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Today I went to Strangetown to play Tara Kat for a few simdays. She has so far remained single in my game and works in the medical career as a Nurse. She only kept her two older cats, Mickey and Samantha. They are expecting their second litter of kittens. No pictures for Tara this time, sorry.

Wednesday began with Tara heading off very early for work. She brought home a work colleague, townie Shea Johnson (does anybody else love it when sim townies have the name of somebody you know in real life? I grew up with a guy named Shea Johnson living three doors down from me, and the sim looks a lot like the real life guy - it's kinda surreal!) Tara and Shea quickly became friends. Tara tackled the cleaning of her nasty bathroom and gained a much needed cleaning point for her efforts. She then spent a little time completing her training of Samantha to roll over. She headed to the backyard to enjoy her bubble blower with Shea. Later, she decided her look was so 1995 as to be ridiculous (she looks like Willow from early Buffy episodes, don't you think?), and took a cab downtown to buy a new outfit. She also met one of the local vampires, Count Ronan Enriquez while she was there. After a quick chat with him, she went home to bed.
At 12:19am on Thursday morning, Samantha gave birth to two female kittens; Veruca and Tiara. It was Tara's day off, and as soon as she woke she called the pet adoption service to organize new homes for the two kittens. She spent some time dancing to her stereo and had a long session of playing Sims 3. She later invited her new friend Shea over to spent the evening hanging out with her.
Tara was up at 5am on Friday, as it was a workday. She made a phone call to Count Ronan for a long chat before her carpool arrived. After work, she brought home another work colleague, Frances J. Worthington III. Apart from thinking he was the most delicious piece of manmeat she'd ever seen, she desperately wanted to befriend him. She spent the remainder of her day ensuring that they became firm friends.

Later, I headed to Pleasantview to play the Larson family. And no pictures again, I think my sims are really unphotogenic today or something...

On Thursday morning, Kitty was still playing chess with her BFF Joe Wong, which she'd been doing all night. The game was obviously a very engrossing one and Kitty emerged the victor. Jason spent some time in front of the mirror practicing a speech and gained two charisma points. It was his day off work. Kitty was in bed exhausted by 8:30am due to her all night chess session. Jason purchased some new curtains for the bedroom and then drove over to Cold Issue Clothing to buy himself a new outfit - I guess he agreed with me that his vest and jeans ensemble was getting a little tired. Scout grew in to a healthy adult dog and Kitty was up again at 2:30pm. She spent some time playing drums before work. Jason invited his niece, Meidie Tellerman out to FM so that he could buy her a spaghetti dinner. He's always been a kind uncle to Meidie, even though they're not really friends. When he got home, he called a few people to invite them to a party. He also harvested some rather bland lemons from Kitty's lemon tree. His party was a complete disaster, with none of the guests getting along.
Kitty went on a midnight hike on Friday morning and whilst hiking she found a dapper pinstripe beetle for her bug collection. She spent some time practicing chess and stargazing with the telescope before heading out front of the house to catch fireflies. She gained membership to Peerless Park - finally! She decided that now that Scout was no longer a puppy, he'd have to earn his keep and found him a job out of the newspaper in the security career. She then went back outside to enjoy her bubble blower. Jason drove to work and Kitty gave Scout his first bath. He was very well behaved in the tub. At work, Jason aka Captain Hero, had several emergency situations on his hands and had to choose between attending to a nuclear power facility or a giant robot. He chose the power plant and it was the wrong choice. His employers were so angry that they stripped Jason of his right to be Pleasantview's favorite superhero - he was fired! Ingrates! He was extremely depressed about the whole affair, and tears were never far away. He spent some time on the couch watching a dvd with townie Clarence Philippine in an effort to forget his troubles and unemployment. Kitty taught Scout to stay before she went to work in the hopes that she'd be able to get him promoted. While at work, she purchased a new illuminated bug box for her collection, but apparently the illumination made it too warm and her rare butterflies were singed. Too bad.
Kitty started Saturday with a hike and was followed home by a skunk. She played drums awhile and Jason decided to throw a party. Kitty spent the entire party bowling and Jason's party was a bit of a snoozer. Jason gained a cooking point while baking some delicious santa cookies for his afternoon snack. Kitty headed to work and Jason threw another party. When she got home, Kitty tended to her slightly overgrown lemon tree and earned her bronze gardening talent badge. She went on another hike and saw an exotic bird. Jason's party was another snoozer. None of his friends get along. Scout was promoted to Guard Pet on his very first day of work (and I unlocked a new fur color - hooray! I actually use fur colors and markings, not like those stupid collars.. I have never, ever used an unlockable collar and find them worse than useless.) Jason spent the evening working out on his exercise machine - just because he's no longer a superhero is no reason not to stay in shape, after all.
Today I played the Landgraab family in Veronaville.

