Today I played the Landgraab family in Veronaville.

On Saturday morning Amy quit her job and cancelled the nanny service so that she could devote her time to being a stay-at-home mom.  It's not like the family needs money, after all.  She immediately went to spend some quality time with Marion.  When Malcolm got up, he purchased a bass and started playing to gain a much needed creativity point.  Amy was in bed exhausted by her pregnancy by 10:30am.  Malcolm gave a few townie makeovers before heading to work.
On Sunday morning Malcolm was promoted to Bookie and headed straight to bed.  Amy's belly popped out and she was very heavily pregnant and awkward.  She took the weight off her feet by playing some Sims 3.  Malcolm was woken early at 3am by Marion, poor guy.  Amy went to bed at 6:30 am after passing out on her feet in the bathroom.  Malcolm headed off for his first day of work as a Bookie.  When Amy got up, she gave a few townie makeovers - she really wants that silver hairdressing badge!  When Malcolm got home he did the same until it was time for bed.
At 2:36 on Monday morning Amy gave birth to a baby girl named Virginia.  Virginia has Amy's coloring.  Malcolm was woken early again by Marion.  Amy took Marion off his hands and taught her to talk.  Afterwards, she sat down with her cookbooks to gain two cooking points.  Malcolm's worst fears were realized when he was stuck changing Virginia's first dirty diaper before work.  Amy gave a few more townie makeovers before heading to bed exhausted at midday.  Marion grew up well in to a child.  Malcolm headed straight to bed after work.  Marion bought herself a lemonade stand and Amy took pity on her poor unfortunate looking daughter and gave her a makeover.

Afterwards, Amy spent some time shooting pool before dinner.  She and Marion became best friends over dinner, but the family's sofa was destroyed by a very naughty stray dog.  With Marion tucked in to bed, Amy settled down with her cookbooks once again to gain another cooking point.  She also gained membership to Sue's Secret Kitchen.

Afterwards, I stuck around Veronaville to play the Flexor family.

On Thursday morning after Max headed off to his first day of work, Roxie invited townie Vyn Scott over to get to know her better.  They quickly became friends.  Max was promoted to Drill Instructor and invited his friend Cornwall Capp over to hang out after work.  At 3:29pm Roxie gave birth in the front yard to a healthy son named Roxx.  Roxx has his mother's skintone and his daddy's hair and eye color.  Roxie immediately hired a nanny to come during her work hours.  Max and Cornwall hung out all night and became best friends.
Max stayed up late in to the early hours of Friday with his cookbooks to gain a cooking skill point then went to bed for a few hours sleep before he and Roxie had to go to work.  Max was promoted to Junior Officer and brought home a work colleague, Vanessa Johnson (townie).  Roxie was also promoted, to Rookie.  She invited her friend Vyn over to hang out after work.  Max served up a delicious afternoon snack of crepes suzette for their guests.  After he'd eaten, he called all his friends to throw a party to celebrate his and his wife's promotions.  Roxie and Vyn became best friends and Max became friends with Vanessa.  Roxx grew in to a toddler.  Roxie purchased her first car, a guitar and a drum kit with all the promotion money.  The promotion party was a big success.
Roxie was woken at 2am on Saturday morning by Roxx.  She wasn't tired enough to go back to bed, so she played her new guitar and gained a creativity point.  Roxie called Vyn for a chat before heading to work.  It was Max's day off, so he spent some quality time with Roxx, leaving the nanny to act as a maid.

Max served up some chili con carne for lunch and then invited his friend Vanessa over to hang out.  Roxie was promoted to Starter.  She invited Vyn over to hang out again.  I think she likes her so much because Vyn finds Max repulsively ugly.  The nanny dropped by to steal the newspaper.

Max spent the evening teaching Roxx to walk (and whilst doing that he and Cornwall Capp were upgraded to BFF status).  Afterwards, he also taught Roxx to talk.  He really does deserve to win father of the year.

It was too hot to sleep, so I played the Larson family in Pleasantview for a few simdays.

On Monday morning Kitty invited her best friend Joe Wong over to hang out and Jason invited his friend Jane Graham over to spend some quality time before he went to work.  Kitty went to bed at 3pm exhausted, but it was her night off so all was well.  When Jason got home from work, he invited Jane to come over again to hang out until bedtime.  When Kitty got up, she played on her drum kit awhile.
In the early hours of Tuesday morning Kitty served up a late dinner and learned to make blackened catfish.  Afterwards, she went on a night hike and saw an exotic bird.  Jason was up at 3am and decided to work out on the exercise machine to gain a body point (he lost many of his skill points upon resurrection).  Kitty spent a few hours smustling in the bathroom.  Still senile.  It was Jason's day off.  Kitty finally remembered she'd bought a ballet barre and actually used it, then spent no less than three hours on the bubble blower.  Jason decided to throw a house party, but spent the entire party working out.  Kitty headed off for a night of work and the party was a total flop.  Kitty reached the halfway mark to her second LTW, having earned $50,000.  I doubt she'll make it.
Wednesday morning saw Jason practice his painting skills and gain a creativity point.  Afterwards, he worked out again and gained a body point.  When Kitty got up, she played drums then guitar.  Jason had the day off again.  Kitty served up an omelette breakfast, which only she partook of.  Jason gained maximum enthusiasm in fitness.  Kitty went hiking and was followed home by a skunk.  It was her night off, so she settled down with her self help books and learned the art of anger management.  Afterwards, she purchased a garden plot and planted her first tomato crop.  She spent some time stargazing through the telescope.  Jason was working out the entire time and maximized the body skill.  Kitty finally felt the impact of her empty nest now that she was no longer married to Jason, and she decided to fill the gap in her life by adopting a puppy named Scout and a kitten named Titania.  She also decided to purchase a pretty crabapple tree for her garden.  She invited Joe over to play chess all night.  A random townie clogged the toilet and Jason called the repairman to come the following morning.

