Today I headed to Pleasantview to move Erik Swain in to his first home as an adult.

On Monday morning, after moving in next door to the Ruben family and furnishing his home, Erik called his fiance, Prof. Abbey Walter and invited her over to check out his new place. After sitting down together to watch a dvd, they headed outside to Erik's newly purchased wedding arch to tie the knot. The only witness was the paperboy. Prof. Abbey only brought $1000 with her to the union, but that's what you get for marrying a poor college professor. She expressed a preference for redheads, and Erik dyed his hair to please her before retiring with her to the bedroom for a honeymoon woohoo. They were woken from a post coital nap by the welcome wagon, consisting of Lucy Broke, Jane Graham and Dina Goth. Erik went out to greet them all and Abbey called the pet adoption service in the hopes of adopting a puppy. She chose a female large breed puppy whom she named Andromeda. Erik opened up the newspaper and took the first job he saw advertised - a position in the military career. He also decided to purchase an arcade machine for the disused second bedroom. He then invited his old college roommate, Meidie Tellerman over to hang out in the hopes of finally befriending her. He greeted one of those random townie walkbys, Brittany Wendland, while he was waiting for Meidie to arrive. Brittany liked him so much at first sight that she passed on a furniture discount to him. Nice. When Meidie arrived, it didn't take long for him to make friends with her at long last. He then headed inside to study and gained a cleaning point, as did Abbey. Erik followed this with more study for a mechanical point. He was by now noticing the lack of music in his new home and purchased a stereo to rectify the situation. He headed to the fridge to juggle water bottles before bed.
Tuesday morning saw Erik fire up his new stereo and smustle, as has always been his morning habit. Abbey served up a delicious pancake breakfast for her new husband. Erik decided to purchase a computer before heading off to his first day in the workforce. Abbey spent her time alone in the house watching dvds and bonding with Andromeda. Erik was promoted to Elite Forces. He immediately spent his bonus money on replacing the stereo with a much more expensive model. This brought the family funds down to a mere $100 so Erik took a taxi to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio in the hopes of winning a dance contest. He lost the first one, but won the second and headed back home. Abbey became good friends with Andromeda - it's so nice to finally find a sim who doesn't ignore a puppy as soon as it's purchased! Erik invited Jane Graham over to hang out, but he didn't spent a whole lot of time with her. He and Abbey were both exhausted by 6pm and went to bed early. Abbey was up again at 11:30pm, so decided to pull an all-nighter.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Abbey served up a midnight snack of spaghetti, which only she ate. She was offered a subscription to the cuisine magazine and accepted. She spent more time with Andromeda and settled down on the couch to watch a dvd. It was Erik's day off and when he woke, Abbey joined him in bed for some morning woohoo. Erik greeted townie Goopy GilsCarbo when he walked by, and the first thing Goopy did was to break the Swain's television set. One of these days I really will lock him in a basement, I swear. Erik called the repairman to come out immediately and then smustled to the improved beats coming from his new stereo. Abbey invited Dina Goth over in the hopes of getting to know her neighbour better. Erik took a cab to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio to try to win another dance contest - he could certainly use the money at this point. He lost two contests in a row but persevered and won the third. 

He headed home immediately upon winning his cash. Abbey and Dina spent a great deal of time together and eventually became friends. 
Erik called Jane Graham for a chat in the same hope of befriending his neighbours, and later invited her over. He was still unsuccessful in becoming her friend due to his extreme sleepiness - he was in bed by 6pm once again. Abbey got a phone call offering a subscription to the games magazine, and being an old woman with no job who is left alone for much of the day, she accepted this subscription also. She used most of Erik's two dance contest winnings to purchase a car. She then called her friend Dina for a long chat before joining Erik in the land of sleep.

The Sharpe Family in Veronaville: 2 Pictures Behind The Cut! )
Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University and moved Dirk Dreamer in to the Bright Household with Meidie and Erik.

