So I decided that in order to get used to my new default replacements, I'd have to ease myself in by playing some sims that I'm not so attached to as Dustin and Lucy Broke. And it worked. I'm much more familiar with the skintones now. Today I headed to Veronaville's Academie Le Tour and merged the "Students Household" (Emily Lee and Tom Freshe), whom I've never played, into the Sharpe Household with Wendy Parker. Tom is majoring in economics and will continue to. No pictures for this household's entry, sorry.

First thing Monday morning, Emily changed her major from history to biology. Tom settled down on the old sofa with a cookbook to gain a much needed cooking point. Emily did the same. Afterwards, Emily plowed through her first assignment. Tom was less keen to study - he spent some time playing Sims 3 on the computer instead. Wendy cleaned the bathroom and earned a cleaning point in the process, which she needed. It was then time for them all to go to class. When Wendy got back, she purchased a makeover station and gave her very first makeover to a poor college dormie - the results were disastrous and he didn't stick around for her to fix her mistakes, so there's a college dormie lurking around campus with failed clownish makeup. Sexy.
On Tuesday morning Tom was once again in the mood to study, and gained a cleaning point that he needed. It was up to Emily to make breakfast for everybody, and she did very well in making her first ever successful toaster pastries. Wendy called her boyfriend, Jonah Powers to ask him out on a date. They met at P.U.R.E for some slow dancing. The date went okay and Wendy took a taxi home immediately afterwards. Emily settled down to study and gained a much needed mechanical point. Tom later gave his first ever makeover to Emily and it turned out beautifully. Wendy made a phone call to her college professor, Prof. Griff Kody for a long chat before class. Tom managed to break the computer while trying to write a term paper (which he was never to complete) and called the repairman to come out straight away. Emily churned out another assignment before both she and Tom had to go to class. When Wendy got back, she called Jonah again to ask him on another date. This time they met at Lost In Love Hedge Maze and once more indulged in some slow dancing in the moonlight. However, the date turned incredibly sour when Jonah's wife, Prof. Virginia Powers, caught them dancing far too closely. Jonah's cheating ways had been discovered by his wife, and she was to stalk Wendy's home from then on. Wendy was a little confused over seeing this strange woman whom she'd never met so angry at Jonah, and decided it would be best to end the date early. In spite of everything, the date scored okay. Wendy went straight home and invited Prof. Griff over to hang out in the hopes of making him her friend - it didn't take much, they were made to be friends. When Emily got back from class she spent some more time studying and gained two mechanical points. Wendy served up a huge platter of grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and Jonah dropped by to leave Wendy a gift to commemorate their date (yeah, 'cause the date where your wife catches you cheating is the one you want to remember) - a remote controlled car. Romantic!
All through the night, Prof. Virginia staged a rampage of furious walkbys, stealing newspapers, kicking over the trashcan and causing a lovely cockroach infestation on the front lawn. When Wendy woke, she called her new friend Prof. Griff and asked him if he'd like to come over and spend the day with her. He agreed. Tom actually settled down to do an assignment and Emily pored over some cookbooks to gain a cooking point. She also harvested some tasty oranges from the orange tree. Wendy went to class and Tom decided he'd now met enough random college students and professors to call them all and invite them to a party. He spent some time playing video games before he and Emily went to class. Wendy called Jonah upon arrival home and asked him if he'd like to join her on a field trip to Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum so she could get extra credit. Of course, any excuse for a date! The date began innocently enough with some sweet hand holding and a backrub from Wendy. Things went downhill quite quickly when a game of punch you, punch me got a little too violent on Jonah's part. Wendy tried to engage Jonah in some conversation, but they couldn't seem to agree on anything. So they went back to what they're best at - slow dancing. This was followed by increasingly intense caressing and a heavy makeout session in the street. Wendy and Jonah retired to a park bench for a very public and very nude woohoo. The date scored as a dream date and Wendy went home without having set foot inside the art museum. As soon as she got home, she called Jonah again and asked him to come over and join the party atmosphere at her house. As soon as he arrived, she spirited him away to the bedroom for a much more private woohoo, followed by a post coital nap. Tom gave a couple of dormie makeovers and his first party was a big success. And now for some back story - but it's on topic, I swear. Long ago, when Jonah still lived in the Sharpe Household, he had a terrible rivalry with a Prof. Zion Barrett over one of his girlfriends. Jonah was so filled with vengeance and hatred after seeing Prof. Zion hit on his then girlfriend (whom he also hated after seeing her flirt with Prof. Zion) that in a fit of rage, Jonah locked Prof. Zion in the spare bedroom until he slowly starved to death. And here's where it gets on topic - Wednesday night was the first time Prof. Zion's ghost has ever shown itself. Now where was I? Ahh, yes, Wendy's nap was interrupted when the time came for her final exam. She earned herself a grade of B. When she got back from the exam, Tom gave her a makeover. And later that night, Wendy was to bear the brunt of the ghost of Prof. Zion's wrath. He scared her repeatedly. Poor girl. She had nothing to do with it.

