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( Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:39 am)
I just received my Secret Santa gift from James Sunderland and you can go check out the amazing things I got and download them here!

Also, stay tuned... I will be posting my own gifts up here presently....

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It recently came to my attention that's domain has expired and that therefore the Wardrobe Wrangler was unavailable.  I still had the .zip file with the installer of the latest version on my computer, so I thought I would upload it and post a link here so that people can still obtain this awesome program.  If I couldn't do one-click townifying of content I'd be lost!

Download The Wardrobe Wrangler

Credits: I didn't make this.  Don't credit me.  I just wanted this to remain available to simmers and took the initiative to upload it to help everybody out. 

And I uploaded these a long time ago due to a request at Garden of Shadows, but I never posted them here so while I'm doing links to other people's stuff, I have most of the files from long-dead site  None of them require meshes, as that site was so early in Sims 2 CC that there were no meshes yet and everything is base game compatible.  It never updated again after about a month following Sims 2 release.  They were originally a Sims 1 site and I guess Sims 2 didn't really do it for them.  I uploaded these when I was still on dialup, so they're in categories because I could never have uploaded them otherwise.  Most of them aren't really up to today's standards, though their pale skintone is quite nice if you play a maxis match game.

AF Bottoms  
AF Formal  
AF Tops  
AF Underwear
AM Outfits
CF Everyday
TF Bottoms  
TF Formal  
TF Outfits  
TF PJs  
TF Tops  
TF Underwear
TM Outfits  
TM Pants  
TM Tops  
TM Underwear

Credits: Do not credit me for these.  All credits go to the creators of  I just found these files and found them on an old backup disk.  Truthfully, most of them aren't even in my game anymore.  Except the toddler and childrens outfits and a few of the teen female things.  Some of those are win.

Today I bring you a fix to a hair that I loved at first sight, but grew very angry with when I realized that it wasn't even finished properly. I'm calling it "Caschetto" as that's what RossyRose called it in all the original filenames, even if he/she didn't call it anything but a Peggy edit.

The first problem with this hair was of course that it was unbinned. Yup, my pet peeve is naturals in the custom bin. But I very soon realized this wasn't the hair's biggest problem. Now, I don't want to badmouth the creator. I really don't. But the mesh is for all ages and the only age that he/she bothered to alpha edit and recolor was the adult version. Every other age group not only had the original mesh's straight across bangs - it was all in Peggy's brown, no matter what color it was supposed to be! I couldn't stand it and I slaved over the hair and finally fixed every single age group to not only show the correct color, but the alpha edited bangs as well. No easy task when I'd never touched hair before except to bin it. 


So now this hair works for all ages and is colorbinned as well. Please note that these will not overwrite the original files, but it should be easy enough to find those if you had them. They all have the word Caschetto in them following the bodyshop number/letter scramble. I have included the mesh for convenience.


Credits: Peggy for the mesh and RossyRose for the textures and alpha edit.

Policy: For every age group except for adult, do what you like but please credit me if you put it on your sims for upload. As for the adult version, DO NOT credit me for that. All credit for the adult version belongs to RossyRose, I just binned it.

Ever since I first saw Buffybots Peggy Hair Edits I've loved them. They're truly one of my all time favorites when it comes to hair. However, I was always irritated that they were never binned. One of my CC pet peeves is finding natural hair colors in my custom hair bin. So I binned them. Plain and simple.

For those of you who never came across them before, they work for all female ages. I've also included the mesh for convenience to those who don't already have this hair. For those of you who did already have the unbinned version, just let these files overwrite the originals and voila! - binned at last!


Credits: Buffybot for making this amazing hair and Peggy for the mesh.

Policy: Please DO NOT credit me for this hair! I have absolutely no claim on it. All I did was bin it.


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