Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University to play the Freshman Household.

Ty served up a breakfast of grilled cheese sandwiches for everybody on Wednesday morning.  Jared harvested some mouthwatering tomatoes from the tomato plant and stocked the fridge with them (and later put them in a gelatin dessert - gross!)  Sam spent a good part of the morning by herself fishing at the pond in the backyard, but didn't catch a thing - not even a boot!  She gave up and planted a new crop of tomatoes instead.  Ty and Jared, who are BFFs, spent some quality time together just hanging out, during which Ty made it clear to Jared that Sam felt neglected and advised him to spend more time with his fiance lest he lose her.  Sam decided to throw a party, and pointedly did not invite Prof. Jill Bransfield (who needs competition?).  She spent the entire party in the backyard slow dancing with Jared, who had taken Ty's advice to heart and was keen to spend quality time with his girl.
They kept it up despite a hailstorm.  Aww, ain't love grand?  They only stopped to go to class.  Sam's party was a snoozer, mostly on account of Ty boring all the guests with nonstop talk about grilled cheese.  I'd be bored too.  Ty also headed off to class.  When she got home, Sam invited her friend, dormie Phoebe Perry over to hang out.  Phoebe asked if she could bring a friend along, and Sam was cool with that.  The friend turned out to be their mailman, Pao Mellon.  Sam cleaned up the party aftermath in the downstairs bathroom and gained a cleaning point for her trouble.  Jared spent some time playing with Heidi, the bird, whose cage still hadn't been cleaned.  She bit him, of course.  Sam called Tiffany Samson for a long chat in the evening and Jared finally worked out what was causing Heidi's attitude problem and cleaned her cage!  He earned a cleaning point for his efforts.
Jared began Thursday morning by playing with Heidi, who was in much better spirits and didn't bite him even once.  He then had a few drinks from the bar in the living room as a substitute to breakfast.  That's what college is all about, huh?  Ty broke the bathtub and called the repairman to come out during business hours, then spent several hours dancing in the kitchen.  Jared practiced a speech in front of the bathroom mirror and gained a much needed charisma point.  Sam wanted to throw another party and called everyone she knew to invite them.  Almost as soon as the repairman left, one of the party guests clogged the downstairs toilet.  Ty called the repairman to come back immediately.  He then served up a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches for the party guests.  Sam and Jared spent some quality time in the backyard dressed only in their pajamas, engaged in an adorable pillow fight.  It seemed things were indeed back to normal for the happy couple.
Ty had been very impressed during a dinner converation with Pao Mellon, the mailman, the previous evening.  He was keen on getting to know the guy better, so invited him over to join in the festive atmosphere of Sam's party.  Once the pillow fight was over, Jared spent some more time with Heidi.  Sam's party was a real dud due to a cow mascot showing up and starting a fight with the cheerleader.  Poor Sam, even when everybody is having fun her parties seem to go south for reasons beyond her control.  After all the guests had gone home, Ty called Pao again for a long chat.  Then the big moment had arrived and all three students rushed off to their final exam.  Jared didn't do too badly, passing with a grade of C+.  Ty didn't do so well - a lack of study had taken it's toll this semester and he was put on academic probation.  He headed straight to class immediately after his exam.  As for Sam, her preoccupation with keeping her man when her relationship was never in any danger, coupled with her desire to always party and never study, meant that she once again failed the semester.  She was expelled and had to leave campus immediately.  On the plus side, she finally gained some fashion sense and looks lovely.
Jared spent the evening playing with Heidi in an attempt to cheer himself up.  He already missed having Sam around all the time.
Ty started Friday morning by once again breaking something.  This time it was the upstairs toilet that became clogged.  Jared caught some fireflies whilst it was still dark enough outside for such a venture.  Ty called the repairman to come out during business hours.  Jared headed off to his morning class and Ty served up a big plate of grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast before inviting Pao over to spend the day with him.  After class, Jared spent some more time with Heidi.  He then decided he'd like some human contact, and invited his former art professor, Prof. Abbey Swain over.  Ty and Pao finally became friends and Ty spent some time working out on the exercise bike until it was time for class.  Jared had no trouble at all becoming friends with Prof. Abbey.  He then decided it was time to knuckle down and work towards his next exam.  He purchased an easel and practiced his painting, gaining a much needed creativity point before bed.
Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University to play the Freshman Household. It still contains just the original inhabitants, so I needn't introduce them too much. Jared is in his second semester of sophomore year majoring in art. Sam is also majoring in art, and is in her first semester of junior year. Ty is in his second semester of sophomore year studying drama. And having a romance with his drama professor, Prof. Cara Phillips, I might add. The household also has a bird named Heidi. And last of all, the big surprise - Sam and Jared fell in love (the most unlikely looking couple ever, right?) and they are engaged to be married as soon as they finish college.