Later, I felt confident enough with my new default skintones to go to Strangetown and move Alec and Cheva Hiatt in to their first home together. I didn't mention before, I guess because I didn't check, but Alec works in the medical career as a Medical Researcher.

After furnishing their new home on Monday morning, Alec called the pet adoption service and adopted a puppy named Ben, who was thereafter ignored by both him and Cheva. Then both he and Cheva retired to the bedroom for the christening of their brand new bed. Cheva fell pregnant this time around and Alec left for work. Cheva was woken from her post coital nap by the doorbell - the neighbourhood welcome wagon had arrived. Cheva greeted them warmly and told them to make themselves at home. She keenly felt the lack of a telescope in her new digs and immediately remedied the situation before settling down on the couch with a book to gain a mechanical point. Afterwards, she purchased an outdoor chess table and played a game of chess with townie Nery Turner. She also gained two logic points. When Alec got home from work, he booted up the computer in the hopes of finding his dream job in the military. There was indeed an opening in the military career and he traded in his current job for it, regardless of the much lower pay. He then pored over a cookbook to gain a cooking point. Later, he called all his friends to invite them to a housewarming party. Cheva spent the evening outside stargazing with her new telescope and apart from gaining a logic point, she also discovered a new star. Alec jumped online to browse for music & dance websites. He was far from sleepy enough for bed, so he decided to pull an all-nighter.
Alec's party was a total flop and he spent the early hours of Tuesday morning acting very teary and emo. To cheer himself up, he spent some money on a remote controlled car and his first actual car. He went to his first day of his new job exhausted on account of his all-nighter. It was Cheva's day off work and she logged on to the computer to start a cuisine blog. She was feeling pretty queasy all morning (and blogging about food can't have helped), but her morning sickness never got the better of her and the bathroom remained puke free. Her pregnancy started showing and she spent some time playing chess with townie Sinjin Couderc. She gained a logic point as well. Alec was promoted to Drill Instructor on his first day in the military. Good going! He went straight to bed after work though. Cheva received a phone call offering a subscription to the Games magazine, which she accepted. Alec was up at 9pm to pull another all-nighter. He used his promotion bonus to trade in their television set for a much bigger one. He then cranked the stereo and smustled to his heart's content. 
He later practiced his chess skills and gained a logic point.
Cheva stayed up late in to the early hours of Wednesday morning stargazing with her telescope. All of a sudden, she became the victim of an alien abduction. 
(Cheva is my first ever sim to be abducted - seriously! I know that sounds absurd, since I've had the game since release, but I've also never used any cheats apart from moveobjects on when something gets stuck, so I guess it was just the luck of the draw not to have an abduction until now. I've tried hard enough without cheating, let me tell you! I knew what to expect, as I've seen a million pictures over the years, but I was still chuffed that I finally had an abduction. Too bad it was Cheva and not Alec - I've never had an alien birth apart from, of course, Pascal Curious since he's alien pregnant at the beginning of the game.)
Alec spent some simoleons on a hot tub and went to gaze through the telescope himself in the hopes of spotting where Cheva had gone. He discovered a star for his trouble, but nothing else. Cheva was returned in a very shaken up state. She went straight to bed to sleep off her ordeal and Alec went to work. Cheva was up again at midday to pop and was then very heavily pregnant and awkward. She served up the ultimate comfort food for her lunch - cheesecake! (Will she have twins? I've never noticed whether it made a difference or whether it was just a rumor, so maybe this will be the test, as I have it on record that she ate cheesecake while pregnant.) Alec was promoted again, to Junior Officer. Cheva went online to upload her cheesecake recipe to her cuisine blog. Then she and Alec played chess together and Cheva gained a logic point. Alec gained membership to Games Of Glory and went to bed exhausted at 7pm. Thankfully, that fixed his sleeping pattern and he slept through the night.
Cheva will give birth next time - hooray! And she's had a blissfully easy pregnancy. I've had so many difficult ones lately that I'd forgotten that some sims barely have any need drop during pregnancy.
Today I headed to Strangetown to play the Gieke family.

