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Now posted in "legacy style" for easier reading!
Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University to play the Freshman Household.

Ty served up a breakfast of grilled cheese sandwiches for everybody on Wednesday morning.  Jared harvested some mouthwatering tomatoes from the tomato plant and stocked the fridge with them (and later put them in a gelatin dessert - gross!)  Sam spent a good part of the morning by herself fishing at the pond in the backyard, but didn't catch a thing - not even a boot!  She gave up and planted a new crop of tomatoes instead.  Ty and Jared, who are BFFs, spent some quality time together just hanging out, during which Ty made it clear to Jared that Sam felt neglected and advised him to spend more time with his fiance lest he lose her.  Sam decided to throw a party, and pointedly did not invite Prof. Jill Bransfield (who needs competition?).  She spent the entire party in the backyard slow dancing with Jared, who had taken Ty's advice to heart and was keen to spend quality time with his girl.
They kept it up despite a hailstorm.  Aww, ain't love grand?  They only stopped to go to class.  Sam's party was a snoozer, mostly on account of Ty boring all the guests with nonstop talk about grilled cheese.  I'd be bored too.  Ty also headed off to class.  When she got home, Sam invited her friend, dormie Phoebe Perry over to hang out.  Phoebe asked if she could bring a friend along, and Sam was cool with that.  The friend turned out to be their mailman, Pao Mellon.  Sam cleaned up the party aftermath in the downstairs bathroom and gained a cleaning point for her trouble.  Jared spent some time playing with Heidi, the bird, whose cage still hadn't been cleaned.  She bit him, of course.  Sam called Tiffany Samson for a long chat in the evening and Jared finally worked out what was causing Heidi's attitude problem and cleaned her cage!  He earned a cleaning point for his efforts.
Jared began Thursday morning by playing with Heidi, who was in much better spirits and didn't bite him even once.  He then had a few drinks from the bar in the living room as a substitute to breakfast.  That's what college is all about, huh?  Ty broke the bathtub and called the repairman to come out during business hours, then spent several hours dancing in the kitchen.  Jared practiced a speech in front of the bathroom mirror and gained a much needed charisma point.  Sam wanted to throw another party and called everyone she knew to invite them.  Almost as soon as the repairman left, one of the party guests clogged the downstairs toilet.  Ty called the repairman to come back immediately.  He then served up a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches for the party guests.  Sam and Jared spent some quality time in the backyard dressed only in their pajamas, engaged in an adorable pillow fight.  It seemed things were indeed back to normal for the happy couple.
Ty had been very impressed during a dinner converation with Pao Mellon, the mailman, the previous evening.  He was keen on getting to know the guy better, so invited him over to join in the festive atmosphere of Sam's party.  Once the pillow fight was over, Jared spent some more time with Heidi.  Sam's party was a real dud due to a cow mascot showing up and starting a fight with the cheerleader.  Poor Sam, even when everybody is having fun her parties seem to go south for reasons beyond her control.  After all the guests had gone home, Ty called Pao again for a long chat.  Then the big moment had arrived and all three students rushed off to their final exam.  Jared didn't do too badly, passing with a grade of C+.  Ty didn't do so well - a lack of study had taken it's toll this semester and he was put on academic probation.  He headed straight to class immediately after his exam.  As for Sam, her preoccupation with keeping her man when her relationship was never in any danger, coupled with her desire to always party and never study, meant that she once again failed the semester.  She was expelled and had to leave campus immediately.  On the plus side, she finally gained some fashion sense and looks lovely.
Jared spent the evening playing with Heidi in an attempt to cheer himself up.  He already missed having Sam around all the time.
Ty started Friday morning by once again breaking something.  This time it was the upstairs toilet that became clogged.  Jared caught some fireflies whilst it was still dark enough outside for such a venture.  Ty called the repairman to come out during business hours.  Jared headed off to his morning class and Ty served up a big plate of grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast before inviting Pao over to spend the day with him.  After class, Jared spent some more time with Heidi.  He then decided he'd like some human contact, and invited his former art professor, Prof. Abbey Swain over.  Ty and Pao finally became friends and Ty spent some time working out on the exercise bike until it was time for class.  Jared had no trouble at all becoming friends with Prof. Abbey.  He then decided it was time to knuckle down and work towards his next exam.  He purchased an easel and practiced his painting, gaining a much needed creativity point before bed.

Today I headed to Veronaville's Academie Le Tour to play Marla Biggs for a few simdays. No pictures for Marla this time either - she didn't do anything pictureworthy today.

