Here are my best finds for today:

Charterzard's "SS Gift to Restinpieces"
Needlecream's "Edits of Pooklet's Alien Facemasks"
Celebi88's "Raon FH 18 Pookleted"
Storyofmylife81's "Luna Rae"

Did anybody notice that I wrote 2010 then had to change it?  I am oh, so clever!

Here are my best finds for today:

MissTiikeri's "Joleen Wasserman"
Jenfold's "Zero"
Wolf-Isa's "Stu-Pot"
takingbackSAMANTHAx's "Selfsim"

Sometimes I feel a little weird downloading people's selfsims.  But I don't actually download them because they are selfsims.  I would download anybody's selfsim if I delighted in the facial sculpt and genetics, and this is the only reason I have anybody's selfsims in my game at all.  What about you guys?  Do you feel weird downloading a sim if it's the selfsim of somebody (particularly somebody you've never had any contact with)?


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