Friday morning began with Vamsi serving up a big bowl of cereal for breakfast. She then sat Cheva down and made clear her desire to see Cheva settled before she dies. Cheva was indignant at first, being a romance sim after all, and wanting to keep her options open. But the tears in her mother's eyes moved her to rethink her plans. Vamsi made mention of "that nice boy, Alec who used to come around" and Cheva did indeed remember all the excitement of her teenage love. She agreed to invite Alec over and see if the spark was still there. Upon arrival, Cheva tried out a little tentative hand holding and she and Alec immediately fell in love once again. To make her mother happy, Cheva proposed on the spot - Alec was so surprised he looked as if he'd have a heart attack, but he agreed readily to the engagement. Vamsi was over the moon. Cheva then invited one of the private school headmasters, Andrew Gonzaga over in the hopes of getting to know him a little better and left Alec to play chess by himself. Vamsi harvested some tasty cucumbers from her garden and after stocking the fridge with them, she called her boyfriend, Nicholas Davidson and invited him over to spend the day with her. Cheva planted a new crop of cucumbers before leaving in the carpool for her first day in the workforce as a Team Mascot. She was promoted on her first day, to Minor Leaguer. Upon her arrival home, Vamsi was once more nagging at her - a lot of talk about not letting the flames die down and that Vamsi wanted to live to see her wedding. Cheva and Alec headed out to the backyard to the very same wedding arch under which her parents were married many years before. Vamsi caused a scandal by wearing a white dress that looked suspiciously like a wedding gown at her own daughter's wedding. Though the house had many guests that evening, only Vamsi and Nicholas wanted to watch Cheva and Alec exchange their vows. 
Afterwards, Cheva and Alec borrowed Vamsi's bed for their very first woohoo. Wow, a romance sim who had yet to woohoo on her wedding day. It may be a first in my game!
In the early hours of Saturday morning, a burglar came to rob the Gieke household of their drum kit. Cheva grudgingly woke up to call the police but immediately crawled back in to bed. The policeman wasn't much use - he lost the fight with the burglar and hence the burglar got away with her crime. Upon arriving home from work, poor old Cymmi died of old age. Everybody but Bonkers was asleep and missed his last moments. Later that morning, after some tending to her garden plot, Vamsi gained membership to Peerless Park. Cheva and Alec had no desire to stick around in Cheva's mother's house now that they were married - as soon as she was up, Cheva scanned the newspaper to find them a place of their own and they moved out immediately. Vamsi, being a family sim, was devestated at her suddenly empty nest. She was left with one incredibly elderly cat and a bird that she'd never much cared for. She called the pet adoption service to adopt a sweet little female kitten named Adalita. Bonkers got in to a horrible fight in the backyard with a stray dog named Pepper. Bonkers was the victor. He headed inside to celebrate with some cat food - and then Grim appeared to take him to the other side. Vamsi didn't even have time to say goodbye - he was gone before she could get to him. 
Vamsi spent the afternoon with the self help books until she felt she'd mastered the art of anger management. She later got a phone call from her friend Sheila Patch and they became best friends from this small contact. Vamsi was miserable over having no way to resurrect Bonkers (she was actually quite fond of Bonkers) and decided to take solace in adopting another kitten. She also figured the other kitten would keep Adalita company. So she adopted another female kitten named Arliah. The ghost of Lainey was wandering about that night, but didn't scare a single person - she must be losing her edge!
On Sunday morning Vamsi served up a big breakfast of pancakes and invited her new best friend Sheila over to enjoy them with her. She spent much of the day studying her fire safety manual until she felt she had mastered it. Then she spent the entire evening just hanging out with Sheila. A very quiet day compared to the two preceding days.