On Tuesday morning, Marla settled down to study and gained a badly needed mechanical point. She was pretty shaken up about being put on academic probation. She desperately wanted to do better this time around. She went off to class straight after her study session.
On Wednesday, Marla continued with her new studious streak. In the morning she fired up the computer and wrote her entire term paper in one sitting. After she'd finished, the computer immediately blew up, but at least she finished. She called the repairman to come and fix it immediately and then headed off to the day's class. When she got home, she made herself a tv dinner (aww, poor Marla - dinner for one, always!) As she was putting the tray in the trash compactor, she also managed to break the trash compactor. She's kind of a clutz, huh? She called the repairman to come out again the next morning. She then headed outside to hunt bugs and caught a gentleman beetle for her collection before going to bed.
First thing Thursday morning, Marla enjoyed a long hot bath and - you guessed it! - broke the bathtub. It was a good thing the repairman was already scheduled to come that morning. She once again wished to study and gained a much needed cleaning point before class. After class, she harvested some rather bland apples from the apple tree. She had time for a little nap before it was time for her final exam. Her sensible study habits and fear of being expelled paid off, and Marla earned herself a grade of A+ and a spot on the coveted Dean's list. Let's hope she can continue those study habits next semester!

Later, I headed to Pleasantview to play my long neglected Burb family (well, I actually stopped playing them because Lucy grew up and I didn't want her to get too old before Dustin was ready to marry her.) John works in the business career as an Executive and Jennifer works in the medical career as an Intern. The Burbs had a second daughter in my game, Kynda - a teenage fortune sim. Kynda has a part time job in the dance career as an Aerobics Instructor. The family also has a dog named Tiny, who works in the showbiz career as an Understudy. And they have a bird, unimaginatively named Cocky. Some days I just can't think of pet names. He's a cockatoo and I named him as such. Deal with it.

Saturday was John's day off work. Kynda started her day by playing with Cocky. John, who is a nature enthusiast, hunted for bugs in the yard and got chased by bees. Jennifer drove to work while the bee carnage was going on. John gained membership to Peerless Park for all his recent nature enthusiasm. Tiny got in to a fight with one of the local wolves and lost. Little dogs like Tiny should definitely not mess with wolves. To be fair, the wolf started it. Kynda settled down on the couch with some cookbooks and gained a cooking point. (She started a fire the last time I played the family, and I guess her lack of cooking prowess was still weighing on her mind.) She received a phone call offering a subscription to the cuisine magazine, which she accepted. She then headed outside to the family's chess table to practice her skills. After he was over his bee ordeal, John headed straight back outside for more bug hunting. He was more successful this time - he caught an empress butterfly for his collection. Kynda carpooled to work and Jennifer brought home a work colleague, townie Shea Johnson. Kynda was promoted to Backup Dancer and John grew up well in to an elder. He immediately called work to retire from his job. Kynda spent the evening working out on the exercise bike and gained a much needed body point, as well as gaining muscle tone. Jennifer spent some time getting to know Shea and they quickly became friends.
John stayed up late in to the early hours of Sunday morning poring over some self help books until he felt he'd mastered the art of anger management. Jennifer served up a delicious pancake breakfast and Kynda hogged the bathroom, completely unaware that John was desperately in need of the toilet. Poor little Tiny tried to cheer John up, but he just snapped at her. 
Unfortunately for John, Kynda didn't finish up in the bathroom quickly enough and John wet his pants. He was fairly humiliated, even if the only person to see it happen was the dog, who wasn't about to tell anyone. Jennifer called townie teen Alvin Futa for a chat before work. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, Kynda spent some time playing with Cocky. After a soak in the bathtub to remove any lingering scent of urine, John decided that now he was retired he'd like to see something of the world. He immediately booked a vacation to Three Lakes and being so involved in nature, he decided to stay at the Axe Wood Campgrounds and rough it a little. He left immediately.
During his vacation, John went on the nature trail tour and found a map to a secret location. However, he had no intention of ever following that map - the entire time he was on vacation he feared meeting bigfoot. He sampled all of the local cuisine choices, slept in a tent every night and discovered he was a natural at axe throwing. He indulged in some bug hunting, and though he was chased by bees at one point, he caught a margarina butterfly and a peanut butterfly for his collection. The weather was freezing the entire time, complete with heavy snow. John became very cold the first night in his tent and despite hot showers he never warmed up once for the entire vacation.

