I headed back to Veronaville today to play Hermia and Nery some more.

On Tuesday morning Nery sat himself down with a book to study cleaning and maximized the cleaning skill.  He then served a big plate of grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast (did I mention I made his secondary aspiration grilled cheese..).  Hermia called her crush Richard Kauker and invited him to come over and spend time with her.  She and Nery sat down to breakfast together.  After breakfast, Hermia devoted all her time to Richard, even sneaking a few clandestine embraces whenever Nery wasn't in the room.  Hermia broke the bathroom sink and called the repairman, who came right over.  Nery spent some time studying up on cooking and gained a point before heading to work exhausted.  Hermia was exhausted too - her third trimester was taking a toll on her energy levels.  She headed to bed at 5:30pm.  Consort's ghost made an appearance and woke her prematurely at 9pm.  She was no longer tired enough to go back to bed, so she fired up her computer and played Sims 3 (at least one of us likes it).  Afterwards, she invited Richard over to spend yet more time together and they became best friends.  Consort popped out and scared Hermia - you'd think she'd be used to it by now.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning Nery arrived home from work and was promoted to Bookie.  He headed straight to bed to avoid passing out.  Hermia woke up a few minutes later and went in to labor.  At 1:33am she gave birth to a baby girl.  She named her Sycorax after her long dead grandmother.  Sycorax has Hermia's coloring.

Hermia called the nanny service to organize care for little Sycorax when she was working.  Then she headed back to bed.  It was both Hermia and Nery's day off work, so when she was up, Hermia called Richard to ask him out on their very first date.  There's no escaping it anymore - Hermia's well and truly having an affair.  Poor Nery is clueless.  Hermia arranged to meet Richard at Sim Center South, where they spent the entire date slow dancing.  It was kind of a ho-hum date, but Hermia didn't mind.  After some scintillating conversation with the park's barista and few more kisses with Richard, Hermia headed back home where she settled down on the couch to study cooking and gained 2 points.  After a few too many grilled cheese sandwiches, Nery started looking overweight.  Eating his fears over his wife's whereabouts, no doubt.  He was exhausted by midday (his sleeping patterns still weren't great) so he went to bed.  Hermia gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen and immediately headed over there to try her hand at the cooking contest.  She wowed the judge with her grandma's comfort soup and went home victorious.  Nery wasn't quite done sleeping when he was woken by Sycorax's screams for a diaper change.  Hermia kindly took care of it and let him get back to sleep.  She then washed Cymoril the dirty dog before calling Richard again to ask him on another date.  They met at Bernard's Botanical Dining and Richard declared his love for Hermia.  She was flattered and they slow danced in the moonlight awhile.  Hermia gave him a few of her famous backrubs, which led to a heavy makeout session.  Hermia realized she loved Richard back.  It was a dream date.  Hermia headed back home where she called old friend Mercutio Monty for a chat.  It'd been a while.  They became best friends.  She headed to bed after a long day around the same time Nery woke up.
Nery spent the early hours of Thursday morning in the study gaining 3 cooking points.  Richard dropped by with a gift for Hermia - the same exact television set she already owned.  Way to notice your surroundings, Richard!  Nery and Hermia both headed off to work (Nery was exhausted, but he'll learn to get out of that sleeping pattern soon) leaving the nanny in charge of Sycorax.  She's one of those helpful nannies who like to do a lot of cleaning.  Richard pulled some strings at work and got Hermia promoted to Detective.  Nery headed straight to bed again after work.  Sycorax grew in to a toddler.  Here's a couple of Sycorax pics, 'cause I'm so enamoured of her.

Pretty chestnut-red curls.  Awww.

She's got her mother's coloring, but many of her daddy's facial features including his bee-stung lips.  I'm glad she's not as sharp and angular as Hermia.  I was hoping for that!  She's one of my new favorite sims!
Today I headed to Veronaville to play Hermia Capp.  She's all grown up now and she never went to college.  When Consort died, she inherited everything, and putting up with his angry ghost is a small price to pay for wealth.  She's at Vice Squad level in the law enforcement career.  She's a family sim, as you know, but I gave her a secondary aspiration of romance.  She's a torn little sim.  She has a dog named Cymoril and a cat named Bonkers.  She has a townie named Nery Kosmokos in love with her, but he's just a crush to her.

Saturday morning Hermia sat down at her chess table to practice and gained a much needed logic point.  Then she headed off to work.  Upon getting home, she called her current crush, Nery Kosmokos to ask him out on their very first date.  He eagerly accepted and she met him at Maple Springs Pool and Spa.  They spent most of the date slow dancing out front among the autumn leaves and being stalked by a townie who found Hermia irresistible.  Hermia fell in love with Nery and they had a good time together.  Hermia headed home and after a long soak in the bathtub, she decided she really wanted to ask Nery the big question.  She invited him over and proposed.  He was over the moon!  She headed to the phone to invite some people for a wedding party.  The only family member in attendance was Hermia's uncle Cornwall, but the wedding went smoothly despite Hermia's skanky dress.

Hermia wanted to try for a baby right away, so she and Nery headed to the bedroom for Hermia's very first woohoo.  Sweet little Hermia saved herself for marriage.  She fell pregnant her very first time and both of them slept most of the wedding party away.  The guests didn't care - the party was in full swing and scored as a roof raiser.  Nery woke up around 11:30 though, which was going to prove hell for his sleeping patterns.
Nery spent the early hours of Sunday morning cleaning up the disgusting aftermath of the wedding party in the bathroom.  He gained a cleaning point for his trouble.  He headed to the computer and traded in his job in the athletic career for a start in the criminal career (his LTW).  Being a knowledge sim, he purchased himself a nice big telescope.  Then he sat down with a book to study cleaning and gained 2 points.  Hermia woke up and gave Cymoril a bath.  Nery got started making a grilled cheese sandwich breakfast but was rudely interrupted when a fight broke out between Bonkers and a stray named Grace.  Grace was the winner.

The fight over with, Nery continued to cook the breakfast and gained a cooking point.  While she waited for her breakfast, Hermia chatted online awhile, then had to make a mad dash to the bathroom after the smells of cooking woke her first wave of morning sickness.  Nery and Hermia sat down to a leisurely breakfast together and then both went to work.  Upon arriving home with work colleague Richard Kauker, Hermia had to scramble to the bathroom once again for another wave of morning sickness.  Nery was promoted to Bagman.  He was exhausted after staying up most of the night then doing a full day's work, so he went to bed before the sun was even down.  Hermia spent some time getting to know Richard and they quickly became friends.  She headed to the bathroom to clean the disgusting mess she'd left in the toilet and gained a cleaning point.  Afterwards, with poor Nery tucked up in bed, Hermia started making her move on Richard.  You can tell that guys with black hair is one of her turn-ons.  They quickly developed a mutual crush. 

Her pregnancy started showing and she headed to bed.
Monday started early with Nery awaking at midnight.  He settled down in the study to gain 3 cooking points.  He was offered membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen.  He decided to clean Bonker's stinky pet bed and gained himself a cleaning point.  When Hermia woke up she relaxed in a comfortable chair and practiced chess, gaining 2 logic points (only one of which she needed).  Nery studied too, gaining 3 cleaning points.  He was exhausted by 5pm and went to bed since it was his night off anyway.  Hermia went to bed early too after falling asleep in her spaghetti dinner.  Nery was up again at 10pm and he got to know Cymoril by giving him a bath.  Hermia got bigger and will be giving birth next time I play.  Hooray!

What did you do with Hermia Capp?


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