Today I headed in to Strangetown to play the Ramaswami family.  Sanjay works in the music career as a Summer Camp Music Teacher and Priya works in the journalism career as a Fact Checker.  They are childless, but they do have a dog named Jessie.

Sanjay taught Jessie to speak on Friday morning before he and Priya headed off to work.  Priya was promoted to Obituary Writer.  She called her next door neighbour, Vamsi Gieke for a chat in the hopes of getting to know her better.  Sanjay gave Jessie a bath after work and then headed to bed early as he was exhausted after a long day of work.  Priya invited Vamsi over to hang out and they became friends.
Saturday was Sanjay's day off so he threw a house party.  He spent some time with Priya watching a dvd.  Priya invited Vamsi over to hang out again before work.  Sanjay's party was a complete disaster due to Nervous Subject repeatedly poking Vamsi and causing her to spend half the party in the bathroom sobbing uncontrollably.  Sanjay wasn't satisfied with the party, so he called a different bunch of people and threw another.  When Priya got home from work she invited Vamsi over to join the party.  Vamsi and townie Neil Chalmers spent the entire party flirting and became crushes.  Sanjay purchased a hot tub for the backyard and the party was a success.
In the early hours of Sunday morning the Ramaswami house was invaded by a burglar who stole both their car and their television set.  He was caught by the police and the family was reimbursed, but they were still both pretty bummed.  As soon as Sanjay was up, he bought a new car to replace the stolen one then washed Jessie.  It was his day off again and he spent much of the morning drinking at his bar.  Priya invited Vamsi over to hang out before work yet again.  Sanjay threw a house party and made friends with a townie named Celeste Kimbrell.  The party scored as a roof raiser.  He invited Celeste to come back over afterwards as he wanted to spend more time with her.  Priya invited Vamsi back over after work also.  Priya and Sanjay retired to bed early to try for a baby (and apparantly it was their very first woohoo - my bad!).  They were successful - Priya is pregnant with their first child (and what will probably be their only child, they have only 10 days until elderhood.

Afterwards, I didn't range very far.  I went next door to play the Gieke family.

On Saturday, Cheva sat down with her mother's cookbooks and gained a cooking point.  Vamsi called her boyfriend Nicholas Davidson for a chat, then decided it wasn't enough just to talk on the phone and invited him over to spend the day with her.  Bonkers grew in to an elderly kitty.  Cheva was in bed by 2pm due to exhaustion from her all-nighter.  Vamsi called Bonker's work and arranged for him to retire from his job as a Rescue Pet, earning him a tidy pension of $136 a day.  She also purchased a tent for the backyard.  When Cheva awoke, she decided college wasn't really for her and grew up well in to an adult.  Her boyfriend Alec Hiatt aged up along with her.  Chester's ghost was roaming around and scared poor Cheva twice.

Cheva headed off on a night hike and was followed home by a skunk.
Sunday morning saw Cheva hit her mother's cookbooks again and gain two cooking points.  Vamsi invited Nicholas over to spend the day together yet again.  That night, Lainey and Chester's ghosts decided it was time for a terrible rampage.  I think they made just about every guest lose control of their bladders.