It wasn't all fun and games, however. John did his part in keeping the men's section of the campgrounds' bathroom clean and gained a cleaning point (thanks to comm skilling!) He became firm friends with fellow tourist, Jonathan Turner as well. He returned from his vacation feeling refreshed and as though no time had passed at all (darn time discrepancy on vacation!)
Upon arrival home, John indulged in a long hot bath and finally thawed out. He then went on a leisurely hike before falling in to bed exhausted and jet lagged at 2pm. Kynda once again hit the cookbooks and gained another cooking point before work. She was promoted again, to SimJazzer Instructor - the top of the teen dance career track. With her straight A+ report cards, that makes her an overachiever, and one that makes it look effortless at that. She's always chipper and non-whiny. She decided that what with her perfect grades and career success, she'd give private school a shot. She called the headmaster and invited him to dinner for the following evening. She then decided to make dinner for the family - pork chops. However, everything went horribly wrong and she started another kitchen fire. Thankfully, the family had bought a fire alarm after her last fire. so nobody was hurt. Except the pork chops. They were burnt to a crisp. 
Jennifer gave Tiny a bath in an attempt to avoid eating burnt pork chops. The fire alarm had woken John, and he made a valiant attempt to eat pork chops and compliment Kynda on her efforts. After his dinner, he and Jennifer retired to bed for a woohoo.
John started Monday morning with some birdwatching. He later decided to make some purchases - a lemon tree, a ladybug house and a juicer (in anticipation of lemon juice.... *cough* yeah, yummy....) Jennifer and Kynda headed off to work and school. John spent his alone time studying couples counselling. He later called his new vacation buddy, Jonathan to invite him to come stay with the family. He agreed and promised to arrive the next day. John spent a great deal of time chatting to Jonathan on the phone after that. It was Kynda's day off work and after school she immediately tackled her homework assignment. Afterwards, she cleaned the entire house from top to bottom and gained a cleaning point for her efforts. John was in bed exhausted by 6pm. Jennifer invited townie teen Cleve Tang over in the hopes that he and Kynda might hit it off (however, ACR made Kynda a lesbian, so that's never gonna happen!) Jennifer spent some time playing catch with townie Tori Fairchild before going to bed exhausted. Kynda gave the headmaster a tour of the house, but he was unimpressed with every room apart from the bathroom, which he loved. He was indeed so unimpressed with the family that he rejected Kynda before she'd even finished cooking his dinner. Judgemental bathroom obsessed freak!

Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University and moved Jaki Larson in to the Bright Household with Meidie and Dirk.