On Saturday morning Amy quit her job and cancelled the nanny service so that she could devote her time to being a stay-at-home mom.  It's not like the family needs money, after all.  She immediately went to spend some quality time with Marion.  When Malcolm got up, he purchased a bass and started playing to gain a much needed creativity point.  Amy was in bed exhausted by her pregnancy by 10:30am.  Malcolm gave a few townie makeovers before heading to work.
On Sunday morning Malcolm was promoted to Bookie and headed straight to bed.  Amy's belly popped out and she was very heavily pregnant and awkward.  She took the weight off her feet by playing some Sims 3.  Malcolm was woken early at 3am by Marion, poor guy.  Amy went to bed at 6:30 am after passing out on her feet in the bathroom.  Malcolm headed off for his first day of work as a Bookie.  When Amy got up, she gave a few townie makeovers - she really wants that silver hairdressing badge!  When Malcolm got home he did the same until it was time for bed.
At 2:36 on Monday morning Amy gave birth to a baby girl named Virginia.  Virginia has Amy's coloring.  Malcolm was woken early again by Marion.  Amy took Marion off his hands and taught her to talk.  Afterwards, she sat down with her cookbooks to gain two cooking points.  Malcolm's worst fears were realized when he was stuck changing Virginia's first dirty diaper before work.  Amy gave a few more townie makeovers before heading to bed exhausted at midday.  Marion grew up well in to a child.  Malcolm headed straight to bed after work.  Marion bought herself a lemonade stand and Amy took pity on her poor unfortunate looking daughter and gave her a makeover.

Afterwards, Amy spent some time shooting pool before dinner.  She and Marion became best friends over dinner, but the family's sofa was destroyed by a very naughty stray dog.  With Marion tucked in to bed, Amy settled down with her cookbooks once again to gain another cooking point.  She also gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen.

Afterwards, I stuck around Veronaville to play the Flexor family.

On Thursday morning after Max headed off to his first day of work, Roxie invited townie Vyn Scott over to get to know her better.  They quickly became friends.  Max was promoted to Drill Instructor and invited his friend Cornwall Capp over to hang out after work.  At 3:29pm Roxie gave birth in the front yard to a healthy son named Roxx.  Roxx has his mother's skintone and his daddy's hair and eye color.  Roxie immediately hired a nanny to come during her work hours.  Max and Cornwall hung out all night and became best friends.
Max stayed up late in to the early hours of Friday with his cookbooks to gain a cooking skill point then went to bed for a few hours sleep before he and Roxie had to go to work.  Max was promoted to Junior Officer and brought home a work colleague, Vanessa Johnson (townie).  Roxie was also promoted, to Rookie.  She invited her friend Vyn over to hang out after work.  Max served up a delicious afternoon snack of crepes suzette for their guests.  After he'd eaten, he called all his friends to throw a party to celebrate his and his wife's promotions.  Roxie and Vyn became best friends and Max became friends with Vanessa.  Roxx grew in to a toddler.  Roxie purchased her first car, a guitar and a drum kit with all the promotion money.  The promotion party was a big success.
Roxie was woken at 2am on Saturday morning by Roxx.  She wasn't tired enough to go back to bed, so she played her new guitar and gained a creativity point.  Roxie called Vyn for a chat before heading to work.  It was Max's day off, so he spent some quality time with Roxx, leaving the nanny to act as a maid.

Max served up some chili con carne for lunch and then invited his friend Vanessa over to hang out.  Roxie was promoted to Starter.  She invited Vyn over to hang out again.  I think she likes her so much because Vyn finds Max repulsively ugly.  The nanny dropped by to steal the newspaper.

Max spent the evening teaching Roxx to walk (and whilst doing that he and Cornwall Capp were upgraded to BFF status).  Afterwards, he also taught Roxx to talk.  He really does deserve to win father of the year.

It was too hot to sleep, so I played the Larson family in Pleasantview for a few simdays.