Meidie started Thursday morning by running off to sit her final exam in her pajamas. She's never been one to care whether she's dressed appropriately. She earned a grade of C for her first semester in college. Erik headed to class and Dirk declared a major in economics. Dirk immediately wanted to study, so sat down at the kitchen table to do an assignment. Meidie spent some time smustling in the bathroom before deciding to throw a sports party. Dirk declined to join the party, instead heading upstairs to the computer to write his first term paper. When Erik got back from class he smustled awhile out front. Meidie and Dirk headed to class and Erik headed off to sit his final exam ever in college. Meidie's party was a success and she immediately threw another when she got back from class. She called her professor, Prof. Sterling Nott in the guise of a friendly chat but she was really just grade grubbing. Erik graduated from college with a final grade of C+ and immediately left the household to move back to Pleasantview proper. Meidie spent some of the day's second party hanging out with her childhood nanny and BFF, Calista Despret. Dirk managed to convince poor Beau Broke to clean the house up for him. Seriously, poor Beau! During the party Lucy Hanby broke the bathtub and Kynda Burb cloged the upstairs toilet. Awesome. But the worst was yet to come. In the final minutes of the party, after both Meidie and Dirk had gone to bed, Calista decided she'd like to roast a turkey and immediately forgot about it when the party broke up. This started a terrible kitchen fire! The house had a fire alarm, so it was put out quite quickly by the fire department, but Meidie was woken by the fire alarm and was no longer able to sleep. She pulled an all-nighter as a consequence.
In the early hours of Friday morning, after freeing the burnt turkey from the oven before it started another fire, Meidie realized that everything but the sink in the upstairs bathroom was broken and called a repairman to come out during business hours to fix it. She then set to work cleaning up the aftermath of the party in the downstairs bathroom and gained a cleaning point for her trouble. She spent a little time dancing in the kitchen and then headed to the bass to practice and gained a creativity point. When Dirk woke up, he played some SSX3 before calling his BFF Dustin Broke to invite him over to spend the day with him. He also called his stepmother, Florence Dreamer for a chat in the hopes of improving their relationship a little. Meidie headed to class and Dirk invited his dad Darren Dreamer over and asked him to bring Bowie, the Dreamer family cat with him for a visit. Dirk misses that cat like crazy! He also went to class, and Meidie went to bed exhausted at 7pm after her interrupted night's sleep. When Dirk got back from class, he called his dad again and got him to bring the cat over yet again. It's really cute how much he loves that cat.
Dirk stayed up late in to the early hours of Saturday morning teaching Bowie the cat to roll over before bed. When Meidie got up, she called her new boyfriend, Clarence Philippine to ask him out on their very first date. She met him at Sims Gone Wired and they became best friends. They went upstairs for a very heavy and expensive breakfast of lobster thermidor. They spent some time dancing in the diner area afterwards to burn off the meal before settling in to a heavy makeout session. They exchanged a few caresses and fell in love. The date was a dream date and Meidie headed home immediately. She later called Clarence to invite him over to spend some more time with her. Dirk played some SSX3 and then called his little sister Dacia Dreamer for a chat - he didn't really want to talk to her, it's just that he wanted to see the cat again and she was the only Dreamer home. And she and Dirk don't have a good enough relationship for her to agree to come visit him, hence he listened to her inane childish chatter to improve it some. Meidie headed to class and Dirk finally convinced Dacia to come over with Bowie. He set to making lunch and managed to start a kitchen fire of his own. Thank goodness for fire alarms. 
He headed to class after a very burnt lunch. Meidie was back from class by this time, and was spending all her time with Clarence. She called all her friends to invite them to a sports party, which she spent alternating between hanging with Clarence and smustling with her other friends. She later decided that the time was right and retired with Clarence to the house's only empty room, the living room. There on the beat up sofa she had her very first woohoo. 
(and since when are slippers part of a person's underwear? who wears slippers under their shoes?) 
Dirk spent this time dancing in the kitchen and the party was very much a success.

Note: I agonized over whether I should put the those last two pictures under a cut (whether they were appropriate, I mean) and I decided everybody was fully clothed so what's the harm? If you disagree with me, please comment and I will change that and also keep it in mind for similar pictures in future.

Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University and moved Meidie Tellerman in to the Bright Household with Erik Swain.

