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Today I headed in to Veronaville to play the Powers family.

Early Thursday morning, Virginia gained membership to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio.  This wasn't really in the forefront of her mind, however.  Having recently caught Jonah out on a date with Wendy Parker, one of his many mistresses, Virginia was feeling horribly betrayed - and rightly so!  She was in no mood for forgiveness and demanded an immediate divorce, kicking Jonah out in to the cold harsh winter morning, unemployed and homeless with no place to go.

She and Jonah instantly became bitter enemies.  Virginia didn't even stick around to see him out the door.  She tried to calm down in front of the tv with some cooking shows.  It took her mind of things somewhat and she gained a cooking point as well.  She later called her only friend, townie teen Jennifer Corsillo and arranged to meet her at Sims Gone Wired.  Once there, Virginia treated them both to a lovely afternoon tea of nectarine tartlettes, over which they discussed Jonah's many faults.  Gilbert Jacquet was showing a keen interest in Virginia, but she was far too busy listing Jonah's indiscretions to notice.

Virginia headed back home to take a quick shower before work.  As she was getting in the carpool, a random townie walkby managed to clog her toilet.  Virginia made a call to the repairman as soon as she got home from work so that the toilet would be fixed in the morning.  She then spent her time playing guitar before bed.
In the early hours of Friday morning, Jonah began a rampage of furious walkbys, stealing newspapers and kicking over the trashcan repeatedly.

When Virginia woke up, she played some more guitar and gained a creativity point.  She later convinced a random walkby, townie Clarence Philippine to clean her entire house for her.  Smug over her ability to influence the poor guy, she settled down to practice at her chess table until it was time for work.  After work, she called grocery delivery driver Ricky Garth in the hopes of getting to know him a little better.  After a long conversation they became friends.
Saturday started early, with Virginia waking up completely rested at 1:30am.  Jonah was still keeping up his trashcan kicking rampage, but Virginia just pretended not to hear him.  She spent the entire day playing guitar (completely drowning out the sounds of the trashcan being kicked over), stopping only to eat and use the bathroom, until it was time for another evening at work.  She went straight to bed exhausted when she got home.
Today I headed to Veronaville to move Jonah Powers in to his first home as an adult.

On Monday morning after decorating his first home to his taste, Jonah called his girlfriend Prof. Virginia Garth to invite her over to see the place. He'd been doing some thinking and decided that when she arrived he would propose to her. After all, he certainly didn't want any children ruining his lifestyle, and she was his only girlfriend past childbearing age. As soon as she arrived, he got down on one knee to her absolute delight. They decided to tie the knot immediately and had a private wedding in the backyard. After a quick makeover for both, they headed to the bedroom for a honeymoon woohoo. 
Later on, Jonah invited Cynthia Kim over in the hopes of getting to know her a lot better. Virginia headed to the computer to look for a job in the slacker career and found it straight away. Now she's employed and Jonah has no immediate plans to find employment. Virginia received a phone call offering a subscription to the cuisine magazine, which she accepted. Jonah and Cynthia became friends and both Virginia and Jonah settled down with the cookbooks to gain a cooking point each. Virginia made a phone call to Ricky Garth for a long chat. The welcome wagon that came to welcome Jonah and Virginia to the neighbourhood included Hermia Kosmokos, who incidentally lives right across the street. Jonah was keen to befriend Hermia and it wasn't long before they were good friends. Jonah and Virginia retired for another woohoo, after which they slept through the night.
On Tuesday morning Virginia invited Ricky Garth over and they finally became friends. Jonah settled down on the couch with a cookbook once more and gained another cooking point. Virginia managed to convince Ricky to clean her house for her while she watched the cooking channel. Later, she purchased a guitar and played it in the hopes of earning some tips. She was surprisingly awesome on guitar and earned $150 in tips before heading off for her first day of work. Jonah invited Hermia over to hang out with him for the afternoon. While at work, one of Virginia's co-workers sold her ballet tickets which turned out not to be tickets to see the ballet troupe said co-worker promised. Virginia demanded a discount but her co-worker refused. Virginia dejectedly sold off the tickets to someone else at a loss. She was promoted to Gas Station Attendant. Jonah earned himself a membership pass to Sue's Secret Kitchen and Virginia used her promotion bonus to purchase an outdoor chess table, which she and Jonah have yet to use. She invited townie teen Jennifer Corsillo over to hang out with her until bedtime.
Jonah started Wednesday morning by serving up a big pancake breakfast for his bride. Virginia invited Jennifer over again and they became friends. Seeing that Virginia was distracted with her friend, Jonah called his girlfriend Roxie Flexor to ask her out on a date. She accepted and they met at their favorite trysting place, Lucky Shack Cards and Drink. After some slow dancing in the middle of the street and an extremely heavy makeout session they ran off to their usual sofa near the bathrooms for a very naked public woohoo. Jonah gave her a lovely backrub and after another makeout session and another sofa woohoo, the date ended with the score of dream date. After a flirtatious suggestion or two, Jonah headed home. Upon arrival home, he gained membership to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio. He managed to clog the toilet and called the repairman to come out immediately. He then invited his friend Cynthia over and after some flirting out in the street they developed a mutual crush. He proceeded to make out with her quite heavily, all while his wife was inside chatting to Jennifer, oblivious. Jonah headed inside to call Celeste Benson for a long chat. Virginia headed off to work and Jonah got a call from townie Troy Go, who gave him a free sample of a television set. Jonah will most likely pass it off as a love gift on one of his many girlfriends. With Virginia at work and Cynthia inside enjoying Virginia's guitar, Jonah invited his friend Hermia over so he could make his move on her as well. They quickly developed a mutual crush. Virginia was promoted to the top of the elder slacker career track - she's now a Convenience Store Clerk. She purchased her first car with the bonus. Jonah cleaned the bathroom and earned a cleaning point for his trouble before spending the evening hanging out with Hermia. They became best friends.

