Today I headed to Veronaville to play the Sharpe family for a few simdays.

On Sunday morning, Rose spent some time playing with her gameboy before inviting her new best friend and love interest, Romeo Monty over to spend some time with her.  Edwin, her poor clueless husband, served up a basic breakfast of cereal for them all to enjoy.  After breakfast, Rose suffered an attack of senility and jumped on the couch like a little girl.  Edwin did what he's done every morning since leaving college - search for a start in his dream job on the computer.  Sunday was his lucky day (finally!)  There was an entry level opening in the medical career and he eagerly snatched it up.  He had no intention of getting off the computer anytime soon and spent a good deal of time writing the first entry in his brand new cuisine blog.  He then settled down with a cookbook and gained a cooking point.  In the living room, Rose and Romeo were alone and shared some passionate embraces whilst Edwin was busy elsewhere.  They realized the extent to which their feelings had grown and declared their love for one another in whispered tones before falling in to one another's arms for a heavy makeout session.  Rose was exhausted from a long day and went to bed at 6pm.  Edwin gained maximum enthusiasm in cuisine.
Rose was awake and refreshed at 1:30am on Monday morning (darn elders!)  Edwin had the day off work, meaning the poor guy had to put off starting his dream career for another day.  It did mean he got to sleep in though.  Since he was still asleep, Rose called Romeo to ask him out on a date.  They met at One-Twenty-Five Cafe, where they enjoyed a lovely morning tea of baked alaska.  Afterwards, they hung out on the floor chatting in a very casual manner for such a classy cafe.  They progressed to hand holding, followed by a heavy makeout session in the middle of the cafe.  Both were eager to go all the way regardless of the crowds, but this was not to be.  Miss Crumplebottom told them off as soon as they attempted such a public display, and stalked them closely for the remainder of their date.  They tried going outside to get away from the old bat, but she followed immediately.  So instead of taking their relationship to the next level, they had to be content with more passionate embraces and heavy petting.
Despite their stalker, their date was a dream date.  After one last makeout session, Rose headed home.  Once there, she invited Romeo over to spend another day with her.  Edwin was still the trusting fool and served a lovely omelette breakfast.  Rose declared she wasn't hungry, but Romeo made a big show of eating it with gusto.  Rose received a coupon for a free meal in the mail, which is sure to come in handy as she and Edwin are running out of money and his job won't pay much for a while yet.  Rose and Romeo moved from being just best friends to being BFFs from all the recent time spent together.  Edwin once again perused his cookbooks and gained another cooking point, bringing his cooking skill to maximum level.  He got the urge to cut down on bills and purchased a solar panel for the roof.  Rose also hit the cookbooks and gained a cooking point of her own.  Edwin knew that this was the last day before he entered the workforce and called all his friends to invite them to a party in celebration of his first job.  Rose wanted to be the centre of attention at the party and juggled water bottles from the fridge to entertain the guests before going to bed at 5pm exhausted.  Edwin spent some time with the guests watching a dvd and then browsed the web for games websites.  He later played pinball with dormie Merlin Sims.  The party was a big success and Rose was up at 11:30pm feeling well rested.  Her sleeping patterns are atrocious!
Edwin stayed up late in to the early hours of Tuesday morning stargazing with his telescope for the first time ever and gaining a logic point.  Afterwards it was most definitely time for him to go to bed!  Rose took a cab over to Sue's Secret Kitchen for her first cooking contest.  Her chef salad didn't impress the judge one bit and she drowned her sorrows at the bar before heading back home in defeat.  Once home, she spent some time cleaning up the party aftermath in the bathroom and gained a cleaning point for her efforts.  Edwin headed off to his first day of work and Rose frantically studied a cookbook in the hopes of doing better in the cooking contest next time around, gaining another cooking point.  She was exhausted afterwards and went to bed at 1:30pm.  Edwin was equally exhausted when he arrived home from work and joined her in dreamland.  Rose was up at 8:30pm and immediately called Romeo to ask him out on a date.  They met at Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum for what was to be a much less romantic date.  They spent hours tossing a football they found, which may or may not have been part of an art display.  They then sat down and chatted about life, love and the meaning of the universe.  They had an okay time, but this date certainly did not equal their last one.  Rose immediately hailed a cab to take her home before Edwin woke in the night to find her gone.  Edwin woke just as she walked through the front door, meaning she was safe from suspicion for another day.  Edwin was of course not tired and decided to stay up all night.  He made another entry in his cuisine blog and Rose took a cab over to Sue's Secret Kitchen to try the cooking contest again.  This time she baked a lovely cake and the judge decided it was worthy of first prize.  Rose enjoyed a slice of her delicious prizewinning cake before heading back home.  Edwin spent much of the evening stargazing with his telescope again and gained membership to Aspirational Laboratories.
Today I headed to Pleasantview to move Erik Swain in to his first home as an adult.