On Monday morning Erik spent some time playing bass and gained a creativity point. Meidie declared a major in physics and went straight to her first class. When she got back, she called all her friends to invite them to a sports party and called townie Clarence Philippine for a chat. 
Erik called his friend Sam Thomas for chat before class and they became best friends. It was time for his final exam and thanks to all the time spent with his fiance, who just happens to be his professor, he passed with a grade of C+. Meidie invited Clarence over to join the party and spent a little time catching up on the music and culture section of the newspaper. She then spent all her time hanging out with Clarence and they became friends. The party was a complete success. As soon as it was over, Erik invited Sam over and Meidie called Clarence to ask him to come back over. She spent a little time flirting with him in the backyard and they developed a mutual crush on one another.
Erik started Tuesday with some smustling in his pajamas on the front lawn before class. Meidie was in a smustling mood as well, but she did it in the kitchen where the stereo was before also going to class. When he got home, Erik called his fiance, Prof. Abbey Walter to ask her out on a date. They met at Sugar Cube Bowling and after a very silly pillow fight in the street, they headed inside to the photo booth to get their picture taken together, with Erik actually getting to keep this one. They immediately settled down in to a heavy makeout session in front of the photobooth, then according to Prof. Abbey's preference they retired to Erik's car for a woohoo. This was followed by some in-car making out and another woohoo. The date was a dream date and Erik headed home to write his last ever term paper. Meidie spent a lot of time drinking at their bar. As soon as he'd finished his term paper Erik called his friends to invite them to a sports party. Meidie spent the party performing on the bass in the hopes of making some tips. She gained a creativity point as well as being tipped by the one person who could least afford it - Sam Thomas, who tipped her $50. Erik spent much of the party hanging out with Sam and then received his almost daily phone call from Katy Bui the Atrociously Evil Witch. They've never spoken in person apart from Erik once greeting her whilst on a date, but she calls most every day without fail and they have developed a stimulating telephone friendship. This friendship was finally upgraded to best friend status and Erik's party was a roaring success.
On Wednesday morning Erik headed to class and Meidie smustled in the bathroom before class. When she got home, she called her friends to throw another sports party and invited her new love interest, Clarence to come along and join the fun. She spent much of the party hanging out on the front porch with her BFF Beau Broke. Erik harvested some tasty lemons from the lemon tree and put them in the fridge for later meals. He called Prof. Abbey to ask her on another date and met her at Comandgo Emporium for a pillow fight and a very long slow dancing session across the street. This was evidently all Prof. Abbey needed to have a good time. He headed home to see Meidie's party end successfully. He later drove over to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio to enter a dance contest. He lost the first one, but gained a body point in the process and won his second one. He headed home feeling triumphant. Meidie invited Beau over just so that she could blame him on her gas - charming! He took the joke with good humor, though. Meidie then drove herself over to My Muse - Music & Dance studio not wanting to be outdone by Erik. She was to be sorely disappointed. She lost four dance contests in a row before the judging DJ took pity on her and let her win the fifth. She gained a body point though. 
After Meidie got home, Erik called Katy Bui the Atrociously Evil Witch and invited her over to hang out with him until bedtime.

Because it was one of those nights that are too hot too sleep, I headed to Strangetown to play the Davis family.

