingering scent of urine, John decided that now he was retired he'd like to see something of the world. He immediately booked a vacation to Three Lakes and being so involved in nature, he decided to stay at the Axe Wood Campgrounds and rough it a little. He left immediately.
During his vacation, John went on the nature trail tour and found a map to a secret location. However, he had no intention of ever following that map - the entire time he was on vacation he feared meeting bigfoot. He sampled all of the local cuisine choices, slept in a tent every night and discovered he was a natural at axe throwing. He indulged in some bug hunting, and though he was chased by bees at one point, he caught a margarina butterfly and a peanut butterfly for his collection. The weather was freezing the entire time, complete with heavy snow. John became very cold the first night in his tent and despite hot showers he never warmed up once for the entire vacation.

It wasn't all fun and games, however. John did his part in keeping the men's section of the campgrounds' bathroom clean and gained a cleaning point (thanks to comm skilling!) He became firm friends with fellow tourist, Jonathan Turner as well. He returned from his vacation feeling refreshed and as though no time had passed at all (darn time discrepancy on vacation!)
Upon arrival home, John indulged in a long hot bath and finally thawed out. He then went on a leisurely hike before falling in to bed exhausted and jet lagged at 2pm. Kynda once again hit the cookbooks and gained another cooking point before work. She was promoted again, to SimJazzer Instructor - the top of the teen dance career track. With her straight A+ report cards, that makes her an overachiever, and one that makes it look effortless at that. She's always chipper and non-whiny. She decided that what with her perfect grades and career success, she'd give private school a shot. She called the headmaster and invited him to dinner for the following evening. She then decided to make dinner for the family - pork chops. However, everything went horribly wrong and she started another kitchen fire. Thankfully, the family had bought a fire alarm after her last fire. so nobody was hurt. Except the pork chops. They were burnt to a crisp. 
Jennifer gave Tiny a bath in an attempt to avoid eating burnt pork chops. The fire alarm had woken John, and he made a valiant attempt to eat pork chops and compliment Kynda on her efforts. After his dinner, he and Jennifer retired to bed for a woohoo.
John started Monday morning with some birdwatching. He later decided to make some purchases - a lemon tree, a ladybug house and a juicer (in anticipation of lemon juice.... *cough* yeah, yummy....) Jennifer and Kynda headed off to work and school. John spent his alone time studying couples counselling. He later called his new vacation buddy, Jonathan to invite him to come stay with the family. He agreed and promised to arrive the next day. John spent a great deal of time chatting to Jonathan on the phone after that. It was Kynda's day off work and after school she immediately tackled her homework assignment. Afterwards, she cleaned the entire house from top to bottom and gained a cleaning point for her efforts. John was in bed exhausted by 6pm. Jennifer invited townie teen Cleve Tang over in the hopes that he and Kynda might hit it off (however, ACR made Kynda a lesbian, so that's never gonna happen!) Jennifer spent some time playing catch with townie Tori Fairchild before going to bed exhausted. Kynda gave the headmaster a tour of the house, but he was unimpressed with every room apart from the bathroom, which he loved. He was indeed so unimpressed with the family that he rejected Kynda before she'd even finished cooking his dinner. Judgemental bathroom obsessed freak!



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