On Sunday morning, Jared invited dormie Ray Bruenig over to hang out and Ty went on a huge grilled cheese pigout. Heh, I couldn't help making it his secondary aspiration. Sam threw a party and Ty spent a great deal of time at the bubble blower before class. Jared and Ray became friends and Sam went to class also. Her party was a total snoozer as she invited Ty's girlfriend, Prof. Cara Phillips - a drama professor who made many an unwelcome advance on the other guests. Ty was clueless about her carryings on, too busy blowing bubbles to know that his girlfriend is a faithless whore. Jared actually settled down to do some studying and gained a much needed mechanical point before class. When Ty got back from class, he threw his own party. He spent some time with the household's much-loved bird, Heidi. I say much-loved as all three want to play with her often, though they never ever clean her cage no matter how many times she bites them in retribution. Sam served up a spaghetti dinner for everybody and earned herself a cooking point. After dinner, she called Castor Nova for a long chat and they became friends. Ty spent his evening in front of the bathroom mirror practicing a speech and gained a charisma point, which he needed. The cops showed up to break up Ty's party, but everybody had a good time regardless.
Sam invited her new friend Castor over on Monday morning to spend the day with her. They put their heads together and decided to throw a party. Ty managed to convince Castor to do one of his assignments for him - about time somebody made those frat boys do something for them! Sam spent some time in the living area dancing and Ty served up grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Sam's party was actually not bad this time around. Jared called his new friend Ray for a chat until it was time for all three household members to go to their final exams. Ty passed with a C and Jared with a B, but Sam was put on academic probation for spending too much of her time partying and not enough studying. Ty went to class immediately after his exam, poor guy. Jared decided it was time he got to know Prof. Abbey Swain's replacement, the new college art professor, Prof. Jill Bransfield. He called to invite her over in the hopes of befriending her. And my goodness, she's lovely... 
She and Jared disagreed on just about every topic they talked about, however. Jared decided to go play with Heidi instead, but Heidi was just as disagreeable and bit him immediately. Sam invited Castor back over to spend some more time with her. When Ty got back from class, he baked some santa cookies for everyone to enjoy.
Sam invited Castor over again on Tuesday morning and Ty spent some time playing with Heidi regardless of her temperment. Jared was once again in the mood to study and gained another much needed mechanical point. Ty convinced a random dormie walkby to do an assignment for him - I love how he never wants to do them himself and just scrapes by with passable grades on other people's work. Jared invited Prof. Jill over again - he still wanted her for a friend. They didn't end up making friends, but they are getting closer. He spent a lot of time trying to be nice to her and finding that she found his friendliness too forward. Ty served up grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch again and Sam called everybody she knew to invite them to another party. Jared called Ray for a chat before it was time for him and Sam to go to class. Sam had once again invited Prof. Cara to her party and Ty spent a little time flirting with his girlfriend and finally realized he was in love with her. She was already in love with him - and everybody else she's ever met, darn drama professors! Ty spent much of the household's money on an exercise bike and rode on it until it was time for class. Sam's party was a real dud - Prof. Cara making advances again, but never when Ty was in the room. Jared spent some time playing with Heidi before sitting down to dinner with Sam, whom he'd barely spoken to for the past two days. 
He wasn't lying. He actually has negative chemistry with Prof. Jill and finds her hideous. But what girlfriend would believe it? Afterwards, Sam hid in the bathroom and cried nonstop for about an hour. Ty came across her and decided to try to cheer her up the way he would cheer himself up. 
Sam sat down to the delicious sandwich Ty had kindly made for her before bed. She did find that she no longer felt like crying afterwards. Ty is kinda sweet when it comes to Sam actually. They're not friends, but every time she's down about something he immediately has a want regarding socializing with her or making her a sandwich. Maybe it has something to do with him having good chemistry with her - he thinks she's two lightning bolts worth of hot!


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