On Monday morning Kitty invited her best friend Joe Wong over to hang out and Jason invited his friend Jane Graham over to spend some quality time before he went to work.  Kitty went to bed at 3pm exhausted, but it was her night off so all was well.  When Jason got home from work, he invited Jane to come over again to hang out until bedtime.  When Kitty got up, she played on her drum kit awhile.
In the early hours of Tuesday morning Kitty served up a late dinner and learned to make blackened catfish.  Afterwards, she went on a night hike and saw an exotic bird.  Jason was up at 3am and decided to work out on the exercise machine to gain a body point (he lost many of his skill points upon resurrection).  Kitty spent a few hours smustling in the bathroom.  Still senile.  It was Jason's day off.  Kitty finally remembered she'd bought a ballet barre and actually used it, then spent no less than three hours on the bubble blower.  Jason decided to throw a house party, but spent the entire party working out.  Kitty headed off for a night of work and the party was a total flop.  Kitty reached the halfway mark to her second LTW, having earned $50,000.  I doubt she'll make it.
Wednesday morning saw Jason practice his painting skills and gain a creativity point.  Afterwards, he worked out again and gained a body point.  When Kitty got up, she played drums then guitar.  Jason had the day off again.  Kitty served up an omelette breakfast, which only she partook of.  Jason gained maximum enthusiasm in fitness.  Kitty went hiking and was followed home by a skunk.  It was her night off, so she settled down with her self help books and learned the art of anger management.  Afterwards, she purchased a garden plot and planted her first tomato crop.  She spent some time stargazing through the telescope.  Jason was working out the entire time and maximized the body skill.  Kitty finally felt the impact of her empty nest now that she was no longer married to Jason, and she decided to fill the gap in her life by adopting a puppy named Scout and a kitten named Titania.  She also decided to purchase a pretty crabapple tree for her garden.  She invited Joe over to play chess all night.  A random townie clogged the toilet and Jason called the repairman to come the following morning.
I headed in to Strangetown today to play what's left of the original Grunt family.  General Buzz recently remarried a much younger woman, Trista (I think it was Trista Shaw, townie, it was a while ago that I played them).  Trista is heavily pregnant with their first child together and is having a hard time of it.  Buck grew in to a teenage popularity sim.  Trista works in the law enforcement career as a Lieutenant.  The family has a dog named Whiskey, who works in the showbiz career as an Extra.

On Wednesday morning Buck cleaned the bathroom and gained a cleaning point for his trouble before heading off to school.  Gen. Buzz sat down at the family's chess table to practice his skills before work.  After taking care of her rapidly falling needs, Trista called all her friends to invite them to a house party.  Buck quickly buckled down to do his homework as soon as he got home from school.  After it was done, he bought himself a microphone and performed stand up comedy for the party guests, who didn't even bother to watch.  He gained his first creativity point anyway.  Gen. Buzz gained a cleaning point re-cleaning the bathroom and then smustled with the guests.  He headed back to the chess table to practice some more and gained a logic point.  The party was a total flop.
Thursday morning started early with Trista awakening in labor.  At 3:53am she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Wanda.  Wanda has her daddy's coloring.  Trista immediately arranged a nanny to come during her work hours.  Gen. Buzz served a big grilled cheese sandwich breakfast for the family but mostly pigged out on it himself.  Buck washed a very filthy Whiskey dog and then spent the remaining time until school spending time with Whiskey, and they became friends.  It was off to school for Buck and off to her first day back at work for Trista.  The nanny she hired turned out to be a child harrasser.  Excellent.  Gen. Buzz decided to throw a house party, even though he was due to leave for work.  He figured he could trust the guests, and maybe they'd keep the nanny occupied.  Whiskey was offered a promotion to be assistant to his executive producer, but he declined and was fired as a consequence.  The party without any family present was a flop.  After school, Buck once again plowed through his homework.  When he got home, Gen. Buzz threw another party.  Trista scanned the newspaper looking for her dream job, and it was in there.  She quit her law enforcement job and accepted a position in the slacker career.  Buck was offered a subscription to the music and dance magazine and accepted.  During the party, ACR was doing it's stuff, with townies Nery Turner and Nikki Zhang woohooing in the hot tub.  There was a nasty fight in the living room between Cooper Olshfski and Jay Bruty, which Cooper won, and they became enemies.  The cops arrived to break up the party, but everybody had a surprisingly good time.
On Friday morning Trista managed to grab only and hours' sleep before it was time for work, and also managed to wake Gen. Buzz up early.  He served another grilled cheese sandwich breakfast, of which he ate five sandwiches.  He washed Whiskey, who is a quickly stinky dog.  Buck called Nery Turner to chat awhile until it was time for school.  It was Gen. Buzz's day off work, and he seriously spent the entire day eating grilled cheese sandwiches.  Disgusting.  Trista was promoted to Gas Station Attendant.  Buzz served yet more grilled cheese for lunch and ate all afternoon.  Trista threw a party to celebrate her promotion.  She was in bed exhausted by 2pm after a long day, however.  Everybody at the party had a good time.  Trista was woken by Wanda screaming for a diaper change but she was no longer tired enough to go back to bed after changing her.  She invited her new work colleague, Meredith Collins over to hang out so she could get to know her better.  Buck did his homework immediately after school again.  Gen. Buzz threw a house party and Wanda grew in to a toddler.