Al started Sunday morning by jumping rope in the kitchen and getting underfoot like a typical child. Almeric gave Leroy a bath and Rebecka updated her cuisine blog. Almeric settled down in front of the tv to watch a dvd until it was time for Rebecka and him to go to work, leaving Al in the care of his nanny. Al called Milony Loner for a long chat and later invited her over. After a game of catch in the front yard and a chat they became friends. Al's nanny was hopeless at her job and refused to make him anything to eat all day, so he had to call for a pizza delivery to avoid starving. After a few slices, he hid away in his room playing with his toy rocket ship. Milony clogged the toilet and Al called the repairman to come out the following day and fix it. He wasn't mad. When he got home, Almeric invited his BFF Holly Worthington over to hang out. Rebecka was promoted to Con Artist and Almeric decided to throw her a party to celebrate. Rebecka spent her evening teaching Leroy to speak in the hopes of getting him promoted and even though she didn't socialize with any of the guests, the party was a big success.
Rebecka had Sunday off work and started her day by updating her cuisine blog. Almeric served up a pancake breakfast and became best friends with Al during the morning meal. Rebecka headed to the easel to practice painting and gained a creativity point which she needed as well as three more that she didn't. Al settled down on the couch to watch a dvd and Almeric drove to work. Al spent some time jumping rope in the kitchen and gained a body point. Rebecka received a phone offer of a subscription to the arts and crafts magazine, which she accepted. Al found some old physiology books and spent much of the day learning all he could to master the subject. Precocious little scamp! Afterwards, he ran outside in to the spring sunshine and jumped rope to gain another body point. When Almeric got home from work, he called a bunch of his friends to invite them to a party. Rebecka gained membership to My Muse II - Art Studio for all her recent painting. Almeric invited his twin brother Aldric over to join the party and they became friends at last. Al decided to clean the bathroom and gained a cleaning point for his trouble. Everybody at the party had a good time.
Al started Monday morning by yet again jumping rope in the kitchen. Rebecka once more updated her cuisine blog, though she never cooks anymore, so I've no idea what she finds to write about. Almeric called Aldric for a chat and they became best friends. Everybody headed off to work and school, including Leroy. At lunch, Al ate some salmon regardless of the fact that he thought it smelled a bit dodgy - this was a huge mistake on his part and he was very ill in the bathroom at school. Leroy was promoted to Understudy (and I unlocked a new cat collar which I doubt I'll ever use - blue camo is so 1992!) After work, Rebecka settled down to study and gained a much needed mechanical point as well as two she didn't yet need. She's a lady who likes to keep one step ahead. Almeric threw another party after work and invited Aldric along so they could spend some more quality time together. Al grew up well in to a teenage family sim, and quite the looker, I might add. 
Almeric called townie Phil Jitmakusol to invite him over so they could get to know one another better and they became good friends. Al was too stressed to finish his homework, but the party was a success.

Today I headed to Pleasantview's Sim State University to play Erik Swain.  He's living alone in what was the Bright Household.  He's in his first semester of junior year, majoring in art.  He's engaged to one of his professors, Prof. Abbey Walter.

On Tuesday morning Erik called his fiance, Prof. Abbey Walter to ask her out on a date.  She agreed, of course.  They headed to One-Twenty-Five Cafe for a lovely meal of pork chops (yup, at 9am).  There was no need to pay, as Erik had a coupon for a free meal.  They spent the rest of the date indulging in some very romantic slow dancing to the classical music of that particular venue.  They had a great time.  Afterwards, Erik drove back home and immediately invited Prof. Abbey over to hang out some more.  His lemon tree was ready to harvest, and he stocked his fridge with tasty lemons.  Afterwards, it was time for his final exam.  He made the Dean's List - one of the perks of being engaged to your professor!  When he got home, he invited Prof. Abbey on another date to celebrate his success.  They headed to Sim Center North for some moonlit slow dancing in the picturesque park, regardless of there being no music.  They had a good time.  Afterwards, Erik headed home.  He wanted to earn some tips playing bass.  He gained a creativity point for his trouble, which he needed.  Neither of the random guests at his house noticed he was playing, however.  They were too busy enjoying his bubble blower.  He headed to bed exhausted.
Wednesday began with a smustle session in the bedroom before class.  After class, Erik smustled some more in the front yard.  Did I mention Erik's favorite hobby is music and dance?  He then headed to campus to buy himself an MP3 player.  While there, he led a group of five college townies in another smustle before heading back home.  Upon arriving home, he was offered membership at My Muse - Music & Dance Studio.  Finally.  Erik immediately drove over there to enter a dance contest.  He didn't win the first one, but he did win the second.  Back home to work off all that excited energy jumping on the couch!