Sunday morning began with Dirk running off to his final exam. All his hard work earned him an A+ and a spot on the Dean's list. Jaki declared a major in psychology and Meidie spent a good deal of time dancing before heading off to her final exam. She also snagged a spot on the Dean's list. What a successful bunch of students! Jaki danced a little and then headed outside to the exercise machine to gain a much needed body point. Actually taking the time to work out showed itself in trimming off all that extra fat Jaki had accumulated before college. She then spent some time enjoying the bubble blower. Meidie smustled in the front yard then played bass, earning herself $200 in tips from college dormies. Dirk immediately settled down in front of the computer to write his entire term paper for the semester. Jaki snacked on a bag of chips (she apparently doesn't much care that she just lost all that weight) and then all three students went to class. When she got back, Jaki played bass and gained a creativity point of her own.
Jaki stayed up until 4am on Monday morning playing bass and gained another creativity point. It was most definitely time for her to go to bed after that. It didn't hurt her sleeping pattern any - she was up again at 8am completely refreshed. Meidie called her boyfriend, Clarence Philippine to ask him out on a date. They met at Fresh Rush Grocery and Meidie began the date by bad mouthing the burglar who robbed her family back when she was in high school. She just can't let it go! With that nastiness out of the way, she and Clarence indulged in some romantic slow dancing out front, followed by a heavy makeout session. They retired to the car for a woohoo in relative privacy and the date scored as a dream date. Afterwards, Meidie dragged Clarence in to the photo booth for a picture together. He must have misunderstood her intentions though, because he decided he was going to keep the photo. Meidie immediately asked him out on another date then and there. They spent the entire date slow dancing in front of the photobooth, but this was all Clarence required to have a good time. Meidie reached maximum enthusiasm in music and dance during the date - all that slow dancing counts for something, at least. After a quick game of red hands with Clarence, Meidie drove home. Once there, she called her parents, Komei and Jodie Tellerman and her uncle, Jason Larson and invited them to meet her for lunch at Red's Famous '50s Diner. They enjoyed a delicious meal of pork chops and Meidie finally became best friends with Komei during lunch. 
After lunch, Jodie and Komei snuck off to the photo booth for a woohoo. Meidie didn't stick around to watch, she was already on her way to the car to go home. Dirk wrote an assignment before inviting his dad, Darren Dreamer over to spend some quality time with him. Jaki hit the books and did some research with Dirk and their neighbour, Jared Starchild. Meidie received a coupon for a free meal in the mail and smustled in the front yard (from excitement, I presume...) Jaki invited one of her professors, Prof. Gordon Fuchs over in the hopes of getting to know him better. Dirk and Darren spent some father-son time watching the game on tv and became best friends. Meidie studied the afternoon away and gained a much needed mechanical point. Jaki and Meidie headed to class and Dirk called a few people to invite them to a party. He then went to class too. Jaki played bass once again after class in an attempt to entertain the party guests. It didn't work. Dirk's party was a total snoozer.
Dirk was up at 3am on Tuesday morning all bummed out over his bad party. He decided to write an assignment to take his mind off things. Jaki pulled an all-nighter. She played bass for the entire night and not only gained a creativity point, but earned $200 in tips. She went to bed exhausted at 7am. Dirk played some SSX3 and Meidie called Clarence to ask him out on another date. This time they met at Comandgo Emporium. She once again badmouthed the burglar before slow dancing with Clarence for several hours. They blocked the entrance to the store with their dancing and caused a pileup of townies, but they were totally oblivious. The townies got pretty rowdy - a fight even broke out! Meidie had been noticing that Clarence's feelings for her were indeed genuine and she decided to propose. He was incredibly surprised and accepted happily, being a family sim. Meidie warned him that she planned to get her college diploma and that the engagement would most likely be a lengthy one, but he was happy to wait. After an amusing pillow fight in the street, the date ended and both Meidie and Clarence had a great time. Meidie went straight home. Dirk managed to clog the upstairs toilet and called the repairman to come fix it during business hours. Meidie served up a basic breakfast of cereal and earned herself a cooking point in the process. After breakfast, Meidie and Dirk sat down to do research together. Jaki was up at 11am. Meidie spent a little time dancing and Dirk decided to make some purchases to improve the electronics situation in the household. He bought a much nicer television set and computer. Jaki did some research with one of the llama mascots and Dirk fired up the new computer to give financial counselling online to earn some extra cash. Meidie settled down to study and gained another mechanical point, which she needed. All the students went off to class and afterwards, Jaki did some more research with a college dormie named Kari Todd. She wasn't at all tired and decided to pull another all-nighter. She spent her night hours painting lovely landscapes.
Today I headed in to Pleasantview to play the Tinker family. They gave up the toymaking business long ago, though they still own a lot of toys from those earlier times. Stephen and Wanda are both elders now, but Stephen is still working in the law enforcement career in the Vice Squad. Wanda is a retired Patrol Officer. Apart from Melody who is all grown up and no longer living with them, they had two younger daughters. Stepha is a teenage popularity sim (and I notice ACR has made her bi, which is awesome in my opinion) and Daphen is a child (and poor Daphen - I actually meant to name her Daphne but made a typo and didn't notice until after I'd saved the game! haha! So she's Daphen and she'll just have to live with it!) The family also has a dog named Maxx who works in the security career as a Snooper Deterrent.

