First of all, I sincerely apologize for not updating this legacy since February.  Hiatus lasted longer than I originally hoped/planned, etc.  Anyway, enough with the apologies.
In our last episode: Both Fei and Aggie avoided school as often as possible, Fei accused me of stealing her thoughts and Lizbeth grew up in to an adorable teen.

Llama: "Why, Fei, this is the happiest sandwich anybody ever built for me!"
Fei: *glares off screen at something - but what...?*

If you guessed Aggie, there are no prizes.  Who else would Fei be glaring at so murderously?
Llama: "Aggie, just look at the happy sandwiches your sister built!  Say thankyou..."
Aggie: "......."

Aggie: "All these happy sandwiches are doing my head in..."
... so this isn't a reaction to being voted heir by the simming community?
Aggie: "Aaaaah!  The pressure!"

Aggie cheered up considerably once her dirty skank social bunny showed up to help make Fei miserable...

Chance card win.

Lizbeth: "Psst - I hear Aggie is going to have to spend her entire life in this hell house and we get to go live in eternal youth with the beautiful townies of Legacyville.  Cheer up!"
Fei: *eyes light up some*

Oh, Nellie.  Old age comes to us all eventually...
Nellie: Nobody ever mentioned that I'd need the bathroom so much....

Dawn: "... and that's why you and I should be friends.  My good reputation is sure to counteract your two older sisters' reputations, what with the sluttiness and insanity and all...."
Lizbeth: "What'd you call my sisters?"

.... oh, I see why she's heir now.... it's the abundance of smustle cute, right?

Llama, honey.... there's really no point in mopping that up right now....
Llama: "But I may slip and crack my skull open when getting out of the bathtub..."
I would never let that happen.  Well, me or the game's coding.  Whatever.

Llama: "Careful.... careful...."

Aggie: The fireflies are laughing at my poor bladder control!!!
Fireflies: *laugh uncontrollably*

Llama: "If you think I'm cleaning that up, think again." *sparkle*

Nellie: "Isn't anyone going to clean up that puddle of pee before it stains the floorboards?"
Llama & Fei: *pointedly ignore*

Nellie: "Oh my!  The embarrassment!"
Random Dog: You suck!

Aggie: "It's okay, Mom.  We all have accidents sometimes... At least only a dog saw yours..."
Nellie: "He made fun of me!"

Fei, are you scrunching up your report card so nobody can see your horrendous grades?
Fei: "Yup.  It's not like I'm trying to get in to college or anything.  Who cares?"

Tyrell: "Uhh, you do realize I can see the outline of your girl parts almost like I have x-ray vision..."
Sharmaine: *bes disapproving*
Fei: "That's really nice, Mister, but what I've been trying to ask you is whether the bathroom is free yet.  So, is it free, or...."
Sharmaine: "Put some damn clothes on.  Hussy."

Fei: Oh, the shame!
Aggie: *tries unsuccessfully to stifle her laughter*

As you can see, the bathroom wasn't free....

Nobody has seen Ticky's ghost since the fateful night she killed two-thirds of her grandchildren, but Fei sure isn't resting easy....

Aggie: "You know, Fei's almost all grown up and ready to move out.  Pretty soon you'll only have me to hang out with."
Lizbeth: ".... does this have a point?"
Aggie: "I'd like to suggest an alliance."
Lizbeth: "Oh?"
Aggie: "Wanna be best friends?"
Lizbeth: ".... Okaaaay...."

Aggie: "Did you hear that, bitch?  Lizbeth is my best friend now and everybody in this house hates you."

Aww, Llama, what's wrong?
Llama: "This is the house of fail."

I see.... I'm sure it's not as bad as all that....

Lizbeth = still the only Frost able to take decent care of herself and get good grades.  Win!

In her twilight years, Nellie has started taking daily visits to the Legacyville Pool to play marco polo, and supposedly to keep in shape.  Today's victim marco polo friend is the dishy Liam Nelson by niloublue.

Nellie usually brings a family member or two along to enjoy some fresh air and socialisation.  Of course, for Fei this mostly means hanging out in dark corners enjoying the rain and moonlight.

Aggie: *clings desperately to consciousness*

Awww, Llama is the prettiest elder ever.  Ever....

.... ever....

Aggie: "My eyetwitch still isn't quite gone.  I think it best I don't infect anybody."
Uh-huh.  A likely story.

Aggie: "I hate you with all my hate!"
Yup.  Just another day in the life of these sisters.  Aggie still wins every time.

After many years of looking in to the Fennell's yard next door and seeing such a perfect garden, Nellie has decided to try her hand at some home grown food.  So far the only apples she's managed to produce have been unbelievably bland and floury, but she's determined.

Therapist: "Huh.  I believe the route of your current mental instability stems from a secret desire for your father."
Fei: "Actually, I have two mothers."
Therapist: "Oh.  Well, have you thought about a change of scenery?  I hear the beach is lovely this time of year."
Fei: "I'm not paying you for this."
Note: I know it's the way custom hair colors work, but I personally hate the way sims revert back to their original hairstyle upon every age up.  Who's with me?

Though she had no interest in paying her therapist, Nellie agreed wholeheartedly that now with high school over with, she'd best immediately move out of a home that was soon to be owned by her most hated sibling.
I'll miss you, Fei!  <3 <3 <3

Nellie: "Is it just me, or does the slight emptying of our nest make you frisky too?"
Llama: "Frisky as a spring lamb, now that you mention it!"