I foresee that very soon Jonah will have illegitimate children all over Veronaville...

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Today I headed to Veronaville's Academie Le Tour to play the Sharpe household. Edwin Sharpe is in his second semester of junior year, majoring in Biology and Jonah Powers is in his first semester of senior year, majoring in philosophy. Both were recently put on academic probation for partying too hard and not studying at all. Jonah has a bad case of the flu due to a recent cockroach infestation. He has many girlfriends, none of whom know about each other.

On Friday morning Edwin gained a cooking point while making himself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. After breakfast, he buckled down to do two assignments, but that wasn't likely to help him pass - he needed skills. In typical Jonah fashion, Jonah served up a simple lunch of gelatin. Edwin was undeterred from his partying ways even with the threat of being expelled, and decided to call all his friends and invite them to a party. Jonah finally got over his bout of the flu and both of them headed to class. The party was a success. After class, Jonah called his girlfriend, Roxie Flexor to ask her on a date. She agreed and they met at Lucky Shack Cards and Drink. After some romantic slow dancing, they headed inside to sing a terrible duet on the karaoke machine. They thought they were pretty awesome, though. 
This was followed by a heavy makeout session, which led to an extremely public woohoo on a sofa by the bathrooms. Mrs Crumplebottom was far from pleased and told Roxie off for her public nudity (but seemed undisturbed by Jonah's nakedness... guess she thinks he's too hot to wear clothes...) Mrs Crumplebottom was about to find out that nobody in Veronaville cares what she thinks. Jonah and Roxie immediately started making out again and yet again jumped on the sofa for another woohoo. By this time, Mrs Crumpebottom was too busy drinking at the bar to react to what was happening right behind her. The date was a dream date and Jonah headed back home to take a bath. He managed to break the bathtub and called the repairman to come out the following morning.
On Saturday morning Jonah harvested some mouthwatering tomatoes from the tomato plant out back. Edwin spent the morning playing SSX3 on the computer and Jonah invited another girlfriend, Wendy Parker over. As soon as she arrived, he hustled her in to the bedroom for their first woohoo together. 
Edwin called college dormie Thomas Bar for a chat in the hopes of getting to know him better and then planted a fresh crop of tomatoes. Jonah called all his friends for a party and Edwin called Thomas Bar back to invite him over to join said party. They spent the party hanging out and quickly became friends. Both Edwin and Jonah headed to class and everybody at the party had a good time. When he got back from class, Edwin decided to throw a party of his own and settled down to play SSX3 before any of the guests could hog the computer. During the party, Jonah finally made a move on his friend, Demi Capp. They simultaneously became best friends and fell in love. Jonah wasn't about to wait for those flames to die down - he dragged her off to the bedroom for their very first woohoo together. Needless to say, Edwin's party was a smashing success.
On Sunday morning Jonah invited yet another one of his girlfriends, Prof. Virginia Garth over to spend the day with him. Edwin played yet more SSX3 when he got up and Jonah decided to call all his friends to invite them to a sports party. He harvested some very bland oranges from their orange tree as well. Edwin invited his friend Thomas over to join in the festivities and spent the entire party hanging with him. The party was a success and both boys headed to class. When he got home, Jonah called Prof. Virginia Garth to ask her out on a date. They met at Sim Center South for some very romantic moonlit slow dancing, which was all Prof. Virginia required to have a good time. Jonah headed back home immediately afterwards. Edwin spent much of the evening playing SSX3 and Jonah called his girlfriend Demi for a chat. Knowing he would soon be expelled, he invited his only college student girlfriend, Wendy over and asked her if she'd like to move in. She was thrilled and moved in right away. Wendy called the college registrar to declare a major in art. Prof. Virginia came by to leave a juniper bonsai tree for Jonah in commemoration of their date. He already had one, but he kept it to decorate his future home. Jonah and Edwin, after no studying for the entire semester, both headed off to their final exam and were of course both expelled from college. Wendy is now the sole occupant of the Sharpe household.

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