On Monday morning, after moving in next door to the Ruben family and furnishing his home, Erik called his fiance, Prof. Abbey Walter and invited her over to check out his new place. After sitting down together to watch a dvd, they headed outside to Erik's newly purchased wedding arch to tie the knot. The only witness was the paperboy. Prof. Abbey only brought $1000 with her to the union, but that's what you get for marrying a poor college professor. She expressed a preference for redheads, and Erik dyed his hair to please her before retiring with her to the bedroom for a honeymoon woohoo. They were woken from a post coital nap by the welcome wagon, consisting of Lucy Broke, Jane Graham and Dina Goth. Erik went out to greet them all and Abbey called the pet adoption service in the hopes of adopting a puppy. She chose a female large breed puppy whom she named Andromeda. Erik opened up the newspaper and took the first job he saw advertised - a position in the military career. He also decided to purchase an arcade machine for the disused second bedroom. He then invited his old college roommate, Meidie Tellerman over to hang out in the hopes of finally befriending her. He greeted one of those random townie walkbys, Brittany Wendland, while he was waiting for Meidie to arrive. Brittany liked him so much at first sight that she passed on a furniture discount to him. Nice. When Meidie arrived, it didn't take long for him to make friends with her at long last. He then headed inside to study and gained a cleaning point, as did Abbey. Erik followed this with more study for a mechanical point. He was by now noticing the lack of music in his new home and purchased a stereo to rectify the situation. He headed to the fridge to juggle water bottles before bed.
Tuesday morning saw Erik fire up his new stereo and smustle, as has always been his morning habit. Abbey served up a delicious pancake breakfast for her new husband. Erik decided to purchase a computer before heading off to his first day in the workforce. Abbey spent her time alone in the house watching dvds and bonding with Andromeda. Erik was promoted to Elite Forces. He immediately spent his bonus money on replacing the stereo with a much more expensive model. This brought the family funds down to a mere $100 so Erik took a taxi to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio in the hopes of winning a dance contest. He lost the first one, but won the second and headed back home. Abbey became good friends with Andromeda - it's so nice to finally find a sim who doesn't ignore a puppy as soon as it's purchased! Erik invited Jane Graham over to hang out, but he didn't spent a whole lot of time with her. He and Abbey were both exhausted by 6pm and went to bed early. Abbey was up again at 11:30pm, so decided to pull an all-nighter.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Abbey served up a midnight snack of spaghetti, which only she ate. She was offered a subscription to the cuisine magazine and accepted. She spent more time with Andromeda and settled down on the couch to watch a dvd. It was Erik's day off and when he woke, Abbey joined him in bed for some morning woohoo. Erik greeted townie Goopy GilsCarbo when he walked by, and the first thing Goopy did was to break the Swain's television set. One of these days I really will lock him in a basement, I swear. Erik called the repairman to come out immediately and then smustled to the improved beats coming from his new stereo. Abbey invited Dina Goth over in the hopes of getting to know her neighbour better. Erik took a cab to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio to try to win another dance contest - he could certainly use the money at this point. He lost two contests in a row but persevered and won the third. 