After finally biting the bullet and installing ACR, I headed to Veronaville to play Kent Capp's family for a few simdays.  Kent works in the medical career as a General Practitioner.  His wife Regina works in the military career as a Drill Instructor.  They have a daughter named Andromache, currently a child.  The family also has a dog named Rollo.

Wednesday morning started with Regina going straight to work.  Andromache spent her time merrily jumping rope in the warm comfort of her bedroom until it was time for school.  Kent hit the self help books and learned the secret to lifelong happiness before heading to work.  Regina was promoted to Junior Officer.  She spent some time chatting online before heading to bed exhausted.  Rollo was promoted to Seeing Eye Pet (and I unlocked a new collar which I'll probably never use).  As soon as she got home from school, Andromache plowed through her homework.  Regina was up again at 7:30pm to serve a very basic mac and cheese dinner before pulling an all-nighter.
On Thursday morning Regina washed Rollo before hitting the self help books.  She mastered the art of anger management.  Afterwards, she browsed the food and dining section of the newspaper before heading to work.  When Andromache woke up, she jumped rope in her room again and gained a body skill point.  Kent served up a chips and dip platter for breakfast - he's a lazy parent at the best of times.  Kent and Andromache enjoyed their breakfast together before heading off to work and school.  Regina went straight to bed after work.  Her sleeping pattern is a nightmare.  Andromache came home with her first A+ report card and was very excited.  She jumped in to the day's homework immediately to continue her good grades.  Regina was up at 7pm and served a nice dinner of pork chops.  Kent spent the evening teaching Rollo to speak.  Regina of course pulled another all-nighter.
Friday began with Regina poring over Kent's medical books to learn a little something about physiology before heading off to another day of work.  Andromache once again spent her morning jumping rope before school.  Andromache's relatives heard about her good grades and sent her $100.  Regina served chili con carne for lunch upon arriving home.  Andromache once again got her homework done immediately so she could spend the rest of the weekend on fun.  Regina was exhausted at 5pm and went to bed.  Her sleeping pattern seems to be getting worse!  Kent washed Rollo when he got home.  Regina was up again at 9:30pm to pull another all-nighter.  She served a late dinner of spaghetti which only she felt like eating.  Kent taught Rollo to roll over (no easy task when the command sounds like your name) before bed.  Regina broke the bathtub.  She called the repairman to come out the following day.  She spent the rest of the night browsing her favorite cuisine websites, playing pinball and chatting online to strangers.

Later on, I headed back to Veronaville to play the Landgraab family.  Malcolm long ago sold his businesses and is now unemployed (but loaded).  His wife Amy is employed by one of Veronaville's small businesses and is heavily pregnant with their first child.  I moved them to a house that was easier to play than Malcolm's original mansion.  Big houses = too hard on my graphics card, which needs more cooling.

On Wednesday morning Malcolm bought a chess set and practiced chess to gain a logic point.  When he was done, Amy decided to do the same and gained two logic points.  Malcolm purchased a living chair as he sorely felt the lack of one.  Amy was in bed at 3pm due to pregnancy's drain on her energy levels.  Malcolm played a few games of pool with townie Jihoon Hsu, winning one and losing one.  At least he won his money back.  He also gained a cooking point while cooking a delicious spaghetti dinner.  He was offered membership to Games Of Glory.  He headed in to the bathroom to clean and gained a cleaning point for his trouble.  He then went on a little spending spree, purchasing a car and a makeover station.  He gave a few makeovers and then decided to throw a house party, but was in bed before the guests even arrived.  Amy woke up around that time, however.  She managed to clog the toilet (great, right as a party begins, good one, Amy!) and the repairman couldn't make it until the following morning.  She settled down on the couch to watch a dvd with Delilah Indie.  She was offered a subscription to the film and literature magazine, which she accepted.  Amy decided to turn Malcolm's party in to her own makeover party, and gave makeovers to all the guests.  Everybody had a good time and the party was a success, no thanks to Malcolm.
Thursday morning began with Amy practicing her chess skills and gaining another logic point.  Malcolm did the same when he awoke.  Amy went to bed at 8am after falling asleep in her cereal.  Malcolm played pool by himself for a while, then jumped in the swimming pool to play marco polo with Kaylynn Spitzig.  He gained a body point while he was at it.  Amy woke in labor, but Malcolm and Kaylynn were too busy enjoying their water play to notice.  At 3:40pm Amy gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Marion.  Marion has her daddy's skintone and eyes and her mother's hair color.  Amy called a nanny to arrange a schedule for her working hours.  Malcolm's hours in the pool payed off with a vast improvement in his physique.  Malcolm threw another house party and Amy spent the evening giving all the guests makeovers again.  She earned her bronze cosmetology badge.  Malcolm and Amy ended the day sneaking off to the bedroom to try for another baby with success.  The party was a snoozer, however.
On Friday morning Malcolm got a job in the criminal career (his LTW).  He went on a spending spree, buying a stereo, a microwave, and a better computer.  Amy got her first wave of morning sickness but decided to soldier on and go to work anyway.  Malcolm called townie Neil Chalmers for a quick chat before heading off to his first day of work.  He was promoted to Bagman and immediately drove to work to do another shift.  Marion grew in to a toddler and showed a keen interest in fireflies.

Amy's pregnancy started showing and she went on maternity leave.

Malcolm fell in to bed exhausted after working a double shift.


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