Daphen had been up all night as she grew in to a child the last time I played and was not at all tired the night before when it came time for bed. So she went to bed at 7am on Sunday morning. Good thing she didn't have school, really, but she is continuing to give me a battle over a terrible sleeping pattern. Stepha started her day by ducking downtown to buy herself a gameboy. Wanda decided that now her youngest was in school, it was time for her to get a part time job and re-enter the workforce. She scanned the newspaper and chose a job in the education career as a Playground Monitor. She called to organize a nanny for Daphen during her new work hours. She then settled down on the couch to watch a dvd. Stepha made a phone call to Sim State University to apply for scholarships and was awarded the SimCity Scholar's Grant. Stephen went to work and Stepha decided to give private school admission a try. She invited the headmaster for dinner that night and set to work cleaning the house. She gained a cleaning point for her efforts. Wanda purchased a new rug for the living room floor and then drove downtown to buy a new everyday outfit. Stepha gave Maxx a bath and then spent some time teaching him to stay. Daphen was up at 1:30pm and immediately went outside to man her lemonade stand. She only sold one cup, but she was satisfied with this. Wanda was in bed at 2:30pm (darn elders and their awful sleeping patterns!) Daphen invited Dacia Dreamer over in an attempt to get to know her better. 
When Stephen got home, he broke the bathroom sink just minutes before the headmaster was due to arrive and called the repairman to come out the following morning. (I swear I'm cursed - about 90% of the time when I've invited a headmaster to dinner, a family member breaks plumbing too late for it to be fixed before his arrival!) After greeting the headmaster, Stepha started by giving him a tour of the house (being careful not to show him the rapidly flooding bathroom) but he was pretty unimpressed. Guess all their expensive stuff wasn't enough for him. Dacia had gone home for dinner, so Daphen called her for a long chat and they finally became friends. Stepha served up the most complicated dish she knew how to make for the headmaster - hamburgers. He seemed to like them okay. Wanda was up at 7:30pm and spent some time watching a dvd with townie Nikki Zhang. She then called her BFF and daughter, Melody Tinker for a chat. She later invited her over to spend some quality time with her. Stepha sucked up to the headmaster to the point of absolute loss of dignity but it was no good, she was rejected for admission to private school. Stephen spend his evening with a fire safety pamphlet until he felt he could handle things in the event of a fire breaking out.
In the early hours of Monday morning, Maxx was promoted to Guard Pet (and I unlocked another new fur color - hooray!) Wanda stayed up very late in to the early hours with her self help books to learn the art of anger management. Stephen cleaned up the bathroom some and gained a cleaning point for his trouble. When she got up, Stepha called the private school to ask another headmaster for dinner that night. She cleaned the house yet again - it had already become pretty untidy. And though I didn't notice at the time, somebody had knocked over the trash can the previous evening, so there was also a cockroach infestation to deal with. Stephen called an exterminator immediately. Then it was time for him to go to work and the girls to go to school. Wanda watched a dvd with Melody (who hadn't actually left the night before - too busy playing chess all night so she was still there) and Stepha's relatives (we can only assume that means Melody) heard about her good grades and gave her $100. Wanda headed off for her first day at work. While at work, some big kids with a love of bullying were in the playground and Wanda threatened them with detention. Her higher-ups were furious with her and fired her on the spot. Fired on her first day! That's gotta suck! She was pretty bummed about it, too. She cancelled the nanny service in defeat. Daphen was in bed exhausted by 4pm and Stepha plowed through the day's homework. Stephen spent some time playing darts after work. When the headmaster finally arrived, Wanda told him to help himself to the santa cookies she'd baked earlier in the day. By this time, Stepha no longer cared a bit about private school - so much so that she actually drove downtown to buy herself an mp3 player instead of paying any attention to the headmaster. When she got back, she was completely over private school and called everybody she knew to invite them to a party instead (however, there was no party score system - the headmaster borked it up! I'd forgotten that can happen, as it usually doesn't happen in my game, at least...) Stephen spent the party playing chess with Tristen Phoenix and gained a much needed logic point. Stepha spent the party hanging out with Benazir Caliente in the backyard. Stephen later became friends with one of the guests, Jason Larson. Daphen was up at 10:30pm in time to pull another all-nighter. Wonderful. Obviously, the girls were rejected for private school, but they didn't care even a little bit.
Wanda was up at midnight on Tuesday and baked another batch of santa cookies for Daphen and herself to enjoy as a midnight snack. When Stephen woke, Wanda joined him in the bedroom for a woohoo. Daphen spent this time doing Monday's homework and then watching a dvd, followed by regular children's programming. Wanda gave Maxx a bath. The girls headed off to school and it was Stephen's day off work. Wanda gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen whilst poring over her cookbooks, as well as a cooking point. She immediately drove over to Sue's Secret Kitchen to enter her first cooking contest. She made her Grandma's comfort soup which impressed the judge enough to earn her first place. After a delicious bowl of her prizewinning soup, Wanda went home to bed. Stepha brought vacation townie Opal Raymond home from school with her and immediately decided that she was the most beautiful girl she'd ever met. Aww. First infatuation. Daphen brought home her first A+ report card and crawled in to bed with her mother, as she was about to pass out from exhaustion. Stepha did her homework to leave the rest of the evening free for fun. Wanda was up at 5pm and called Melody for a long talk. Having heard her rave about it, Stephen got out Wanda's self help books and studied anger management for himself. He later wanted to man the lemonade stand, and I guess his business instincts hadn't deserted him because he sold a cup to every single visitor and walkby. He went straight to bed afterwards. Wanda called townie Neil Cameron for a chat and then invited him over in the hopes of befriending him. Meanwhile, Stepha and Opal were hanging out in the bathroom and became very firm friends. Daphen was up at 9:30pm to pull yet another all-nighter. Wanda and Neil also became friends. Daphen did her homework and then headed outside to the lemonade stand to try to sell some lemonade - she didn't care when it went bad right after she started manning the stand. She even sold poor Opal a cup of the questionable beverage. 
Afterwards, she practiced her painting skills at the family's easel and gained her first creativity point.