He headed home immediately upon winning his cash. Abbey and Dina spent a great deal of time together and eventually became friends. 
Erik called Jane Graham for a chat in the same hope of befriending his neighbours, and later invited her over. He was still unsuccessful in becoming her friend due to his extreme sleepiness - he was in bed by 6pm once again. Abbey got a phone call offering a subscription to the games magazine, and being an old woman with no job who is left alone for much of the day, she accepted this subscription also. She used most of Erik's two dance contest winnings to purchase a car. She then called her friend Dina for a long chat before joining Erik in the land of sleep.

The Sharpe Family in Veronaville: 2 Pictures Behind The Cut! )
Today I headed to Veronaville to move Edwin Sharpe in to his first home as an adult. Oh, and since my graphics card hasn't freaked out once since I doubled my ram, I decided to turn everything up high halfway through today's gameplay for a trial run on whether it would crash. It didn't.

Edwin moved in on Monday and after furnishing his new home he invited his long time girlfriend and former college professor, Prof. Rose Kalson over on the premise of showing off his new home. When she arrived, however, he got down on one knee and asked her if she'd like to become Mrs Sharpe. She was overwhelmed and thrilled and agreed eagerly. They had a private backyard wedding witnessed only by the local paperboy. They immediately headed to the bedroom for their very first woohoo - that's right, Edwin waited until he was wedded. He's an old fashioned boy at heart. Afterwards, they sat down to lunch together to discuss their future lives together. Rose brought all her savings to the union which amounted to only $5000 with her being a poor underpaid professor. Edwin used some of the money to buy himself a much wanted telescope and then called all his friends to invite them to a housewarming party. He settled down with a cookbook to gain a cooking point and then invited college dormie Zeeshan Bradshaw over to join the party. Rose became friends with Ravi Perry, the college llama mascot during the party. She then decided to do some studying of her own and gained a cleaning point. The party was a bit of a snoozer, sadly. After it was over, Edwin called Demi Capp for a chat. The leader of the wolf pack destroyed Edwin and Rose's brand new bed, but they could afford to replace it, so it was no big deal.
On Tuesday morning Rose used Edwin's new telescope to spy on her new neighbours and gained a logic point. She then decided to purchase a chess set and sat down to practice and gain another logic point. Edwin invited Zeeshan Bradshaw over to hang out and they finally became friends. They decided to throw another party since the previous days' party was so lousy. Edwin settled down once more with his cookbooks and gained two cooking points. All through college he never cared about skilling and all of a sudden he's crazy about it. He then spent the remainder of the party slow dancing in the kitchen with Rose. Everybody at the party had a good time. Edwin chose to spend some more of their money in trading in his television set for a much bigger, more expensive model. He then called his friends to invite them to yet another party. Rose took a taxi downtown to buy herself a gameboy and Edwin studied some more to gain a cleaning point. He later slow danced with Rose out front of the house. Rose wanted to make some money and decided to freestyle for tips on the curb out front. One of the guests, Miranda Capp, really enjoyed her style and tipped her $50, no small sum for a poor college student like Miranda. Rose purchased a pinball machine and went to bed early all tired out. During the party, Demi Capp and Prof. Alvin Shahan had an awful fight on the front lawn, which Demi won. The party was a complete disaster. Edwin gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen for all his recent cooking study.
Edwin had some worrying dreams in the early hours of Wednesday morning about how he finds his sister, Roxie Flexor super hot - creepy! I swear, Veronaville is full of incestuous sister-brother relationships! Rose started the day by serving a simple breakfast of cereal for them both and then had a bout of senility, jumping on the couch before heading to the pinball machine to try it out. She later decided to juggle all the bottled water from the fridge. She spent much of the day freestyling in the kitchen in the hopes of earning some more tips. Neil Chalmers watched her for hours, and though he did plenty of awkward dancing and kept exclaiming over how sexy he found Rose, he didn't give her a single simoleon. 
Meanwhile, Edwin was at the cookbooks again and gained two more cooking points. Rose eventually gave up on ever earning anything but wolf whistles from Neil and took a taxi downtown to purchase an mp3 player before heading home to bed exhausted.

