So I've decided this doesn't really need to be a sticky anymore.  However, since LJ has been having strange issues with newly created sticky posts messing up your posts appearing on friends' lists, I'm just copypasting my mod post to here and keeping my sticky post intact, since it's not broken in the way new stickies are, so that I can have a master list/index post as a sticky.  Sadly, this means I'll no longer have all your nice comments, but such is life.

Most Recent Edit - December 23rd 2010: I have added a bunch of new names - 13 male, 66 female, 48 last - 127 new names in total!  I have also completely redone the mod, running my name lists through a list randomizer and typing all the code out again. Somebody once said name mods always start from the same point in the list (no idea if that's for real), but I've decided to do this once a year so that your names are as random as possible forever.  Feel free to redownload and let the file overwrite the old one.  Happy simming!

In case you're wondering about all the blank days on my LJ this month, this is what I've been doing with my time!  I've been working on my own default replacement townie name mod - and it's one of the biggest ever posted!  This is my Christmas gift to the entire simming community and I hope that you'll all enjoy it.


Edit January 7th 2010: By request, I have created a new version of my townie name replacement mod.  This is for those of you with pets installed who liked my townie names but couldn't bear to go back to default maxis stray pet names.  My townie names are exactly as they are in the regular mod, but I have blended in Jordi's pet names (somewhat shamelessly).  I added about five pet names of my own as the names of my real life pet companions, past and present, were sorely missing.  All credit for the pet names should and must go to Jordi.  I only blended his pet name mod in to my own townie name mod.  My own townie names though - credit is still to me and my policy still applies.  Download the version below if you want the pet names too.


Install Live.package in your My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads folder

Credits: Thanks to Jordi for creating the original mod and giving tips on how to make/edit your own, as well as giving people permission to do what they wished with the mod so long as they gave credit. 
Thanks to SimPE for giving me the tools to make and edit my own mod. 
Thanks to my partner, Andy, for randomly yelling out every name he thought of while I worked on this.  I'm sure there are many obvious names I would have missed without his support.

Policy: Edit it to your hearts' content, but DO NOT upload my unedited file elsewhere or claim it as your own.

There are two versions in the .rar file

English Versions will only effect the two English versions of the game.

All Languages
will effect all languages listed below:

Canadian French

Read here for all info, comparisons, FAQs, etc... )


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