Vamsi did some studying too and gained a mechanical point.  She harvested some mouthwatering tomatoes from her tomato plant, which she put on the burgers she made for dinner.  She was scared by Chester and lost control of her bladder.  The same thing happened to Cheva not ten minutes later.  Vamsi wasn't tired at all so she decided to pull an all-nighter.
In the early hours of Monday morning Vamsi planted a new crop in her garden - cucumbers this time.  She managed to break the bath and called the repairman to come during business hours.  She painted a couple of lovely pictures (one of them was of Cheva all grown up) and gained a creativity point.  Cheva served omelettes for breakfast and then settled down with the cookbooks once more to gain two cooking points.  She's now maximized the cooking skill.  Like mother, like daughter.  She also reached maximum enthusiasm in cuisine.  All her painting gained Vamsi membership to My Muse II - Art Studio.  Monday night was blessedly free of ghost activity.
On Tuesday morning Vamsi spent some more time painting and gained a creativity point.  Cheva played bass and gained three creativity points - autumn is definitely upon the Gieke family!  Afterwards, Cheva harvested some mouthwatering lemons which she used for her lunch of chef salad.  Afterwards she practiced painting and gained two more creativity points.  A random walkby townie clogged the toilet, so Cheva called the repairman to come the following day.  Chester's ghost wandered the lot that night.  Vamsi roasted a turkey for dinner and Chester scared Cheva so badly she wet herself.  It's becoming a habit.
Vamsi spent the early hours of Wednesday morning playing bass and maximized the creativity skill.  Cheva painted some more when she woke and gained two more creativity points.  Vamsi spent the afternoon poring over her cookbooks to gain some more cuisine enthusiasm.  Cheva gained membership to My Muse II - Art Studio.  Wednesday night was another blessed ghost-free evening.
Thursday started early with Vamsi awaking just after midnight and serving a midnight snack of gelatin.  She spent the wee hours poring over her cookbooks again and reached maximum enthusiasm in cuisine.  When Cheva got up she browsed the newspaper and found her dream job in the athletic career.  She immediately took it and was to start the next day.  She purchased a drum kit and promptly ignored it thereafter.  She headed to the family's long disused exercise machine to work out for a much needed body point (and was afflicted with the body skill superfast gaining bug!  She was maximized before I even realized!  I freakin' hate that!  Gaaahhhh!)  Afterwards, she painted a lovely picture of Vamsi and gained a creativity point.  Vamsi drove over to Sue's Secret Kitchen to enter her crepes suzette in the cooking contest.  The judge was unimpressed.  She went home very depressed over her loss and called Nicholas to come over for some chaste slow dancing.  She traded in her old stove for a much nicer orange one and then drove downtown to buy herself an mp3 player.  Then it was back to Sue's Secret Kitchen to try the cooking contest again.  She made the same dish and won this time around.  She headed home for some more slow dancing with Nicholas.  She gained herself membership to My Muse - Music & Dance Studio before heading to bed.  Cheva was once again scared by Chester's ghost.  She's cursed, I swear it!

I headed in to Strangetown today to play the Gieke family for a few simdays.

Wednesday morning began with Vamsi serving up a big plate of omelettes for breakfast, which Cheva ignored before heading to school.  It was Vamsi's day off, so she invited her friend Marsha McArthur (a townie) and her boyfriend Nicholas Davidson over to hang with her for the day.  When Cheva got home she quickly got her homework out of the way.  Vamsi and Marsha became best friends.  With her homework done, Cheva decided she'd really like to get in to private school, so she called the headmaster to invite him for dinner the following day.  She then made a start on the mammoth task of cleaning the house before bed.
On Thursday morning Vamsi started a fire in the kitchen while trying to serve up a breakfast of toaster pastries.  Thankfully, the kitchen was equipped with a fire alarm and nobody was hurt.  The toaster pastries were burnt to a crisp, however.  Cheva headed off to school without breakfast yet again.  Vamsi had another day off work, so she invited Marsha over to spend another day with her.  Cheva buckled down to do her homework immediately after school again and then eagerly awaited the arrival of the headmaster.