Trista headed to work and Gen. Buzz's party was broken up by the cops before it was even in full swing, making it another flop.  Trista was promoted again to Convenience Store Clerk.

Later on, I played the Larson family in Pleasantview.

On Friday morning Jason gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen before flying in to the air for his first day of work as Captain Hero.  Kitty baked some delicious Santa cookies for her breakfast.  Afterwards, she purchased a ballet barre and promptly forgot about it.  Senility, I'm telling you... Instead, she worked out on the family's old exercise machine to burn those cookie calories.  She managed to sneak in about an hour of sleep before it was time for work.  When Jason got home, he also worked out for a while before falling in to bed exhausted at 5pm.  His sleeping schedule's all out of whack.  He was up again well-rested at 10pm.  Kitty brought home a work colleague, Joe Wong, and showed off her awesome drumming talent for him.   Jason headed out for a midnight jog around the neighbourhood.  Joe seemed much impressed with Kitty's drumming, and afterwards they played a nice game of catch in the backyard and became friends.  He liked her so much he passed on a furniture discount to the family.
After catching some much needed sleep, Kitty starting Saturday morning with another session on the drums.  Jason worked out some (superheros need to keep in shape) and then called some friends for a house party before heading off for another day of fighting crime.  A terrible lightning storm raged all through the party and Kitty had a hankering to see just what it was like to be struck by lightning.  She jumped in rain puddles all day.  Lightning struck and started a fire on the wedding arch and also struck townie Joe Carr but it seemed that lightning was allergic to Kitty, though she kept trying until it was time for work.

What with the fire and one of the guests being struck by lightning, the party was a real dud.  Jason was totally bummed about it and went straight to bed after work.  He was up again at 9:30pm to go jogging.  Kitty brought her friend Joe Wong home with her from work again and they became best friends on arrival.
Kitty spent the early hours of Sunday morning playing drums (I'd hate to be her neighbour!)  Afterwards, she and Jason had a long game of catch in the backyard before heading to the bedroom for a woohoo, after which they both fell asleep.  Jason only had a few hours of sleep before work, however.  He threw a house party before leaving though.  That's right, leave Kitty with a house full of guests when she wakes up!  When Kitty awoke, she invited her best friend Joe Wong over to join the party, which ended up being a success all thanks to Kitty and no thanks to Jason.  Kitty invited Joe to come back over straight away so they could spend the evening together.  It was her night off.  Jason brought home his work colleague, Jane Graham and hit the exercise equipment as soon as he got home.  Kitty harvested her first lemons from her lemon tree, which were tasty.  She put some in the burger she cooked for her dinner.  At around 8pm, Jason lost his battle with old age and died in the bedroom.  He left Kitty $20,000 and the deed to his vacation home in his will, as well as leaving Jaki $9100 to see her through college.  Kitty was understandably inconsolable, and decided immediately to cash in her second genie wish.  The genie managed to resurrect Jason without incident, and Kitty was happy to have him back regardless of their marriage now being void and their friendship over.  She cashed in the double bed and bought two single beds instead, then went right back to hanging out with Joe.  Jason was thrilled to be alive again, and called all his friends to invite them to a "Back From The Dead Party."  During the party, Jason spent most of his time with Jane Graham and they became good friends.