After that, he went for a nice relaxing soak in his hot tub and then to his DJ booth to gain another much needed creativity point.  He also decided it was time for a new look, so he ducked over to University Way Shops for a new everyday outfit.  He came home and fell in to bed exhausted at 9pm after such a big day.
After class on Thursday, Erik spent some time taking care of his immediate needs and the needs of his poor, constantly bug-infested lemon tree.  He managed to clog up his downstairs toilet, so called the repairman, who came out straight away to fix the problem.  Erik called Prof. Abbey to ask her on another date.  They drove over to Speedy's Fast Lanes Bowling and Eats for a leisurely dinner of spaghetti, followed by a heavy makeout session.  The date was a dream date.  Erik headed straight home afterwards to the couch where he buckled down to gain a much needed cooking point.  With that stress out of the way, he had a quick water balloon fight with Sam Thomas in the backyard to cool off in the summer evening heat.  He called Prof. Abbey and invited her over so they could spend some more quality time together before it was time for him to sleep.
Friday began with Erik smustling his heart out in the front yard.  As soon as he could, he called Prof. Abbey to ask her on a date.  They headed over to Cold Issue Clothing for a little window shopping date.  A pillow fight in the street outside ensued, followed by some adorable slow dancing.  They had a good time together, as usual.  Erik headed back home.  The mailman delivered a coupon for a free meal to Erik's mailbox.  He'll eat free next time he's out on the town.  Erik tried his hand at fishing in the pond in his backyard, but he didn't catch anything.  He headed off to his final exam and got a final grade of B.  He's now in senior year.  He called Prof. Abbey for another date to celebrate.  They headed over to Fresh Rush Grocery.  They immediately slipped in to the photobooth for a picture, which Erik let Prof. Abbey keep.  They had a hilariously inappropriate pillow fight all over the grocery store, followed by some equally inappropriate dancing in the checkout area.  They headed outside for a heavy makeout session away from the prying eyes of other shoppers.  They then retired to the car for some woohoo.  A stalker watched that.  Eww.  The date was a dream date and Erik headed home to call Sam Thomas for a chat until it was time for class.  After class he headed to bed.
Saturday morning Erik tried his hand at fishing once again, but still with no luck.  He invited Sam Thomas over, as he was keen to befriend her.  They found they had a lot in common and were fast friends.  Erik then settled down on the couch to gain a much needed cooking point.  His lemon tree was once again ready for harvest, but the lemons were bland this time around.  He spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with Sam until class time.  He went to bed immediately after class.
On Sunday Erik invited Sam Thomas over once again to spend some quality time with her.  They ended up spending the whole day together improving their relationship until it was time for class.  Erik arrived home from class in time to see a backyard brawl between a cow mascot and a cheerleader.  The cheerleader won.  Erik headed to bed exhausted.

Have you played Erik Swain at all?  What's he up to in your game?

Afterwards, I headed back to Pleasantview to play Melody Tinker.  Melody recently graduated from college.  She lives alone and is as yet unemployed.  She's in love with Geoffrey Knight, a married man (though she doesn't know he's married).

Thursday saw Melody get a job in the science career (her LTW).  She called Jimmy Phoenix, her old college roommate, for a quick chat to catch up and see how he's been since college.  She then decided to throw a house party (even though she had a little over an hour until starting her first day at work).  She settled down to read the food and dining section of the newspaper until the carpool arrived.  Then it was off to her first day at work.  In her absence, the party guests actually had a good time and the party was a success.  Melody was promoted to Lab Assistant.  Upon arriving home, she called a cab and headed over to Sue's Secret Kitchen.  She slaved away to prepare lobster thermidor but the judge was unimpressed.  She went home in defeat and cooked herself a lobster thermidor dinner just to prove to herself she was a good cook, then headed to bed.
Friday morning Melody got up and jumped online to post a rant on her blog over the cooking contest fiasco.  Afterwards, she headed back to Sue's Secret Kitchen to try again.  This time she got the judge's attention with her delicious pancakes and won the contest.  She went home and threw a party to celebrate her victory.  One of the guests clogged her toilet, so she called the repairman and he came right away to fix it.  She invited Geoffrey Knight over to join in the party.  When he arrived, she whisked him away to her bedroom, where she scored her very first woohoo.

The party was a success, obviously.  She headed off to work in a great mood and was promoted yet again to Field Researcher.  She fell in to bed happy with what she considered one of the defining days of her life.
Saturday morning, Melody jumped online again to blog about her success in the cooking contest the previous day.  Then it was off to work.  After work, she threw another party.  She baked a delicious berry pie for her guests to enjoy, and after partaking of a slice herself, she wrote another blog entry about how much the guests enjoyed it.  She spent the remainder of the party getting to know her work colleague, Cherry Riley (a townie).  It was another successful party.  Afterwards, she called Cherry to chat some more and they became friends.  It was Melody's bedtime so she retired to dream of Geoffrey.

What's happened to Melody in your game?



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