Is anybody else having an issue whereby vacation townie teens who come home from school with a sim will not leave at the usual time? Opal has showed up at a few of my sims' homes after school lately and usually hangs out there for days on end, even if all my sims are at work/school. It's like she's been invited as a 3 day houseguest, but she wasn't. I hadn't noticed which expansion this started happening with, but it's definitely happening now...
Today I headed to Pleasantview to play the Tellerman family.

On Tuesday morning Jodie gained membership to Games Of Glory. She and Komei both headed to work. After work, Jodie managed to break the bathroom sink and though she called the repairman immediately, it was too late for him to come fix it that day. The bathroom was to flood all night. Komei went straight to bed exhausted after work. The pets, Alice and Brandy, who are always fighting, were having a relatively non-hostile day, yet after just one little snarling episode, Brandy ran away from home. Yup, the one day they didn't actually have a proper brawl. Typical. Brandy was wearing a collar, so Jodie called to report him missing and felt hopeful that he would be returned soon. She spent her evening playing darts and practicing at the chess table. She gained a much needed logic point also.
Wednesday began very early with Komei waking around 1am. He spent some time practicing chess and then settled down on the couch to study and gained a cleaning point, which he needed. It was also the one that pushed him over into maximizing the cleaning skill. He played some SSX3, updated his games blog, checked his email (he had no messages, silly Komei!) and spent a great deal of time chatting online. He then browsed the web for games websites until it was finally late enough to make phone calls. He called his daughter, Meidie Tellerman to invite her over for a visit. He then had one of his first bouts of senility and wished to man the lemonade stand in the hopes of selling some lemonade. Nobody bought any. Small wonder. I wouldn't buy lemonade from him either. 
He gave up on ever selling any lemonade when it was time for him and Jodie to go to work. Alice grew up in to an elderly kitty. Now that she felt she was free of that pesky dog, she spent much of her time staking out the fishtank. Pretty obvious what was on her mind - a shiny new internet if you get the reference! 
Komei practiced chess some more after work and Jodie brought home a work colleague, townie Gwen Haggerty. Komei played some darts before calling Meidie to invite her back over. Jodie and Gwen quickly became friends, and Komei renewed his friendship with Meidie. Her moving away to college had caused them to become distant. Komei also invited townie Jasmyn Lewis over and quickly became friends with her as well. He then called one of Jodie's best friends, townie Shea Johnson for a chat. Around bedtime, he and Jodie retired to bed together for a woohoo.
On Thursday morning, Komei invited Shea over in the hopes of becoming his friend. Jodie practiced chess and gained a much needed logic point and Komei was indeed successful in befriending Shea. Komei had a hankering to spend a great deal of money on his first ever vacation home so he called the real estate agency to make his purchase. He bought Green Thicket Manor in Takemizu Village, but had no immediate desire to go check out his new home away from home. Instead, he called the burglar who had robbed his family a while back, Jessica Ebadi, for a very long chat. He was still angry at her, but no longer hated her and wished to attempt a friendship. He and Jodie both went to work once more. When they got home, Jodie took a bath and managed to break the bathtub. Komei absolutely flipped out and lectured her as if she were a naughty child. She was none too pleased and scowled all evening. She called the repairman to come out the next day and then proceeded outside to the dartboard to imagine Komei's face as the target. She felt a little better afterwards, and called all her friends to invite them to a house party, including her new friend Gwen. Komei spent much of the evening practicing chess and later called Jessica again for another chat before bed They still hadn't progressed to being friends, but their relationship was definitely on the improve. Everybody at the party had a good time, particularly because Gwen and another townie, Trent Livingston, had a steamy woohoo in the hot tub followed by much flirting in the bathroom. Brandy is still missing in action.
Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University to play the Freshman Household. It still contains just the original inhabitants, so I needn't introduce them too much. Jared is in his second semester of sophomore year majoring in art. Sam is also majoring in art, and is in her first semester of junior year. Ty is in his second semester of sophomore year studying drama. And having a romance with his drama professor, Prof. Cara Phillips, I might add. The household also has a bird named Heidi. And last of all, the big surprise - Sam and Jared fell in love (the most unlikely looking couple ever, right?) and they are engaged to be married as soon as they finish college.