Kitty spent much of the party bowling and using the bubble blower.  The party scored as a roof raiser - nothing like being back from the dead to give your guests a good time!
After several days of my computer being in and out of the computer shop (dead power supply, ahh!) and having the computer shop double my RAM, I was finally able to play.  I headed to Pleasantview to play the Larson family.  It consists of Jason Larson, his wife Kitty (both elders now), and their teenage daughter Jaki (a romance sim).  Jason works in the law enforcement career as Police Chief.  Kitty is at the top of the crime career as a Criminal Mastermind.

Tuesday morning saw Jason settle down on the couch with a cookbook to gain a cooking skill point.  The local gypsy matchmaker crept by the house to leave the family a genie lamp.  Jason and Kitty headed to the bedroom for a little morning woohoo before Jason had to leave for work.  Kitty got to make her first wish to the genie - she wished for beauty and from then on men flocked by the house in droves in the hopes of catching a glimpse.  Kitty headed to the backyard to chill on the bubble blower awhile, then over to the family's bar to juggle tumblers.  She spent some of the afternoon spying on the neighbours through her telescope.  Jason was promoted to Captain Hero (his LTW).  Kitty headed off to work.  Jaki gained a little weight after dinner, which is where too much enthusiasm in cuisine inevitably leads.  Jason practiced his chess skills and then spent some time bowling in his private bowling lane.  Jaki settled down to do her homework while Jason called all his friends to invite them to a house party.  After her homework was done, Jaki performed on the guitar for the party guests.  Jason decided he'd really like to visit his vacation home, so he called to book an immediate flight to Twikkii Island.
During his vacation, Jason spent some hard earned dollars on learning to give hot stone massages.  He spent a great deal of time relaxing in the hot springs.  He learned how to hula from a pretty islander girl.  He threw a party for all the locals he'd met at his vacation home and made friends with Zeeshan Sims.  The party was a success.  He also made friends with another Twikkii Islander, Tracy Royce.  He threw another party which was equally successful.  He made a booty call to his wife Kitty and she joined him in his vacation home for the remainder of his vacation.  She made friends with an Islander named Goopy Kimbrell while she was there.  Jason headed home having enjoyed his vacation immensely.
And back to Tuesday (darn time discrepancies in vacations).  Upon arriving home from his vacation (with his party still going on), Jason called Zeeshan to shoot the breeze and they became best friends.  One of the party guests broke the shower/tub and Jason called the repairman to come the next morning.  After work, Kitty decided to go on a night hike.  Jason's party was a success.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Jaki reached maximum enthusiasm in music and dance and headed to bed.  Kitty baked a batch of Santa cookies for a midnight snack and spent the rest of the wee hours having a long water balloon fight with Jason.  When Jaki awoke, she practiced on the guitar until it was time for school.  Kitty and Jason both went to bed at 8am (it was their day off anyway).  After school Jaki quickly got her homework out of the way.  When Jason awoke he spent some time bowling and threw a house party.  He called Zeeshan to invite him to come and stay as a houseguest - he agreed to book the next available flight to arrive the following day.  Jason went jogging (his hobby is fitness).  Jaki invited her friend Heather Ruben over to hang out and join the party atmosphere.  Later that evening, Jaki arranged to leave for college and headed off to Sim State University to start her life as a young adult.

Kitty decided she wanted to start growing her own food and purchased a lemon tree for the front yard.  Jason's party was a success.  Kitty spent much of the night bowling and smustling in the bathroom.
On Thursday morning Jason studied and mastered couples counselling (which may come in handy now that I have ACR installed) before he went to bed (he had the day off again).  Kitty started the morning by making a long entry in her diary.  She purchased a DJ booth to make the house even more party friendly.  Zeeshan arrived to stay with the Larsons, but he left only a sim hour after arriving (weirdo!).  Kitty and Jason headed to the bedroom for another morning woohoo.  They seemed to feel more comfortable with one another without Jaki in the house.  Jason later spent some time on his exercise equipment working out.  He decided it was time to update his kitchen counters and bought some that reminded him of his time in Twikkii Island.  Kitty headed off to work.  Jason spent the hours watching the cooking channel, bowling with Dirk Dreamer and playing with the bubble blower.  Kitty chose to order pizza at work for her co-workers, who loved it so much that one of them decided to come home with her.  Upon arriving home, she played drums for a while and then played catch with townie Roger Sartor.  Senility was starting to show in the household, with Kitty spending hours jumping rope and smustling with Jason.

At least they had fun, I guess.  They weren't at all upset about their empty nest - they seemed to thrive on it.


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