Right after the headmaster's arrival, Cheva managed to clog the toilet.  She called the repairman, who couldn't come out to fix it until the next morning.  She made a snap decision not to include the bathroom when she gave the headmaster a tour of the house.  Vamsi grew up well in to an elder and called work to retire from her career as a Home Video Editor.  Cheva served a lovely dinner of pork chops for the headmaster, who wolfed them down greedily.  The ghost of Chester made his first appearance and scared the headmaster twice!  That can't be good.  Cheva gave the headmaster a tour of the house (except the bathroom) which he seemed to enjoy.  Vamsi settled down to study cooking and maximized the cooking skill.  Cheva spent a good deal of time schmoozing with the headmaster before heading to bed.  Vamsi took over from her with the schmoozing, but in the end he didn't think the family was good enough to gain admittance to his illustrious academy.  And the score was very high, I've had people get in with worse scores, so I think Chester's ghost probably ruined his daughter's chances.
On Friday morning Cheva harvested some tasty lemons from the family's garden.  She was offered membership to Peerless Park.  Vamsi served a big plate of omelettes for breakfast without incident.  Cheva still didn't eat them and went off to school.  Cymmi grew up in to an elderly kitty.  Upon arriving home from school, Cheva gained a bronze gardening talent badge while spraying the bugs making a home in the tomato plant.  She then tackled her homework assignments.  Vamsi headed outside soon after to take care of re-infestation on the tomato plant, and also gained a bronze gardening talent badge.  The ghost of Chester's first wife, Lainey, was active that night.  She scared poor Vamsi.  Vamsi drove over to Sue's Secret Kitchen for a cooking contest, and her Grandma's Comfort Soup won her first place.  She headed home feeling smug - she always wins cooking contests.  She and Cheva both headed to bed.  Cheva was soon woken by Lainey's ghost and was no longer tired.  She decided to pull an all-nighter.  It only being 11pm on a Friday night, she called her crush, Alec Hiatt to ask him on their first date.  He accepted and they headed to LuLu Lounge, where they fell in love.  They spent many romantic hours slow dancing, followed by some heavy makeout sessions.

After attracting an unwelcome crowd of townies, Cheva asked Alec to come home with her for the remainder of the date.  It scored as a dream date.  Afterwards, Cheva called the college to see if she was eligible for any more scholarships (college is looming very close now) and she won the Tsang Footwork Award - all the dancing on her date improved her dancing skills.  She spent the remainder of the night playing with her gameboy and spending some time with her often forgotten bird Rosella The Second.  Poor little Cheva was scared by the ghost of Lainey no less than three times.  Vamsi was also woken and scared by her.  Darn ghosts!  She never gave me any trouble when Chester was still alive...
Played the Gieke family in Strangetown today.  Chester Gieke (now an elder) lives with his lovely younger wife Vamsi, and their teenage daughter Cheva (a romance sim).  They have two black cats, Cymmi and Bonkers and a bird named Rosella The Second.  Yup, clearly I was out of creative names the day the first bird died.

Today's gameplay saw chester gain a creativity skill point while finishing off a painting of Vamsi which he's been working on for a ridiculous amount of time.  He started a new painting of Cheva, but never finished it.  Chester died of old age today.  I buried him in the backyard beside his first wife, Lainey.  Here's Chester's last painting ever...

Vamsi mourned Chester terribly for the first day and was plagued with wants to resurrect him but no way to do it.  She found solace in becoming best friends with Nicholas Davidson (a townie).  She harvested the fruits of Chester's first garden - bland lemons and some mouthwatering tomatoes which she made into some amazing spaghetti.  A full day after Chester's death, she wished to find love again (it is spring, after all).  A slow and tentative romance has blossomed between Vamsi and Nicholas Davidson, but has progressed no further than hand holding.  But they are in love...
Cheva learned how to make Santa cookies today, quite out of season but on a whim of her own.  She also gained a cooking skill point.  She called up the college to apply for scholarships and won the SimCity Scholar's Grant through her scrupulous attention to her homework.  Cheva also had her first kiss today, with Alec Hiatt (a townie).  They became best friends as well and are enjoying the bloom of first romance.

In other news, Cymmi and Bonkers are not getting along at all.  They take every opportunity to hiss at each other, and had an awful fight in the backyard today.  Cymmi was the victor.


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