On Sunday morning, Jared invited dormie Ray Bruenig over to hang out and Ty went on a huge grilled cheese pigout. Heh, I couldn't help making it his secondary aspiration. Sam threw a party and Ty spent a great deal of time at the bubble blower before class. Jared and Ray became friends and Sam went to class also. Her party was a total snoozer as she invited Ty's girlfriend, Prof. Cara Phillips - a drama professor who made many an unwelcome advance on the other guests. Ty was clueless about her carryings on, too busy blowing bubbles to know that his girlfriend is a faithless whore. Jared actually settled down to do some studying and gained a much needed mechanical point before class. When Ty got back from class, he threw his own party. He spent some time with the household's much-loved bird, Heidi. I say much-loved as all three want to play with her often, though they never ever clean her cage no matter how many times she bites them in retribution. Sam served up a spaghetti dinner for everybody and earned herself a cooking point. After dinner, she called Castor Nova for a long chat and they became friends. Ty spent his evening in front of the bathroom mirror practicing a speech and gained a charisma point, which he needed. The cops showed up to break up Ty's party, but everybody had a good time regardless.
Sam invited her new friend Castor over on Monday morning to spend the day with her. They put their heads together and decided to throw a party. Ty managed to convince Castor to do one of his assignments for him - about time somebody made those frat boys do something for them! Sam spent some time in the living area dancing and Ty served up grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Sam's party was actually not bad this time around. Jared called his new friend Ray for a chat until it was time for all three household members to go to their final exams. Ty passed with a C and Jared with a B, but Sam was put on academic probation for spending too much of her time partying and not enough studying. Ty went to class immediately after his exam, poor guy. Jared decided it was time he got to know Prof. Abbey Swain's replacement, the new college art professor, Prof. Jill Bransfield. He called to invite her over in the hopes of befriending her. And my goodness, she's lovely... 
She and Jared disagreed on just about every topic they talked about, however. Jared decided to go play with Heidi instead, but Heidi was just as disagreeable and bit him immediately. Sam invited Castor back over to spend some more time with her. When Ty got back from class, he baked some santa cookies for everyone to enjoy.
Sam invited Castor over again on Tuesday morning and Ty spent some time playing with Heidi regardless of her temperment. Jared was once again in the mood to study and gained another much needed mechanical point. Ty convinced a random dormie walkby to do an assignment for him - I love how he never wants to do them himself and just scrapes by with passable grades on other people's work. Jared invited Prof. Jill over again - he still wanted her for a friend. They didn't end up making friends, but they are getting closer. He spent a lot of time trying to be nice to her and finding that she found his friendliness too forward. Ty served up grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch again and Sam called everybody she knew to invite them to another party. Jared called Ray for a chat before it was time for him and Sam to go to class. Sam had once again invited Prof. Cara to her party and Ty spent a little time flirting with his girlfriend and finally realized he was in love with her. She was already in love with him - and everybody else she's ever met, darn drama professors! Ty spent much of the household's money on an exercise bike and rode on it until it was time for class. Sam's party was a real dud - Prof. Cara making advances again, but never when Ty was in the room. Jared spent some time playing with Heidi before sitting down to dinner with Sam, whom he'd barely spoken to for the past two days. 
He wasn't lying. He actually has negative chemistry with Prof. Jill and finds her hideous. But what girlfriend would believe it? Afterwards, Sam hid in the bathroom and cried nonstop for about an hour. Ty came across her and decided to try to cheer her up the way he would cheer himself up. 
Sam sat down to the delicious sandwich Ty had kindly made for her before bed. She did find that she no longer felt like crying afterwards. Ty is kinda sweet when it comes to Sam actually. They're not friends, but every time she's down about something he immediately has a want regarding socializing with her or making her a sandwich. Maybe it has something to do with him having good chemistry with her - he thinks she's two lightning bolts worth of hot!
Today I went to Strangetown to play Tara Kat for a few simdays. She has so far remained single in my game and works in the medical career as a Nurse. She only kept her two older cats, Mickey and Samantha. They are expecting their second litter of kittens. No pictures for Tara this time, sorry.