Later on, I headed to Strangetown to play the original Grunt family for a few simdays.

On Saturday morning Buck drove downtown to buy himself both an mp3 player and a gameboy. Trista went to work but it was Gen. Buzz's day off. He spent the morning teaching Wanda to walk. Buck baked a batch of Santa cookies, for which his father was extremely grateful. Gen. Buzz called everybody he knew to invite them to a party. Buck spent much of the party reciting his terrible poetry but nobody paid much attention. Gen. Buzz gave Whiskey a bath and managed to break the bathtub's plumbing in the process. He called the repairman to come out straight away. Trista was promoted to Record Store Clerk and brought home a work colleague named Sheila Patch. They spent a little time getting to know each other and became friends. Almost as soon as the repairman left, Buck clogged the family's toilet and the repairman couldn't come back until the following morning. Gen. Buzz spent some more quality time with Wanda teaching her to sing a nursery rhyme and she gained a charisma point in the process. The party was successful. Trista settled down on the couch to watch some tv before inviting Sheila back over to hang out some more. After some innocent flirting, Buck developed a crush on his friend Solveig Thomason (townie). Gen. Buzz grew up well in to an elder and called his job to retire after a long and illustrious career in the military. He called his friends again to throw himself a retirement party. Buck gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen and Gen. Buzz's party was broken up by the cops and was a failure. Trista spent the evening teaching Wanda to talk.
Buck stayed up in to the early hours of Sunday morning poring over the family's cookbooks to gain himself a cooking point before bed. Gen. Buzz was up early and was pretty bummed about his failed retirement party. He spent the wee hours smustling in the bathroom in an attempt to cheer himself up with the ridiculous. He spent some quality time with Wanda and they became best friends. He served up a breakfast of grilled cheese sandwiches for the family and Trista invited Sheila over to spend a little time with her before work. Buck called all his own friends to invite them to a party and Gen. Buzz gave Whiskey another bath. Buck got the urge to learn to make grilled cheese sandwiches himself and served up a big plate of them for lunch. The party was a total snoozer, however. Trista was promoted again to Party D.J. She invited Sheila over and spent some time dancing in the living room. Buck was completely unsatisfied with his earlier party and made a few calls to throw another. He used some of Trista's promotion bonus to upgrade the family's stove. Gen. Buzz made a pig of himself by eating six grilled cheese sandwiches in a row. Buck started his party off by reciting his bad poetry again and nobody paid the slightest attention, but he gained a creativity point. Wanda gained a mechanical point from playing with her blocks and later finally got potty trained by Trista. Gen. Buzz served up - you guessed it! - grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and everybody at the party had a good time. Trista headed off for her first night of work as a Party D.J.
Trista went straight to bed after work on Monday morning. Gen. Buzz cleaned Whiskey's filthy food dish and gained himself a cleaning point for his trouble. He served grilled cheese for breakfast and Buck went off to school. Gen. Buzz called townie Calista Fuchs for a chat and later invited her over in the hopes of befriending her. This was easily achieved. He called his other friends to invite them to yet another party. When Trista got up, she spent some time with the how-to books and learned the basics of couples counselling. Buck did his homework as soon as he got home from school. Buzz relaxed awhile in the hot tub and Trista invited Sheila over to join the party. Ryan Wheeler clogged the toilet and Buck called the repairman to come fix it the following day. ACR kicked in and Trista lured Gen. Buzz in to the bedroom to try for another baby, but didn't fall pregnant. She washed Whiskey the constantly filthy dog and became best friends with Trista. She then called her friend Elise Almassizadeh to invite her to join the party too - they hadn't seen one another in quite some time. She spent some quality time with Wanda and they became best friends. 
Buck invited Solveig over to join in the fun and Wanda grew up well in to a child. Trista and Elise spent some time catching up and became best friends. Trista immediately called another of her friends, Cooper Olshfski to invite him over and they became best friends as well. Everybody at the party had a wonderful time. Afterwards, Gen. Buzz called Ryan Wheeler to invite him back over. When he arrived, they spent some time getting to know one another better and became friends. Wanda spent several hours chatting to Buck and they finally became friends as well. Trista headed off to another night of work after a very satisfying day for a popularity sim.
Today I headed to Veronaville's Academie Le Tour to play the Sharpe household. Edwin Sharpe is in his second semester of junior year, majoring in Biology and Jonah Powers is in his first semester of senior year, majoring in philosophy. Both were recently put on academic probation for partying too hard and not studying at all. Jonah has a bad case of the flu due to a recent cockroach infestation. He has many girlfriends, none of whom know about each other.

