Almost there!  Here's part five of six of my Secret Santa gifts to [personal profile] synkka .

Peggy 4463.  One of my favourite hairs of all time.  I've personally never seen it Pooklet'd before.  I desperately wanted to do it.

The reason I didn't do unnaturals for this hair?  There are two.  The first is that the bow design I decided to go with doesn't really match neons.  The second is that this hair has been given unnatural retextures so many times that I found it completely unnecessary to do again, even if it hasn't been done in Pooklet's unnaturals in particular.  If you disagree, please feel free to do unnaturals yourself.

So, basic info.  It comes in all of Pooklet's naturals and I'm relatively sure I used V2 textures.

It works for all ages.

It's family linked in 4 seperate families.  Elder greys linked to browns.

Mesh is included.  Title reference.


Credits: Peggy for the mesh, Pooklet for the textures and color actions and Squidfingers for the patterned part of the bow textures.

: Do what you like, but please credit me if you put them on your sims for upload.  Yes, a clean installer cap is perfectly fine.

Thanks also go to:
Bijou Fennell for modelling Fission.
Willow McGee for modelling Pyrotechnic.
Susan Lambourn for modelling Explosive.
Carrie Fennell for modelling Molotov.
Kiki Sukaserm for modelling Comburent.
Natasha Fennell for modelling Incendiary.
Josie Cave for modelling Grenade.
Carmelita Cave for modelling Safety Fuse.

All models are either made by me or born in my own game.
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