Wednesday began with Tara heading off very early for work. She brought home a work colleague, townie Shea Johnson (does anybody else love it when sim townies have the name of somebody you know in real life? I grew up with a guy named Shea Johnson living three doors down from me, and the sim looks a lot like the real life guy - it's kinda surreal!) Tara and Shea quickly became friends. Tara tackled the cleaning of her nasty bathroom and gained a much needed cleaning point for her efforts. She then spent a little time completing her training of Samantha to roll over. She headed to the backyard to enjoy her bubble blower with Shea. Later, she decided her look was so 1995 as to be ridiculous (she looks like Willow from early Buffy episodes, don't you think?), and took a cab downtown to buy a new outfit. She also met one of the local vampires, Count Ronan Enriquez while she was there. After a quick chat with him, she went home to bed.
At 12:19am on Thursday morning, Samantha gave birth to two female kittens; Veruca and Tiara. It was Tara's day off, and as soon as she woke she called the pet adoption service to organize new homes for the two kittens. She spent some time dancing to her stereo and had a long session of playing Sims 3. She later invited her new friend Shea over to spent the evening hanging out with her.
Tara was up at 5am on Friday, as it was a workday. She made a phone call to Count Ronan for a long chat before her carpool arrived. After work, she brought home another work colleague, Frances J. Worthington III. Apart from thinking he was the most delicious piece of manmeat she'd ever seen, she desperately wanted to befriend him. She spent the remainder of her day ensuring that they became firm friends.

Later, I headed to Pleasantview to play the Larson family. And no pictures again, I think my sims are really unphotogenic today or something...

On Thursday morning, Kitty was still playing chess with her BFF Joe Wong, which she'd been doing all night. The game was obviously a very engrossing one and Kitty emerged the victor. Jason spent some time in front of the mirror practicing a speech and gained two charisma points. It was his day off work. Kitty was in bed exhausted by 8:30am due to her all night chess session. Jason purchased some new curtains for the bedroom and then drove over to Cold Issue Clothing to buy himself a new outfit - I guess he agreed with me that his vest and jeans ensemble was getting a little tired. Scout grew in to a healthy adult dog and Kitty was up again at 2:30pm. She spent some time playing drums before work. Jason invited his niece, Meidie Tellerman out to FM so that he could buy her a spaghetti dinner. He's always been a kind uncle to Meidie, even though they're not really friends. When he got home, he called a few people to invite them to a party. He also harvested some rather bland lemons from Kitty's lemon tree. His party was a complete disaster, with none of the guests getting along.
Kitty went on a midnight hike on Friday morning and whilst hiking she found a dapper pinstripe beetle for her bug collection. She spent some time practicing chess and stargazing with the telescope before heading out front of the house to catch fireflies. She gained membership to Peerless Park - finally! She decided that now that Scout was no longer a puppy, he'd have to earn his keep and found him a job out of the newspaper in the security career. She then went back outside to enjoy her bubble blower. Jason drove to work and Kitty gave Scout his first bath. He was very well behaved in the tub. At work, Jason aka Captain Hero, had several emergency situations on his hands and had to choose between attending to a nuclear power facility or a giant robot. He chose the power plant and it was the wrong choice. His employers were so angry that they stripped Jason of his right to be Pleasantview's favorite superhero - he was fired! Ingrates! He was extremely depressed about the whole affair, and tears were never far away. He spent some time on the couch watching a dvd with townie Clarence Philippine in an effort to forget his troubles and unemployment. Kitty taught Scout to stay before she went to work in the hopes that she'd be able to get him promoted. While at work, she purchased a new illuminated bug box for her collection, but apparently the illumination made it too warm and her rare butterflies were singed. Too bad.
Kitty started Saturday with a hike and was followed home by a skunk. She played drums awhile and Jason decided to throw a party. Kitty spent the entire party bowling and Jason's party was a bit of a snoozer. Jason gained a cooking point while baking some delicious santa cookies for his afternoon snack. Kitty headed to work and Jason threw another party. When she got home, Kitty tended to her slightly overgrown lemon tree and earned her bronze gardening talent badge. She went on another hike and saw an exotic bird. Jason's party was another snoozer. None of his friends get along. Scout was promoted to Guard Pet on his very first day of work (and I unlocked a new fur color - hooray! I actually use fur colors and markings, not like those stupid collars.. I have never, ever used an unlockable collar and find them worse than useless.) Jason spent the evening working out on his exercise machine - just because he's no longer a superhero is no reason not to stay in shape, after all.


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