On Friday morning Edwin gained a cooking point while making himself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. After breakfast, he buckled down to do two assignments, but that wasn't likely to help him pass - he needed skills. In typical Jonah fashion, Jonah served up a simple lunch of gelatin. Edwin was undeterred from his partying ways even with the threat of being expelled, and decided to call all his friends and invite them to a party. Jonah finally got over his bout of the flu and both of them headed to class. The party was a success. After class, Jonah called his girlfriend, Roxie Flexor to ask her on a date. She agreed and they met at Lucky Shack Cards and Drink. After some romantic slow dancing, they headed inside to sing a terrible duet on the karaoke machine. They thought they were pretty awesome, though. 
This was followed by a heavy makeout session, which led to an extremely public woohoo on a sofa by the bathrooms. Mrs Crumplebottom was far from pleased and told Roxie off for her public nudity (but seemed undisturbed by Jonah's nakedness... guess she thinks he's too hot to wear clothes...) Mrs Crumplebottom was about to find out that nobody in Veronaville cares what she thinks. Jonah and Roxie immediately started making out again and yet again jumped on the sofa for another woohoo. By this time, Mrs Crumpebottom was too busy drinking at the bar to react to what was happening right behind her. The date was a dream date and Jonah headed back home to take a bath. He managed to break the bathtub and called the repairman to come out the following morning.
On Saturday morning Jonah harvested some mouthwatering tomatoes from the tomato plant out back. Edwin spent the morning playing SSX3 on the computer and Jonah invited another girlfriend, Wendy Parker over. As soon as she arrived, he hustled her in to the bedroom for their first woohoo together. 
Edwin called college dormie Thomas Bar for a chat in the hopes of getting to know him better and then planted a fresh crop of tomatoes. Jonah called all his friends for a party and Edwin called Thomas Bar back to invite him over to join said party. They spent the party hanging out and quickly became friends. Both Edwin and Jonah headed to class and everybody at the party had a good time. When he got back from class, Edwin decided to throw a party of his own and settled down to play SSX3 before any of the guests could hog the computer. During the party, Jonah finally made a move on his friend, Demi Capp. They simultaneously became best friends and fell in love. Jonah wasn't about to wait for those flames to die down - he dragged her off to the bedroom for their very first woohoo together. Needless to say, Edwin's party was a smashing success.
On Sunday morning Jonah invited yet another one of his girlfriends, Prof. Virginia Garth over to spend the day with him. Edwin played yet more SSX3 when he got up and Jonah decided to call all his friends to invite them to a sports party. He harvested some very bland oranges from their orange tree as well. Edwin invited his friend Thomas over to join in the festivities and spent the entire party hanging with him. The party was a success and both boys headed to class. When he got home, Jonah called Prof. Virginia Garth to ask her out on a date. They met at Sim Center South for some very romantic moonlit slow dancing, which was all Prof. Virginia required to have a good time. Jonah headed back home immediately afterwards. Edwin spent much of the evening playing SSX3 and Jonah called his girlfriend Demi for a chat. Knowing he would soon be expelled, he invited his only college student girlfriend, Wendy over and asked her if she'd like to move in. She was thrilled and moved in right away. Wendy called the college registrar to declare a major in art. Prof. Virginia came by to leave a juniper bonsai tree for Jonah in commemoration of their date. He already had one, but he kept it to decorate his future home. Jonah and Edwin, after no studying for the entire semester, both headed off to their final exam and were of course both expelled from college. Wendy is now the sole occupant of the Sharpe household.

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