Nellie & Llama: *whisper endearments and are oblivious*
Michael: *bes a stalker*

Llama: "Do you mind?"
Michael: "Not at all."
Llama: *facepalm*

Llama: *takes out aggression on poor defenseless cockroach infestation*
Lizbeth: "Oooh, my turn next!"

Lizbeth: "I shouldn't have worn open-toed shoes..."

Yup.  This is going to be fun....

Tonnes of fun!

Llama: "Honey, I don't know about this.... I'm all gross and full of phlegm..."

Nellie: "Nonsense.  You're gorgeous.  Now shut up and let me ravish you...."
These two never stop.  Just sayin'.

Lizbeth: *cough* "Must... stomp... cockroaches...."

Aggie: "I have the two best mothers in the whole world.  I just know we're going to be best friends forever and have so many great times.  How much fun will it be when it's just the three of us hanging out every day?"
Nellie: *melts*

Llama: *struggles to breathe*

However, it's Lizbeth who's really having trouble with the flu....
Bad Tiger Painting: "Hi there!" *waves madly*

Why so worried, Llama?  You're all better....
Llama: "I make it a point never to believe random sentences that appear above my head."

Llama: "Why does Nellie always have to take us to the swimming pool?  I'm sick of swimming.  Why can't we go somewhere where there are video games or something?"

Aggie: "Forget video games.  Why have we still never visited this mysterious vacation home at the beach that Grandma Moonbeam left us?"
Llama: "Now you're talking!  We should combine our nagging efforts and get Nellie to take us there."

... of course, as soon as she got home to her romance novels, Llama forgot all about vacationing.  It's hard being adorably ditzy, but somebody has to do it.

Aggie is just as easily distracted.  She gets it from Llama, obviously...
Aggie: "Can we get a pet?  Like, right now?"
Nellie: "I don't think now is the right time, sweetie.  When you're in control of how this household is run, you can have as many pets as you like.  As for me, I spent years feeding and bathing and cleaning up after three babies.  More lives to be responsible for just isn't on my agenda right now."

Nellie: ".... Dawn?  Are you still in the pool?"
Dawn: *bes kinda scary and reminiscent of The Ring* "Seven days...."

Nellie: "You know, Mr Fox, your species has been declared a pest in Legacyville.  I'm afraid it's in the pool with bricks tied to your feet for you."
Gus: "I never should have got another fox as a pet.  This happens every single time we go swimming."

Aggie: "And you wouldn't believe the size of his rocket!  It was huge!"
Rosie: *tries desperately to imagine she's not involved in this conversation*

Aggie: "Gee, Lizbeth, do you think you could maybe cover your mouth when you cough?"

Lizbeth: "What?"
Thanks for making sure the flu lives on, Lizbeth.  Thoughtful.

Somehow I think Nellie senses that an heir like Aggie might have relationship problems down the line.  Of course, if it comes to that I'll only be able to use it once, and somehow I doubt Nellie will live to see Aggie achieve her majority, but we'll see...

Harry: "And then she pulled me in to the photo booth and started doing things to my balls.  What's a guy to do in that situation?"
Lizbeth: *just reached new levels of disgust she never previously thought possible*

Aggie: *coughs up a lung*
Lizbeth: "Would you mind keeping it down?  I can't hear the shampoo commerical."

Llama: *sobs uncontrollably after painting her secret desire to have a horse of her very own*

Aggie has a really good immune system.  Win.

Joe: "Your daughter is kind of... special, isn't she?"
Nellie: "She's actually my heir."
Joe: "Only child, huh?  Tough break."
Nellie: "I have three children."
Joe: *wanders off to extract the foot from his mouth*

She is special though.  Everything seems to hold endless wonder to Aggie.  That can't be a bad thing.

Nellie: "I hear you've taken to grossing out my youngest with stories about your balls at the dinner table."
"Harry": "Can I get a high five?"

Yeah, Nellie and "Harry" are actually really good friends.  Hopefully this isn't some terrifying attempt at matchmaking on Nellie's part, however.  I don't want him breeding with Aggie.  I just don't.

... now, if only Nellie can make Llama forget about her lack of horses.....

The gorgeous Mona Black by greymanticore dropped by to meet the Frost family.  Gorgeous.

Uhh, Lizbeth... jam and pickles is really only a vaguely acceptable sandwich combination if you're pregnant.  And you're not.  Stop it.

Llama: *has forgotten all about not owning a horse*

"Harry": "I know she's jailbait, but just look what she's wearing!  What's a guy supposed to do?  It's impossible not to look!"
Repairwoman: *bes disapproving*

Llama: *just remembered she doesn't own a horse*

Seriously, Nellie?  You're the controllable and you've had more accidents than anyone else in this legacy.
Nellie: "Being old is horrible."

Llama: *cheers herself up with a Frost bathroom smustle session* "These always make me feel better!"

Torch Holders - 2/10
Abductions - 0
Accidental Deaths - 4
Fights - 16
Fires - 1
Pass Outs - 43
Permaplat Sims - 0
Repo Man Visits - 0
Self Wettings - 33
Shrink Visits - 3
Social Bunny Visits - 1
Social Worker Visits - 0

Llama Fauna belongs to dorkasaur_sims.
Dawn belongs to Jenfold.
Sharmaine Posey belongs to stakeit-uk.
Ticky Telling belongs to Pooklet.
Liam Nelson belongs to niloublue.
Taina Ugries belongs to rhiannon_alexis.
Lion Fauna belongs to dorkasaur_sims.
Yuuki Cross belongs to Rhapsody.
Mona Black belongs to greymanticore.


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