Part two of six of my Secret Santa gifts to [personal profile] synkka .  Once again, this is pretty self-explanatory.  These eyeshadows work for both genders, ages teen through elder and should be base game compatible.  I used ZombieJill's alpha but for some unknown reason that caused me much flailing, Bodyshop wouldn't extract the textures, so I ended up using an Ephemera skintone as the base texture.  Title reference.


CreditsZombieJill for the alpha, Ephemera for the textures and Aelia for the color actions.

Policy: Do what you like, but please credit me if you put them on your sims for upload.  Yes, a clean installer cap is perfectly fine.

Thanks also go to:
Willow McGee for modelling Indigo Brown.
Vada Fennell for modelling Gold.

All models are either made by me or born in my own game.
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